• Philips 1440-Watt Steam Iron

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How you can press your Shirt?

Prepare Your Setup

First of all, you need a strong iron, a spray bottle with water, and a good ironing board.

Pop Your Collar

With a warm and freshly sprayed iron, start by popping your shirt collar. Begin on the inside with sweeping backward and forward movements and a reasonable amount of pressure. After about seven moves, flip it over and do it again on the outside.

Move the Cuffs

Do the job outside of the cuff beginning in the center and work your way out. Make sure not to press over the buttons.

Think of a Mullet

Utilize the squared-off end of the ironing board and drape the shirt so just the front is flat. Begin at the very top and press your way down. Press especially hard on the button placket, while ensuring not to press over the buttons on the reverse side.

Hit the Back

To iron the back of the shirt, place it open and iron the inside with quick, sweeping motions and mild pressure.

Tackle the Sleeves

Work on each sleeve, one by one. Set them flat and iron from the shoulder to the cuff with average pressure. Continue doing this process on the backside of the sleeve.

Let it Cool

When your shirt is completely ironed, disconnect your iron and give it time to cool-down. Put it on a hanger to keep it crisp and wrinkle-free.

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