Philips Dhoom Home Theater

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Importance of Music:

Music can change your mood:

Most of us, listen to music when we feel sad. At this time we need to listen to music which is full of energy not which is very sad or emotional. We feel relaxed and calm after listing to this type of music. In the same way, we should listen to the songs which cheer us up when we feel low.

Stress buster:

When some bad memory hurts us, music is a good choice to forget that memory at least for the time being. Music can be an amazing option for those who are in depression. To decrease stress and anxiety, you must need to Listen to ‘relaxing’ music (the music which has slow tempo, low pitch, and no lyrics).

Music Therapy:

The concept of healing a person with the help of music is known as music therapy. Music therapy is favorable for the patients with cancer, muscle pain, depression or the children who are suffering from ADD. Many hospitals have started utilizing music therapy in their treatment process.

Improves memory:

Research has shown that the repetitive elements of rhythm and melody form patterns in our brain which enhance our memory.

Product Description of Philips Dhoom Home Theater:

Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device:

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology which is both strong and energy-efficient. The technology lets you connect other Bluetooth devices wirelessly without any difficulty. Therefore, you can play your preferred music from any smartphones, tablets or even laptops on this home theater.

USB and SD card slots for photos and music playback:

Due to the entire file transferability, you can carry more music through the USB and SD card slots.

FM tuner for radio enjoyment:

The in-built FM tuner allows you to enjoy your favorite songs or news from your preferred radio station. So, just tune to your favorite radio station and enjoy both latest and evergreen songs.

Rich bass:

This Philips speaker offers awesome good sound quality with rich bass. So, experience this outstanding sound quality from this audio system.

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