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Your exercise routine generally includes jogging, running, sports activities or gym. The proper sports shoe is necessary to prevent several injuries caused by the gym or sports activity. Improper sneakers can needlessly interrupt your fitness regimen or weight loss efforts.

Types of Shoe

A variety of sports footwear are available on the market for all types of workout: 

Running shoes that includes built-in shock absorbers are available for joggers, and walking sneakers are available for walkers. 

Aerobic shoes are light in weight and shock absorbent to prevent foot injuries and to pad the ball of the foot, which is put under direct pressure from aerobic exercise. 

Tennis shoes have more flexible soles to protect your feet from the fast side-to-side movements of the sport of tennis. 

Thick-heeled, high top basketball footwear offer extra protection against foot and ankle injuries due to jumping. 

Cross-training sneakers are available too. These are more suited if you practice several sports or exercise cycles in your exercise session. 

Selecting a Shoe 

Trainer suggests that always select your shoes based on the sport you are most associated with. Keep more than a centimeter and a half between your big toe and the tips of the shoe and make sure that you can move your toes without any difficulty. 

Advantages of an appropriate Shoe 

Selecting the proper footwear protects you from injuries generally connected with your work-out. Decent shoes can minimize the impact of your step and pad the foot from heavy landings. Additionally, specific shoes can improve your performance in a particular sport or exercise. 

Inappropriate footwear may cause various foot injuries. Metatarsalgia, a condition which causes serious pain in the ball of the foot, can be quickly made worse by improperly fitting footwear.

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