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Saffola Gold edible oil at Flat 18% Discount

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Saffola Oil – Healthy For The Heart

Nowadays people are more conscious about their health. People start counting calories even before consuming foods. So, they want such food which is less oily and full of nutrition value. The oil we select for our diet can make a huge impact on our health.

There are a variety of edible oils that are available in the market, but selecting the best for your health is a tough task. Saffola is from famous Marico brand which is perfect for heart and recommended by doctors & many health organizations.

Saffola oil has a lot of advantages in comparison to other oils:

This oil is ideal for all types of cooking, frying, grilling, seasoning and so on. Even the deep-fried food prepared from Saffola does not seem sticky.

Saffola Active gives Omega 3 & Oryzanol, two beneficial compounds reputed for promoting heart health. It’s an omega 3 fatty acid, which is essential for the brain’s development and various other crucial body functions.

Omega-3 also helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders, along with a lot of health benefits.

Saffola active consists of vitamin E which makes your immunity strong.

The healthy nutrient like oryzanol is found in Rice Bran Oil which is known for reducing cholesterol level. Saffola Active also consists of Vitamin E.

Saffola gold has the correct composition of 20% Saffola oil and 80% rice bran oil. It is more beneficial in minimizing cholesterol than each one of the oils singly.

Rice bran oil is regarded as the world’s healthiest edible oil. It is light, mild and its sweet taste offer a number of health benefits.

Rice bran is usually beneficial for heart diseases. It can reduce total cholesterol levels, which includes the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides by 20 percent. Scientific tests have revealed that snacks prepared in rice bran oil absorb 12-25 % less oil than groundnut oil.

The Saffola Oil also comes with the optimum levels of Linoleic acid and omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acid which are essential for the proper functioning of body systems & reducing cholesterol levels respectively.

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