• Samsung Full HD LED Smart TV at Flat 38% OFF

Samsung HD LED TV at Flat 39% OFF on Flipkart

Flipkart has come up with a Flat 39% offer on Samsung HD LED TV. It is a limited period offer. So, do not miss the chance. Grab the offer now.

Personal Computer

You can turn this Samsung TV into a full-fledged computer whenever you want. Therefore, you can also use it for your work, also for entertainment. You are able to mirror your laptop, work from the cloud, and also access your work computer remotely. This will make it versatile and extremely efficient.

Music System

You can turn this television into a virtual music system and able to listen to top quality music without missing any beat or detail. This virtual music system is also available in three different shades.

Home Cloud

In case the storage space on your smartphone is getting occupied by images and files, then you can transfer them to this television. The Home Cloud feature allows you to preserve files safely and wirelessly.

Smart Hub

You can also get single access to live TV and apps through the Smart Hub feature. If you are not sure about beginning a new series or a movie to watch then you can check its thumbnail first. Also, you can browse content at the time of watching TV.

Immersive Sound

It offers impressive audio that enhances your experience while you’re watching videos or movies.

See More Details

If you are enjoying any series, movie, or any HDR content with dark cinematography, you can also enjoy the details with full clarity. It displays sharp, crystal clear, lively images to accentuate your viewing experience.

Ultra Clean View

This smart TV features Ultra Clean View, which provides top-quality pictures without any blurriness or distortion.

Vibrant Colour

The natural shades of the content are shown in full vividness. Therefore, you can enjoy your preferred program without losing the feel and essence.

Micro Dimming Pro

The Micro Dimming Pro feature allows you to experience shadow detail and color. It splits the screen into zones and inspects each zone for natural whites and deep blacks.

Therefore visit Flipkart now and avail a flat 39% offer on Samsung HD LED TV.

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