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Main Difference between Synthetic and Mineral Oil:

A synthetic lubricant is more refined than standard conventional mineral oils. It can also provide you superior protection and performance. Synthetic engine oils offer a variety of advantages which keep your engine running at optimal performance for years.

Both synthetic and Mineral Oil are made from crude oil which comes from the ground. The main between difference those oils are that synthetic motor oils are manufactured from more advanced refining processes than conventional mineral oils or semi-synthetic oils.

This not only removes impurities from the crude oil but also it enables individual molecules in the oil. Therefore, synthetic oil can fulfill the requirement of modern engines. These customized molecules provide higher levels of protection and performance, even in extreme conditions.

What’s so good about synthetic lubricants?

The performance of synthetic oils, is more strong, particularly in terms of low-temperature pumpability and high-temperature stability and protection against deposits. These attributes translate directly into less engine wear, increased fuel economy and longer engine life.

Synthetic oils are able to cope with extreme conditions found within modern engines. They are much more free-flowing than conventional mineral oils.

The most significant benefit of this oil is that it can greatly increase the protection of the engine. When an engine is first started, a mineral oil takes some time to circulate, allowing friction between un-lubricated parts to cause wear. Contrary, a synthetic lubricant starts circulating faster, decreasing friction, protecting moving parts within the engine and minimizes oil consumption.

Another benefit of synthetics is that they’re cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Synthetics oil helps to cut engine emissions when compared to conventional mineral oils. On the other hand, Conventional mineral oils also contain greater amounts of impurities, like sulfur, and other undesirable contaminants which cannot be completely removed by conventional refining of crude oil.

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