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Tata Sky HD Set Top Box at Flat 61% Discount

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There are three types of television signals that are currently distributed in India which are analog, digital and terrestrial formats. Digital format offers better quality picture & sound and also provides better quality service. Most cable operators in our nation are offering analog TV service whereas all DTH operators are offering digital TV service.

How does Tata Sky work?

Tata Sky uplinks all channels from broadcasters to their satellite (INSAT 4A). The satellite transmits these channels in digital format to the mini-dish fixed outside consumer’s house. The mini-dish sends those channels to the set-top box which decodes the channels and transfer them to your television. In this process, TATA Sky offers you an awesome quality Tv viewing experience with DVD quality image and CD-quality sound.

With the following feature, you can get outstanding TV viewing experiences with TATA Sky:

Guide: Now you can get up to 4-day schedule which provides the program synopsis for all channels on Tata Sky.

Reminder: TATA Sky comes with reminder feature. This feature helps you to set a reminder for your preferred programs up to 4 days in advance. Therefore, the feature never lets you miss an episode of your preferred television show.

Favourites: With the help of this feature, you can select 50 channels in your favourite list according to your preference.

Search & Scan Banner: If you want to know what’s playing on another channel without changing the current channel then this feature comes into play. The banner will appear at the base of your television screen and does not disturb what you are watching. It disappears automatically after providing you the schedule of programs across all channels.

Parental Control: This is very useful features for those parents who want to control what their children watch. This awesome feature lets you lock movies depending on parental ratings or even an entire channel. If you want to do so then you have to press the ‘organizer’ button on your remote and choose parental control.

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