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Women, naturally, want to look clean, fresh and beautiful all the time. And to do that they may put up to 160 chemicals on their skin everyday through cosmetics. Really shocking, isn’t it? But men should not be happy either as they also put an average of 85 chemicals every day.

Generally, chemicals used in cosmetics are of two types  – 1. Artificial and harsh on skin and 2. Natural and soft on skin.

Cheap cosmetics contain artificial chemicals. But people are aware that these artificial chemicals damage their skin in long run. Therefore they are always looking for cosmetics, the ingredients of which are sourced from plants, herbs or any other natural sources.

But these herbal or organic ingredients are rare, hard to extract and expensive.  Therefore, herbal beauty products are costly and in many cases too expensive for middle class men and women.

Flipkart is offering Discount on Herbal & Organic Cosmetic Products

It is true that herbal and organic cosmetics come with higher price tags but you should never compromise on quality when it comes to your health and beauty. With Flipkart by your side, you can now buy all the popular organic and natural cosmetics at half the price. Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it?

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