• WildHorn Brown Men's Wallet

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About Bi-fold Leather Wallet:  

There may be one thing you can guarantee in the ever-changing world of fashion and that is leather. It surely cannot be out of favor. Leather is very famous among all age groups & fashion conscious people. 

Wallets are important. In that, they can carry some of their vital documents and also money. You can get cash, credit cards, identification cards, and other small crucial documents at a time from a wallet. They are available in different types and sizes.  

Wallets have become an important accessory with this growing fashion trend. Bi-fold wallets are the most common wallet that one can find in the market. It may be folded in half which includes the basic normal pockets. Most of the bi-fold wallets available on the market have the credit card slots within the vertical place.   

However, the primary compartment of the wallet to store bills and notes is in the horizontal position. There are 2 main types of bi-fold wallet that are available in the market, such as plain bi-fold wallet and coin wallet. The plain wallet has no extra pockets for coins whereas the coin wallet does.  

About  WildHorn Leather Wallet: 

This leather men wallet is represented by WildHorn. The brown wallet is a mixture of style and utility. You can use this wallet for a regular purpose or as a travel accessory. 


  • There are thousands of bi-fold wallets available in the market of which this style of wallet is the most popular.   
  • The bi-fold wallet is the thinnest and slimmest in design among all sorts of wallets. So, you can easily slip this wallet into your pocket.  
  • It is also the lightest of all.  
  • Finally, it provides a lot of features such as a separate compartment for you to keep important notes and money bills. 

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INR 299
INR 1,499