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Riding an Ola cab is an awesome experience for Ola users.Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal and Mr. Ankit Bhati launched Ola ride-sharing service in 2011 and now it is one of the world’s largest ride-sharing companies. It connects millions of Indians with millions of Ola drivers everyday. To enjoy an Ola ride, simply download Ola app on your smartphone, register/login, select your pick up point and destination, select the kind of service that you require and confirm booking. After you book a cab, a nearby cab is sent for you.

You get to see the cab’s registration number, driver’s name with photo, driver’s rating, driver’s phone number, and the location of the cab along with time it will take to reach your pick up point. Ola service is available in more than 110 cities in India. Using Ola app you can also book auto-rickshaws and taxis. Ola provides three types of service – City taxi, Outstation and Rentals.

Ola also offers Ola Select, a service that lets you ride a Prime Sedan at Mini Fares and book cabs without Peak Pricing and with Zero Wait Time. To save money, you can share your ride with other riders using Ola Share. Riding an Ola cab is safe too. Verified drivers, an emergency alert button, and live ride tracking system makes Ola one of the safest ride-sharing service in the country.

Ola offers 24X7 customer support. The app has an SOS button so that you can inform your loved ones about your travel routes and call emergency services when in need. It also partners with background verified drivers whom you can rely on. To make your ride entertaining, Ola cabs come with LCD displays so that you can enjoy your favorite movies or music while sitting comfortably on the backseat.
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What is Ola?

Ola Cabs is one of the most popular online cab booking apps in India and abroad. Founded in 2011 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati and developed by ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Ola, as of 2018, has a network of 1,000,000 vehicles across 169 cities, making it one of the largest ride-sharing companies in the world. By connecting millions of passengers to 10,00,000 drivers, OLA successfully manages 9,00,000 vehicles making millions of trips everyday. Founded on 3 December 2010 as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai, and now headquartered in Bangalore, OLA Cabs has started doing business in Australia and New Zealand as well. The company provides an advanced mobile technology platform that enables the passengers to book cabs and driver-partners to get customers, ensuring convenient, transparent, and quick service fulfilment. The company stands out by offering cutting edge technology and user centric innovative solutions that its riders and driver-partners deserve. You can always book a cab by visiting www.olacabs.com, but using the app will let you book a cab on-the-go. To book an OLA cab, simply download OLA app from Google Play or App Store or Microsoft Store. After installing the app on your smartphone, open it and register. To register you need to enter your name, email address, password and mobile number. An OTP will be sent to your mobile phone to for verification. Enter the OTP and you are ready to go. Allow the app to detect your location automatically by using the GPS of your phone. Enter your destination and OLA will give you options for various types of cars like Auto, Bike, Micro, Mini, Share, Prime Sedan, Prime Play, Prime SUV, LUX, E-Rick and Taxi(Non-AC). You will also get to see the fare, usefulness and estimated time of arrival with every car type. Select a car of your choice according to your need and the car will reach to pick you up within minutes. When you booking is confirmed, OLA app shows you the drivers’ name, photo, phone number and customer rating. If you want you can call the driver to make sure that he reaches the right location to pick you up. You are also given a booking code for your ride that you need to share with the driver when the cab arrives. On the app, you can see the movement of the cab on a map and this helps you to plan your journey to the pick up point. When the cab arrives, share the booking code with the driver. The driver enters the code into his smartphone and the car sets off. Sitting inside the cab all you need to do is relax and get lost in your thoughts. And if you want you can also listen to your favorite music using OLA Play that has been designed for non-stop entertainment.

How to book an OLA cab

Booking a cab via www.olacabs.com or the OLA App is easy. Here is a step by step guide on how to book a cab using the OLA App on your iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone.

1. Open App Store, Microsoft Store or Google Play.
2. Search for the OLA App.
3. Download and install the App.
4. Open the App and register to create your account.
5. Enter Pickup Location or Set pin location in ‘From’. You can tap on the map to adjust pick up location.
6. Enter Destination or Set pin location in ‘To’. You can tap on the map to adjust drop location.
7. In ‘When’, select ‘Now’(default) or select ‘Schedule for later’.
8. Select one from services like Auto, Bike, Micro, Mini, Share, Prime Sedan, Prime Play, Prime SUV, LUX, E-Rick and Taxi(Non-AC). Services available varies depending on the city and location.
9. You get to to see the exact fare you need to pay, estimated wait time and benefits for each type of service.
10. Hit the ‘Confirm’ button and OLA will send you a booking code, car model and registration number of the cab along with the name, photo, phone number and user rating of the cab driver.
11. You can track the location and movement of the cab on the map and plan your journey to the pick up point accordingly.
12. When the cab arrives, match the licence plate, the driver and the car model before you hop in.
13. Tell the driver the booking code and the driver will enter the code into his smartphone to start the journey.
14. Sit back or enjoy non-stop entertainment from OLA Play.

Safety First

To passengers, OLA is nothing but a mobile-internet based cab service and to OLA drivers it is basically a referral service. But unlike ordinary taxi services or car rental services available in various cities, riding an OLA cab is safer because the safety of its drivers and passengers is a top priority for OLA. OLA makes sure that every trip is a safe trip for its passengers and driver-partners. The moment you tap on the ‘Confirm & Book’ button, OLAs’ ‘Safety Center’ takes over and makes sure that you are safe during the entire trip. The company has a dedicated team of trained executive who connects with you in case of an emergency. The user friendly OLA App has an ‘Emergency Button’ that alerts the ‘Safety Center’ and the ‘Safety Response Team’ contacts you almost immediately. The Safety Response Team works 24X7. You can also alert your emergency contacts or contact police using the emergency button on your app.

Safety – Do’s and Don’ts

What to do

● You must enter your drop location while booking the ride.
● When the cab arrives, match your driver and car details on the Ola app before you hop in.
● Make sure that the child lock is disabled in the car.
● Go for the back seat to ensure personal space between you and the driver.
● Make sure that the driver is following the turn-by-turn guidance from the driver app. If the driver is taking a different route, alert the Safety Center by pressing the Emergency button or alert you emergency contacts or contact the police.
● If possible inform relatives about your trip plan and share your ride details.
● Never forget to add Emergency Contacts on the OLA App.
● Don’t hesitate to press the Emergency Button if you sense danger.
● If possible keep the OLA App open and keep tracking the route the car is taking to make sure that the car is going where it is supposed to go.
● If you sense any unusual behavior from the driver, don’t hesitate to contact the Safety Response Team by pressing the Emergency Button or contact your trusted ones or the police immediately.
● Share your ride details with people you trust.
● Never forget to add Emergency Contacts on the OLA App.
● Relax but remain alert and don’t fall asleep while you are on the cab.

What not to do

● Never engage in small talks or do not share your personal details with the driver.
● Never share your personal information unknowingly with the driver while you are talking over your phone.
● Never allow the driver to take a different route for short cut and insist him to follow the navigation guidance from his OLA App.
● Never allow the driver to make unexpected stops.
● Never let the driver go somewhere leaving you or talk suspiciously over the phone.
● Never sleep in the cab.
● Never argue with the driver. If needed contact OLA Support.

On the OLA App, after you press the Confirm Booking button, necessary details like the drivers’ name, the drivers’ photo, the drivers’ phone number, the car model, the cab registration number and the drivers’ user rating. All driver-partners of OLA are background verified and trained to deliver only the best experience. These people works hard to make money, earn respect and secure their future just like everyone of us. You can trust them, but not like a fool. Therefore, when the ride is over you should rate the driver and the overall experience after each ride. Remember that OLA drivers must maintain a good user rating or their partnership with OLA is cancelled.

You can always book an OLA cab using a PC with internet. But for best experience and ensuring your safety you must download the OLA App on your smartphone. The app comes with multiple safety features. The OLA App has a built-in system that enables you to share you ride details with you loved ones. It has built-in live tracking system that enables you to keep a watch on the route the cab is taking. If necessary there is an SOS button that will help you to contact OLA Support or contact the police.

OLA Fleet

OLA offers three types of services – CITY TAXI, OUTSTATION and RENTALS.

● City Taxi(Ola Play, Ola Play, Cab for every Pocket, Free Wi-Fi, Safer Cars, App for every device, corporate and cashless ride) – Auto, Bike, Share, Micro, Mini, Prime Sedan, Prime Play, Prime SUV, LUX, E-Rick and Kaali Peeli(Taxis)
● Outstation(Hassle-free Billing, Affordable and Up-front Pricing, Round-trip or One-Way Booking, Ola Play, Cab for every Pocket, Safer Cars, App for every Device) – Mini, Prime Sedan, Prime Play, Prime SUV and LUX
● Rentals(By-the-hour Pricing, Multiple Stops, OLA Play, Cab for every Pocket, Safer Cars, App for every Device) – Mini, Prime Sedan, Prime Play, Prime SUV and LUX

OLA AUTO – This service enables you to book an auto that arrives at your doorstep to pick you up. Riding an Auto is fun and eco-friendly. There is no hassle of waiting at a long queue or haggling for price. All you need to do is tap a few times on your smartphone and a cute little 3-wheeler will be waiting for you at your doorstep within a few minutes. Benefits: Eco-friendly ride – Value for money – Cashless ride.

OLA BIKE – Riding a bike gives you thrill and freedom of movement. Avoid those annoying moments of getting stuck in traffic by booking an OLA Bike and reduce your travel time by at least 50%. To book a bike, open the OLA App on your smartphone, select your pick up and drop location and opt for Bike Service; a dependable OLA bike rider will be waiting for you at your doorstep, on time, every time. Benefits: Value for Money – Cashless Ride.

OLA SHARE – Those days when you don’t mind sharing a cab with others, you save money and you save the environment. Book a fully air conditioned cab online via OLA app and share your care with other riders depending on your route and location. Ola Share is the most economical and eco-friendly way of travelling comfortably and safely. Benefits: Air Conditioned Cab – Car Sharing – Cashless Ride – Value for Money.

OLA MICRO – Book a compact car for short ride and enjoy great value for your money. These Micro cabs from OLA are all air conditioned, very comfortable to ride, have a compact hatchback and have enough space for 2 pieces of luggage. You can comfortably ride with 2 other friends. Benefits: Air Conditioned Cab – Value for Money – Compact Hatchback – Space for 2 pieces of Luggage.

OLA MINI – When you need to travel everyday or every now and then, like going to and coming from office or visiting various clients within your city on a daily basis, you need a car that is dependable and economical. OLA Mini cabs are regular comfortable AC hatchbacks that are dependable and pocket-friendly. Benefits: Air Conditioned Cab – Value for Money – Regular Hatchback – Space for 2 Pieces of Luggage.

OLA PRIME SEDAN – For best in class experience and comfort, you must book OLA Prime Sedans that are driven by all the top rated drivers. All Prime Sedans are air conditioned, have Free Wi-Fi, have Extra Legroom and Extra Boot Space. When you deserve executive rides, a prime sedan is the right choice for you. Benefits: Aircondition Cab – Free Wi-Fi – Extra Legroom – Extra Boot Space – Executive Ride.

OLA PRIME PLAY – When you desire a relaxing musical ride, book OLA Prime Play. Every cab comes with a smart device for passengers. On the device, you can play music, watch movies, listen to radio or stay connected while relaxing inside the car. This non-stop entertainment facility is powered by OLA PLay. When you book a Prime Play, nothing can be more entertaining for your family and friends. Benefits: Entertainment by OLA Play – Air Conditioned Cab – Free Wi-Fi – Space for 3 pieces of Luggage.

OLA PRIME SUV – SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are the best choice for transporting large groups of people. These cars have plenty of room for everyone including space for 3 pieces of luggage as these cars are bigger and taller than normal cars. OLA Prime SUVs come with Free Wi-Fi and Air Conditioned Interior. Benefits: Extra Legroom – Air Conditioned Cab – Free Wi-Fi – Family Friendly Ride – Space for 3 pieces of Luggage.

OLA LUX – Luxury cars are a cut above in comfort, convenience, and performance. These cars are driven by top of the line drivers and offers refined ride that isolates passengers from unpleasant bumps and vibrations. Hire luxury cars like Mercedes, BMW and Audi, with Free Wi-Fi, attractive fares and unbeatable hourly rental packages. Benefits: Extra Legroom – Water Bottle Available – Luxury Ride – Connect Phone via USB

OLA E-RICK – E-Rickshaws are battery vehicles. These vehicles do not emit smoke and therefore they are eco-friendly. Go green by booking an e-rickshaw via your OLA App and travel short distances comfortably and without smelling fossil fuel. Once you ride an e-rickshaw, you will love to ride it again and again. Benefits: Eco-Friendly Ride – Value for Money – Cashless Ride.

OLA KAALI PEELI – The taxi is the most secular car in India because it does not discriminate between the rich and poor, religions, sex or class. Any road, any terrain, the kaali peeli Amby which is used as taxis in most places, is very dependable as the car has the belly of a whale and tenacity of an ox. Benefits: Value for money – Spacious interior.