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Ola Money is a mobile wallet service that helps you to make payments fast and securely. The service is powered by Zipcash and it works as per RBI guidelines. Go cashless by downloading Ola Money App on your smartphone phone today. iPhone, Android phone and Windows phone users can download Ola Money app from their respective stores. Shop more and save more. Try Ola Money today because it is easy, fast and safe.

The company has partnered with popular brands like Dominos, PizzaHut, CafeCoffeeDay, BookMyShow, TicketNew, Cleartrip, Ebay, MumbaiMetro, OYO Rooms, Box8, AskMeBazaar, Voonik, Purplle, Doormint, Healthkart, Sasta Sundar and Zerch to give you a flawless shopping experience. The company care for its customers and therefore to protect them from online fraud, it advises everyone to follow some basic password setting rules. It recommends using a strong password to protect your account data.

Therefore, you should never set an easy and readily available password because wrong people can easily crack that type of passwords and make unauthorized login to your account. You should never use a common password that you use for login into other sites. You should always use a strong and unique password that nobody can guess. So, keep your Ola Money account safe by creating a brand new password that nobody can imagine of.

You should always use a long, complex password that is at least 8 characters long. The password should contain small letters (a-z), capital letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and special symbols ((*%)^$#@?><). You must never use your name, age, date of birth, place of birth, the name of your loved ones, or your pet’s name in the password. You can use a sentence that you can remember but difficult to guess.
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Ola Money Coupons

Ola Money is an open digital payments platform(e-Wallet or Mobile Wallet) that gives you the confidence to connect and transact online, on a mobile device, in an app, or in person. Through technological innovation and strategic partnerships, OLA creates better ways to manage and move money. The company offers choice and flexibility when sending payments, paying or getting paid. In India, Ola Money enables consumers and merchants to pay and receive money seamlessly across India.

Mobile Wallets or e-Wallets have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the government’s demonetization move because using them is convenient for anyone who wants to make fast and secure payments without directly sharing their banking informations. The e-wallet industry is adding over 1 million customers each day after the demonitization.
Ola Money gives you all the advantages that you expect from an e-wallet today. Various advantages of using e-wallets are as follows:

Easily Accessible – Logging into a mobile wallet is as easy as logging into the Facebook or Gmail App on your smartphone. All you need to do is download the App and create an user ID and password.
Loading money is easy – You can use net banking, debit card or credit card to transfer money to your wallet. Store your bank details once and you don’t have to enter these details for any future transaction. This facility saves time.

Pay your bills on the go –  Recharge broadband, DTH, postpaid and data card. Buy bus, train or air tickets. Pay for utilities like gas, water and electricity. Or recharge your prepaid mobile while commuting. An eWallet always comes handy 24X7.
Split your bill with friends – Many eWallets let you split your bill with other people who have used the same service along with you. When you share a ride with your friends and you want them to pay their share, simply  enter the amount and the number of people you expect to pay their share. The wallet generates a link that you can share with people who owe you money.
Ensures timely payments – Autopay facility offered by many eWallets enable you to make payment automatically on a predetermined date. This way you can avoid late payment and avoid paying late fees.

Incentives and Promotions – eWallets help you save money. They offers discounts, cashbacks, offers and free gifts to promote online shopping through eWallets. Go through their offer section and make optimum use of promo codes.

Quick transfer of funds– Sending or receiving money through eWallets is quick and easy. There is to transaction charge for transferring money. Send money anytime, anywhere through your eWallet without paying anything for using the service.

Why use Ola Money?
Transferring fund through Ola Money is easy and simple. Sending/receiving money or buying things you need becomes easier when you use the Ola Money app.
Go cashless. Enter your banking details once and start making payments online without worrying about security. Ola Money one-click checkout is the fastest way to pay.
Whenever you transact through Ola Money you know that you are not giving out your banking information to the vendor you are buying things from. Your data is stored in a secure and encrypted environment and therefore you can transact without worrying about online security.

How to register with Ola Money?

If you ride Ola cabs and have the app downloaded on your smartphone, you need no seperate registration for using Ola Money. If you are a first time user, you need to enter your mobile number, full name, email address and an OTP that is sent to your mobile for verification. When you sign in with Olacabs, Ola Money, by default, fetches all your credentials from the Ola cabs app. Remember that Ola Money is your available wallet balance and it doesn’t cost anything extra to use. All you need to do is transfer some fund from your bank account to your Ola account and start transacting across merchants. You are not charged anything for recharging and transacting using your Ola Money account. Register with Ola and start using Ola Money because it is safe and you enjoy one click convenient checkout across any of Ola’a merchant partners. Ola Money has partnered with Domino’s, Pizza Hut, CafeCoffeeDay, BookMyShow, TicketNew, Cleartrip, Ebay, MumbaiMetro, OYO Rooms, Box8, AskMeBazaar, Voonik, Purplle, Doormint, Healthkart, SastaSundar and Zerch.

How to recharge

Ola Money comes with your OlaCabs app and therefore recharging your Olacabs account is enough to recharge your Ola Money account. Open the Ola app, go to Menu, select Ola Money, enter the amount you wish to recharge, and you’re ready to go! You can recharge your Ola Money account using your credit card or debit card or net banking.

How to check balance

Open the Ola app on your smartphone, select Menu and tap on the option Ola Money to see the balance.

How to save your card details

To pay you need to enter your debit/credit card or net banking details. Click on the ‘Save Card Details’ check box and you won’t need to enter those details again and again. Ola stores your data in a secure and encrypted environment. You can delete a saved card details too. Against every saved card there is a ‘Delete’ option. Tap on ‘Delete’ and your card details will be removed.

Is Ola Money refundable?

No. Once you recharge Ola Money with your saved cards, credit/debit cards, net banking or any other payment option, you cannot refund your money as per Reserve Bank of India(RBI) guidelines. In case you close your account, your Ola Money balance is forfeited and cannot be transferred to any other account as per RBI guidelines. For erroneous transactions, the support team is there to help you.

Ola Money can get forfeited

Your money is safe with Ola but keeping your account inactive for more than 6 months would forfeit any unused Ola Money balance.

How Secure is Ola Money?

Ola interacts with your browser using TLS 1.2 safety protocol. TLS 1.2 is considered more secure than SSL, a safety protocol that is used by web server and browsers. Ola never releases your card details to anyone and it only uses your email address and phone number to record your transactions. Any data related to you is stored in a secure and encrypted environment. Your credit card details are stored in compliance with PCI/DSS guidelines through its payment gateway. A bug bounty program is run to improve its security system, besides conducting extensive internal security checks and reviews.

Your payment credential are protected using a One Time Password (OTP) to authenticate the user.  Upon verification, Ola Money issues an access token to you with limited expiry time. Your sensitive data such as mobile number, one time password and permanent password are stored in an encrypted format.

Ola doesn’t store anything apart from the amount of purchase and merchant details. The merchant doesn’t share what you bought using your Ola Money and any other details related to your purchase.

Ola Money actively monitors transactions on our platform by various parameters to detect fraudulent activity and keep you protected in real time. All merchants need to submit KYC before onboarding. If you raise dispute complaint against a merchant and if the case is proven, your will get your money back in your Ola Money Account.

Ola Money account may be suspended

Ola Money powered by ZipCash, reserves the right to suspend your account. For details please read Zipcash’s Terms & Conditions. You must remember that if a new account issued or transacted on your name or account details on the website or mobile app, Ola reserves the right to constrain/block such registration, without any legal or financial liability towards Ola Money powered by Zipcash.

Download Ola App to use Ola Money

Ola Cabs is one of the most favorite online cab booking apps in India and abroad. Developed and owned by ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Ola, as of 2018, has a reliable network of 10,00,000 vehicles across 169 Indian cities. It is on of the largest ride sharing companies in the world as it connects millions of passengers to 10,00,000 drivers. Ola successfully manages 9,00,000 vehicles making millions of trips on a daily basis. The company was founded on 3rd December 2010 as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai, Ola now has its headquarter in Bangalore. It has expanded its business by launching its cab service in Australia and New Zealand. The company provides a solid mobile technology platforms that enables cab drivers get customers and passenger get cabs waiting for them right at their doorstep. The company ensures convenient,transparent and fast service fulfilment. Ola is unique because it offers cutting edge technology and user centric innovative solutions that its driver-partners and users deserve. You may book a cab by visiting www.olacabs.com, but using the app gives you the freedom of booking a cab even while you are travelling. Moreover, downloading the Ola App will let you use your Ola Money eWallet.

It is really easy to book an Ola cab from your smartphone. All you need to do is download the Ola App from Microsoft Store, App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, open the app and register by entering your mobile number, email address and name. Set a password of your choice. An OTP is sent to your mobile phone for verification. Once you register successfully, you won’t need to enter all those details again and again. The next thing you need to do is to let the app access the GPS of your mobile device. The app automatically detects your location using the GPS. Enter the destination and Ola will show various types of cars available for the trip.

Based on your need, you may book cars like Auto, Bike, Micro, Mini, Share, Prime Sedan, Prime Play, Prime SUV, LUX, E-Rick and Taxi(Non-AC). On the app you will see the fare, usefulness and estimated time of arrival with every car type. Select a car type and the car will arrive to pick you up within minutes. After booking is confirmed, the drivers’ name, photo, phone number and customer rating will be displayed on the app. If needed, call the driver to make sure that he reaches the right location to pick you up. You must share the booking code for your ridee with the driver when the cab arrives.

The app lets you watch the movement of the cab on a map and this helps you to reach the pick up point on time. When the cab arrives, share the booking code with the driver who enters the code into his Ola App to initiate the ride.

Relax while sitting inside the can but remain alert. You can also listen to your favorite music using OLA Play that has been designed to keep you entertained throughout the ride.

How to book an Ola cab

Booking a cab via www.olacabs.com or the OLA App is as easy as using facebook or google maps. Here is a step by step guide on how to book a cab.  Search for the OLA App in App Store, Microsoft Store or Google Play.

  • Download and install the App.
  • Open the App and register to create your account.
  • Enter Pickup Location. You can tap on the map to adjust pick up location.
  • Enter Drop Location. You can tap on the map to adjust drop location.
  • Book a ride for Now or Schedule for later.
  • Tap on and select one of the options like Auto, Bike, Micro, Mini, Share, Prime Sedan, Prime Play, Prime SUV, LUX, E-Rick and Taxi(Non-AC). Services available varies from city to city.
  • Exact fare, estimated wait time and benefits for each type of service are displayed against each car type.
  • Hit the ‘Confirm’ button and OLA and a booking code, the car model and its registration number will be displayed along with the name, photo, phone number and user rating of the cab driver.
  • You can track the location and movement of the cab on the map and this facility helps you to reach your pick up point on time.
  • When the cab arrives, match the licence plate, the driver and the car model before you get inside the cab.
  • Give the driver the booking code and the driver will enter the code into his Ola to initiate the ride.
  • Relax and  enjoy non-stop entertainment from OLA Play.

Safety First

Ola drivers use Ola App to get customers, and customers use Ola App to book cab. But use mobile-internet based cab service comes with a huge benefit – your safety. When you book a cab from your Ola App, Ola makes sure that your ride is a safe ride. The Safety Center run by Ola becomes responsible for your safety the moment your booking is confirmed. On the App, there is an Emergency Button that enables you to contact the safety center and your relatives. The moment you hit the button, the safety center contacts you and makes sure you get out of trouble. The ‘Safety Response Team’ contacts you almost immediately. They work 24X7. If needed you can alert your emergency contacts or contact police using the emergency button on your app.

Safety Tips

Things you must do –

Make sure to enter your drop location while booking the ride.
When the cab arrives, match your driver and car details on the Ola app before you get in.
Make sure that the child lock is disabled in the car.
Go for the back seat to maintain personal space between you and the driver.
Tell the driver to follow the turn-by-turn guidance from the driver app. Use the emergency button if the driver is desperate to take a different route.
Inform your family and friends about your trip plan and share your ride details.
Make sure to add Emergency Contacts on the OLA App.
Feel free to press the Emergency Button if you sense danger.
If necessary keep the OLA App open and keep tracking the route the car is taking to ensure safety.
Watch you driver and if you sense any unusual behaviour don’t hesitate to contact the Safety Response Team by pressing the Emergency Button or contact your trusted ones or the police immediately.
Before boarding the cab Share your ride details with people you trust.
Relax, enjoy your ride but remain alert, and don’t fall asleep while you are on the cab.

Things you must avoid doing –

Avoid small talks with the driver or do not share your personal details with the driver.
Ensure that you are not sharing your personal information unknowingly with the driver while you are talking over your phone.
Tell the driver to follow the navigation guidance from his OLA App.
Don’t let the driver unexpected stops.
Make sure that the driver is not going somewhere leaving you or talk suspiciously over the phone.
Avoid falling asleep inside the cab.
Avoid arguing with the driver. If needed contact OLA Support.

After you press the Confirm Booking button, the Ola App displays necessary details like the drivers’ name, the drivers’ photo, the drivers’ phone number, the car model, the cab registration number and the drivers’ user rating. All driver-partners of OLA go through stringent background verification and they are trained to deliver only the best experience. These people are respectable hard workers and they work to earn respect and secure their future just like everyone of us. Trust them, but never compromise when it comes to your safety. Rate the driver and the overall experience after each ride. OLA drivers must maintain a good user rating to continue using Ola service.

You can always book an OLA cab using a PC with internet. But to use Ola Money you have to download the Ola app on your smartphone and register.