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Fiama Shower Gel Lemongrass Jojoba Body Wash

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Fiama Shower Gel Lemongrass Jojoba Body Wash has a divine citrus scent. The scent is strong and refreshing, and it seems to energize all your senses immediately. The consistency is a bit runny. A minimal amount of this gel lathers up very well when used with a loofah or body puff. One bottle of the product will last you 5-7 weeks. The cleansing power of the gel is excellent. It doesn’t dry the skin, either. However, if you have dry skin like me, you may feel the need to moisturize after a bath. Also, the shower gel is easy to wash off and does not leave any greasiness behind. The little beads added to the gel live up to the claim of providing gentle exfoliation. They are neither too soft nor too harsh. These beads’ size and roughness are perfect for an everyday exfoliation routine. The packaging is a transparent bottle with a flip-open leak-proof green cap, and you can easily carry it while traveling.

Fiama Shower Gel Lemongrass Jojoba Body Wash has lemongrass, and Jojoba Shower Gel wakes you up and pulls you out of a dull day with its zingy citrus fragrance. It is filled with natural goodness, gently exfoliating your skin and making it smooth. So get ready for a soft start to your day with Fiama. A luxurious bathing experience meets Irresistibly smooth skin. Particular bathing delight meets luxurious skin nourishment in film di wills enlivening beads shower gel, an innovation from laboratoire naturel. Fiama di will infuse the shower gel with skin conditioners that lock in softness. It is infused with rich, encapsulating glitter beads and enriched with extracts of blackcurrant and bearberry. Its unique formula with luscious fragrance and indulgent lather gives you rejuvenating care.

Key Features of Fiama Shower Gel Lemongrass Jojoba Body Wash:


As always, the brand has not mentioned the specific name of the component. It is dubious indeed.

PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Well! Not to be confused with the regular Castor Oil. This component is used as a perfuming agent and solubilizing ingredient.


This is a terpene. It works as a fragrance component and also as a masking agent. Well! The safety index is not suitable for this component too.

Pros of Fiama Shower Gel Lemongrass Jojoba Body Wash:

  • It lathers well
  • It comes with travel-friendly and attractive packaging
  • It is enriched with Lemongrass, Sunflower Seed Wax, Jojoba Oil, and Seaweed extract
  • It cleanses quite well
  • It makes skin hydrating post-wash
  • It does not cause irritations
  • Relaxing citrus aroma

Cons of Fiama Shower Gel Lemongrass Jojoba Body Wash:

  • Presence of SLS, DMDM Hydantoin, and other harmful ingredients


Fiama Shower Gel Lemongrass & Jojoba Body shower gel does not irritate. So, this shower gel would not cause an extra headache if you are dealing with body acne or allergy.


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