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Interesting Gift Pen Ideas That Can Make Teenagers Smile

The pen is mightier than the sword and if the pen is interesting enough for the user, it can be mightier.

If jewelries befit good looking people, then pens befit wise people because pen symbolizes intellect. When you gift a pen to someone, it means that you respect the person’s authority as  an intellectual. Gifting a pen to a teenager may inspire the blooming academician to study more, admire literature, or write a diary like Anne Frank. And if the pen seems interesting enough to the teenager, you will surely get some admiration from the youngster.

An interesting pen may motivate you to see things differently, in a deeper level. Wise men understood long ago that a pen connects you to the paper and therefore in definitely matters. It is an extension of the writer’s hand and desire. A pen that glides on paper may bring the best out of your creative mind. Therefore, gift pens to those who record valuable information on paper. 

How to buy the right pen for yourself based on your personality



A metal pen is symbolic of strength and patience. If you are in a profession that demands inner strength and patience, buy a metal pen.



A grip pen is perfect for those who need to write non-stop, or have moist grips. These kind of jen is very popular among college students.



A retractable pen is a life saver for those who have the tendency of losing pen-caps and getting getting stain in the shirt.



A stick pen is ideal for the person who needs a  pen handy all the time.



A gel pens gives you all the benefits of writing with an ink pen yet doesn’t create a mess.



LED pens are ideal for the tech guys who need to peep into dark areas of withing machineries every now and then.



A stylus pen can write both on paper and touchscreen.

Here is a list of 10 interesting pens that can make youngsters happy: 

House Of Gifts Racing Car Shape Pen Set Of 3 Multicolor

Yes, these are pen with wheels, and the pen looks like a concept car. The set has 3 pens with three different colors. The design and color will surely win the heart of school students.

Price: INR 289/- Amazon

SaleOn™ 4pcs 3 in 1 multi-function anti-metal texture rotating ballpoint pen with stylus

A cell phone bracket, capacitor pen and a ballpoint pen – an all -in-one product that comes in an eye-catching color and design. The creators designed it to give you maximum comfort while writing.

Price: INR 699/- Amazon

GOLD LEAF Crystal Glass Dip Pen Glass Pen Gift Pen Set,Sky Blue

This beautiful piece of art has been created using crystal glass and blue dye. This traditional dip pen is an improvised version of quill pen and is eye-catching enough to be a part of your collection. 

Price: INR 699/- Amazon

CAM 360 Silver/Gold & Black Spy Pen Camera with Audio/Video Recording,up to 16GB Card supportable Free Card Reader

It takes just 3 seconds to switch the hidden camera on/off. A pen with hidden camera can be interesting enough for tech loving teenagers and youngsters.

Price: INR 510/- Amazon

Parker Beta Millenium GT Ball Point Pen Gift Set – With Swiss Knife

The pen looks awesome and the multipurpose metallic knife witha convenient key holder makes it an ideal gift for people who loves to travel and explore in style.

Price: INR 280/- Amazon

DFS 5 In 1 Multipurpose Antenna Pen With Torch, Laser, Pointer, Magnet, And Pen

Won’t you like to have a device that helps you to teach, see, stick, point and write? Yes this pen can do it all. It is something that a school student will love to flaunt.

Price: INR 176/- Amazon

Heena Trendz Electric Shocking Pen

Do you need something to play pranks? Buy this shocking pen.  It is fun. It gives you an electric shock when you try to press the push button.

Price: INR 47/- Amazon

Party Propz 5 Pack Invisible Ink Pen with UV Light, Magic Marker Spy Pens for Kids

Writing a secret message with invisible ink can be a fun activity for your kids. This pen comes with a built-in UV light that helps you to see your what you wrote.

Price: INR 199/- Amazon

Zerone English Calligraphy Feather Dip Quill Pen Writing Ink Set Stationery Gift Box with 5 Nibs(Red)

The gorgeous pen looks like a fairy tale stuff. The quill pen can help you create beautiful calligraphy and is stunning enough to please teenage girls.

Price: INR 820/- Amazon

Rack Jack Gold PUBG Pen

A unique gun pen that has been created for PUBG fans.. It is a gel pen that looks like a Sniper Rifle. Boys will surely appreciate its design.
Price: INR /-  Amazon

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