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    100000 ROUTES – 2500 BUS OPERATORS – 300+ HOSTED OPERATORS Abhibus helps you to book bus tickets directly from all the major Bus Operators in India. Being the technology partner of all the bus operators, it provides 24X7 customer support to help you when you need. Using Abhibus bus ticket booking service helps you to avoid long queues for bus tickets and also avoid middlemen who can cheat you by selling tickets at a higher price. The technology helps you to book bus tickets from the comfort of your home or office, and even while you are commuting.

    All you need to do is register/log on to www.abhibus.com or open the Abhibus app on your smartphone. The service gives you the opportunity to book bus tickets for more than 75000 routes and enjoy a great ride in Sleeper, AC, Semi Luxury, Luxury and coaches from reputed brands like Volvo, Scania, Ashok Leyland, Mercedes and many more. The online bus ticket booking service enables you to make payments securely using multiple payment options like Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking or Abhicash Wallet.

    If you are having any trouble related to ticket booking or if you have any related query, the customer care team are always there to help you. Most popular bus operators who has partnered with Abhibus.com are KPN Travels, Kaveri Travels, SVR Travels, Diwakar Travels, Paulo Travels, Meghana Travels, Royal Cruiser Travels, SRE_Travels, SRM Travels, Rathimeena Travels, Seabird Travels, Jai Bharat Travels, APSRTC, TSRTC, KSRTC, GSRTC, HRTC, MSRTC, RSRTC, VRL Travels, SRS Travels, Orange Travels, Morning Star Travels, Bharathi, Sri Krishna Travels, Transit BUS, Parveen Travels, Gujarat Travels, Sharma Transport, Reddy Express Kallada Travels, Kaleswari Travels and Neeta Travels.
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    In today’s dynamic world it’s not so easy to travel. We just cannot travel as soon as we plan. Infact we need to plan a month ahead. Although we prefer to accommodate fast transport in order to match with our fast life style. Thank God we have options in our life. Otherwise going to some place these is really a difficult job. Packing and unpacking goes on till your reservation of seats get confirm. But if you are in real hurry and seeking for other options then let me assure you, travelling in bus for a longer period can solve your problem, you will experience a something new and different. Whenever you come across any travel blog or any lifestyle section of a magazine or newspaper you can notice that they offer tons of advice related to travelling by airplane and how to handle or do things before travelling.

    The various tips they offer can range from what to pack in your carry-on, whether you should have pasta, chicken or anything lighter and healthy. Every minuscule detail related to flying is thoroughly explored and accounted. Not only by air but rail mode is also preferred by everyone but none of the travel editors include the travel by bus in the list. Infact the travel editors have forgotten about the wonder of the transportation evolution known as the bus. Why is the motor coach discrimination? The snub is quite surprising.

    These choices of various transportation modes depend on the outlook of various individuals. Till now buses are still a very viable means of transportation and people should definitely opt for it. It is known to all of us that the bus tickets are much cheaper than any airfare or railways and it is only because it takes a little of your precious time.

    This statement many will object as it takes your precious time to travel which you can save. But if you deal with the fact mathematically you will find that whether you travel by plane or follow the rail route even then your precious time will be taken to cover the journey. It’s just the fact of more and less “time”. In the airlines industry they will try to lure you with affordable deals, but when you add the cash they will charge for checked baggage, airport taxes, extra legroom and whatnot, you will end up cashing out highly. This is not the case with buses. In bus service what you see is what you get; everything is included in the price you originally paid. Interestingly, these days’ buses are actually fancier than most airplanes or rails.

    There are power outlets to keep your gadgets charged, cushioned seats, you can stretch them as they are so flexible and we can’t forget the extra legroom because that’s IMPORTANT. What more can you ask for? The look and feel of long route buses have been modified and renovated to appeal to the customers. The gorgeous paints, beautiful clear glass windows, air conditioned inner seats with clean seat covers and television set to entertain travelers and make and trip enjoying.

    Every problem has a solution- To solve all the problems of ticket booking or reservations etc the bus service facility we must take in case of some instant decisions you take. One of the most annoying things about flying or rail service is that you have to plan your tour months in advance to get a good deal, as charges tend to reach higher till you get to the date of departure. Since no one has the luxury of planning that far ahead. Its a whole different story with bus service. Even if you buy your ticket a day or two prior to departure, you are still very much sure to get a decent deal. In fact, statistics shows most of the bus tickets are sold mere hours before taking off.

    Even if planning everything in advance is what you prefer, buses are still the better option because it is safe and joyful. The best things about traveling by bus is that it stops during the journey for a short refreshments, allowing you to stretch, use an actual bathroom, get some fresh air and recharge your batteries by getting some food and hot coffee break. If you compare flight with bus, you have an advantage of going out and stroll a bit which is not possible in plane. You will never get bore of continuous journey as the buses will halt in some place for giving refreshment to the travelers.

    You can have a sip on hot tea or coffee and prepare yourself for some next couple of hours. The good thing about bus stations, though, is unlike airports, they are usually located in a very central place within a city, where public transportation is easy. This means pretty much any subway or bus line serving that particular town will have a stop there. And, even if you have to take an Uber or a taxi, the price will be much lower.

    There are so many small towns with a rich history and national parks that are just waiting to be explored and you can get most of it as bus travel is the optimal for the explorer at heart. want to visit your point of interest a bus will take you directly to your point of interest and, on the way there, you can check out the ways for future reference when you need to get back.

    So book your trip on Abhibus today by keeping all your hesitation aloof to see how awesome bus services have become and what you have been missing for all these years. Your satisfaction and comfort is what we dedicate our service for.

    Abhibus is your only destination to book your bus tickets. The name Abhibus simply states bus right now in Hindi. Keeping in mind huge number of travelers who don’t get their reservations on buses or train during the time they want Abhibus has come up with the idea of erasing any problem at a click. Abhibus allows all Indian Bus travelers to book bus tickets from the convenience of their homes and offices. It has become India’s fastest growing online bus ticketing company due to our enthusiastic employees, devoted partners and our happy customers.

    abhibus.com is the preferred choice for online booking, With ticket inventory from over 2500 operators and 100000 routes. Register yourself on our site or simply proceed to payment after adding your contact details. AbhiBus Services (India) Private Limited is a leading company in providing end-to-end software and other value added services for the Bus Transport Industry by leveraging the latest technologies. In the year 2008 Abhibus services was founded. The company affords technology solutions to more than 100 large private bus operators in India, 4 state transport corporations and 2 international operators.

    The end-to-end service that is being provided are software solutions which include e-ticketing systems, vehicle tracking systems, fleet management solutions, passenger information systems, logistics management backed by a 24×7 customer support centre. Today AbhiBus is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It is the preferred Information Technology Partner for State Transport Corporations and Private Bus Fleet Operators. Abhibus ties up with Royal Challengers Bangalore as its official bus travel partner for IPL 2017.

    Abhibus signs Superstar Mahesh Babu as its Brand Ambassador. Experience the easy bus ticketing procedure with abhibus.com. Choose your desired bus seats, bus type, bus operators and then think to pay online in just a few clicks. Select from the range of available buses like Volvo, Mercedes, AC Luxury, Deluxe, Standard, Sleeper and other private buses. Book using the various payment options like the debit/credit card facility, net-banking, international card payment options and E-wallets and get the best industry rates and the most attractive discounts anytime of the year. Also receive quick notifications about the chartered bus, current bus schedules, bus timetables, instant fare drops, great discounts, prices and many more features.

    Abhibus has today revolutionized the bus service industry totally. It provides live bus ticket inventory from 3,500+ bus operators and 8,000+ travel agents who are operating across 150,000+ bus routes in India. Booking bus in a just few clicks has Turned a highly chaotic bus industry into a perfectly organized and structured which only is possible for Abhibus. Abhibus has changed the way you perceive bus travel. If you have been through worse times with bus tour and hate the bus journeys, unnecessary running around, sudden bus or seat cancellations, and then you don’t have to look further for a solution to all these usual bus ticketing problems, your solution is Abhibus. Since its initiation in 2008 Abhibus has taken on the Indian market of travelling by storm. It is not just a regular online travel agency but an authorized bus travel industry.

    Abhibus customer service, accessibility, best seat guarantee and unbeatable prices most importantly our 100% live bus ticket inventory has transformed the industry and has made us stand apart from our emulators. Abhibus has solved the long drawn online booking problem by creating a 100% real-time bus ticket inventory system across India. This technology will help, you to get to view precise seats that are available and the seats that have been booked by others. The amazing and very affordable holiday packages that Abhibus offers will take you through some of life’s unforgettable journeys and will surely change your thought and the way you travel, see and find out India henceforth. Our constant advancing technology keeps travelers updated even on the move while our privilege card benefits most travelers by giving them great discounts along with great offers.

    Abhibus competitors still use non-live updates which often result in same old problems, a whole lot of confusion and frequent disasters.We offer amazing and very affordable holiday packages, that take you through some of life’s unforgettable journeys and will surely change the way you travel, view and discover India henceforth. Our continuously improving technology keeps travelers updated even on the move while our privilege card benefits frequent travelers by giving them solid discounts as well as terrific offers.

    You can enjoy all these features at zero booking and make Abhibus a great online bus and holiday booking service who delivers the highest level of customer satisfaction that is what we believe. Abhibus is popular due to its adequate, safe and on-time bus services. different types of buses run by abhibus help in connecting different routes. It proficiently strives in maintaining its quality and delivering an affordable bus travel experience in the long run. Provides smooth bus services across a number of cities. This efficient bus company constantly strives in creating travel convenience for many travelers.

    abhibus is known for well-equipped buses and friendly staff steadily looking after passenger needs. The primary interest of Abhibus is to ensure passenger safety and comfort. Abhibus does not charge anything extra when compared to the traditional way of buying tickets. The tickets are absolutely at the original cost. You will receive a copy of the ticket which would have been sent to you by e-mail when you booked the ticket. Then you can take a printout of the mail sent to you and show it at the time of boarding.

    If you have missed to received, your ticket to the mail id that you provided, we then and there will send a message directly to your mobile as we Have the flexibility. Immediately after booking ticket, from Abhibus you can give the PNR Number in website and you can take a printout. Yes, The tickets booked through our website can be cancelled. Money will be transferred back to the passenger’s credit/debit card.

    Kindly check that the cancellation fee as applicable will be deducted from the fare and cancellation can be done only three hours before departure time of the bus. You can contact our helpline for service specific knowledge. Abhibus provides 100% refund if the bus service is cancelled. However, if the bus is missed due to any other reasons not directly related to Abhibus as it does not provide any refund.

    Any transactions on Abhibus are very safe. Abhibus utlize the best-in-class security and the transactions done through Abhibus are secure and safe. Secure Socket Layers data encryption is used by Abhibus for all financial / credit card related transactions. Using SSL ensures that the information exchanged with Abhibus is never transmitted unencrypted thus securing the information from being checked by unauthorized individuals. In addition to this, the credit card information is processed over secure gateways which are certified by Visa / Mastercard.

    AbhiBus provides various types of buses.The various types of buses run by Abhibus are:

    • A/C Sleeper (2+1)
    • Non A/c Seater (2+2)
    • Non A/C Seater (2+2)

    Abhibus follows the certain parameters:

    • We should strive for excellence in whatever option we choose. Focus on consistency, fast improvement in interactions with people, efficiency of processes, and the best of the organization.
    • We must follow consistency between our words we say and the work we do, always delivering what we promise. Therefore we cam maintain transparency, trust and accountability in our business.
    • We must continually apply technology to our work, intelligence, reasoning and environment. This will help us to take informed risks and master new ideas to improve our business as well as the community.
    • We must create and maintain an ambience of fun while at work, making work a peaceful place we can all look forward to.
    • We must have a willing attitude, not take “no” for an answer and believe that everything is possible. This will allow us to work peacefully toward achieving our goals and honouring our commitments.
    • To keep focus on our customers, both internal and external, by giving them priority. We must promise to exceed their expectations in terms of the value and quality delivered.
    • Feel responsible and be committed for the commitments we make and the quality of the results we deliver to all our stakeholders.
    • Create an environment where we can nicely utilise the abilities of all team members to achieve goals. We should work on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    Opportunities must be given to our fellow colleagues and freedom to think and act in ways that will allow them to get the job done, and yet be consistent with the processes laid down.
    Respect and consideration is what we must give to everyone, with whom we interact.

    You can now opt for bus tickets at Abhibus.com and can avail exciting offers while booking online tickets. Make the most of your journey within your savings. With untiring determination, Abhibus has proactively diversified its product offering, adding a variety of online and offline products and services. Abhibus has stayed ahead by continually evolving its technology to meet the ever-changing demands of the fast developing global travel market, steadily establishing itself as India’s leading online travel company.