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There’s a new do-it-yourself cold coffee kit in town, here to make your summers cool and exciting! With your favorite Nescafe Classic Coffee inside, the kit lets you prepare and enjoy a café-like frothy coffee, at home, in no time. Maximum Shelf Life 12 Months.

What’s inside?

  • 100g Jar of 100% pure and delicious NESCAFÉ Classic coffee
  • A coffee frother to add the perfect creamy touch in your cup
  • Mason Jar and the steel straw to add to the café-like feel
  • And 2 contemporary fridge magnets that tell you how to make yummy cold coffee every day.

For a delicious cup of cold coffee

  • Add 330ml milk to the cool Nescafe Mason Jar
  • Add 2tsp. of your favorite Nescafe Classic and Sugar to taste
  • Plunge the Nescafe foamer half way down and power it on to whip the milk
  • Add 3-4 ice cubes, and pour it, sip it, Flaunt it!