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Awesome RC Toys Selling on Amazon

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Make your kids smile for no reason

Children learn about themselves and the world through play. They sense, think, learn and act while playing alone, or in a group. They learn about various challenges and try to solve various problems, or make a deal. Also, they develop their language skills while playing.

Do you remember how great you felt when you played with toys in your childhood? Do you remember the excitement of playing hide and seek, or playing with that amazing RC car that only moved back and forth? Do you remember how tricky it was to bring the RC car out from under the closet using only the back and forth movement functions on the remote?

Children love to be amazed, and that is why they easily get attracted to mysterious things like superheroes, magic and smartphones. A remote controlled toy is something that amazes all children. Controlling a toy car, or a humanoid robot, from a distance, without actually touching it, is an amazing experience for people of all ages, let alone kids.

When you play, your body and mind feels happy because you are doing something that you enjoy. When you play you learn new skills while doing something fun. And when you have fun, you laugh. And when you laugh, you feel cool, happy and energised. RC toys are fun enough to spend  some quality time with your kids and other family members.

You and your kids learn a lot about how to drive an RC car, and undoubtedly, feel eager to know how it works? You feel flabbergasted when you notice the complexity of science and technology that goes into making an RC toy. This feeling of amazement and the eagerness to know more and more are the two qualities that you can inculcate in you child. Inquisitiveness and amazement make someone an Einstein. 

Solitary play helps children to introspect and group play helps them to extrospect. When kids race their RC cars, they learn how to interact with friends, families and other fellows. They also learn how competition can be fun and healthy if certain protocols are maintained. They also learn to value and take care of something as expensive as an RC car. 

In simple words, an RC toy helps children to:

  • gain mastery of audio-visual-motor coordination
  • develop spatial awareness and intelligence
  • solve problems through creativity and imagination
  • polish social skills
  • become fluent in a language
  • become responsible

Now, if you are convinced enough, here is a list of 10 awesome remote controlled toys selling on Amazon:

Toyshine 1:18 Cross Country Off Road Rock Car Remote Control Car, Assorted Color: 

This full proportional cross country style off road car is always ready to thrill you with speed and stunts. The car responds perfectly to the 2.4GHz radio system. It has Adjustable front wheel alignment and goes forward, backward, turns left and turns right.

Price: INR 1019.20 /- Amazon

Popsugar Cross Country Monster 1: 20 R/C Truck – Included Battery, Multicolor:

This RC toy car performs, as well as looks great for its realistic design. It has large wheels with grooves and a protective grill at the front. The car promotes fine motor skills, imagination and dexterity of the child.

Price: INR 899 /- Amazon

Zest 4 Toyz 4WD High Speed Racing RC Car 1/43 Scale 2.4GHz Mini Remote Control Truck Vehicle – Assorted Color:

This is a high quality 1:43 Scale Remote Control Rally Car has features like 2.4G radio control,High Speed 9MPH, digital proportional speed control, Front and back advance suspension system,TPR Rubber high grip tires and brake control.

Price: INR 1099 /- Amazon

Toyshine Infrared Control Boat 10km/h Super Speed Electric RC Ship Toys HQ2011-15A, Assorted Color:

The double propeller design and streamlined body provides power and speed to this RC boat. This infrared control boat can be turned left and right, forward and backward and the design can withstand higher speed and waves resistance.

Price: INR 679 /- Amazon

Silverlit Kickabot Score Race Edition with Remote Control, Single Pack:

Kickabot is a robot and it kicks off a ball going forward, forward-left, forward-right, and backward. It is a multiplayer game and the battery lasts for about 40 minutes. The robot comes with accessories like 1 ball ping pong size, 1 set of ball guards, and 1 score goal.

Price: INR 883 /- Amazon

Shop & Shoppee IR Controlled Flying Disco Light Ball with Gravity Sensor(Color May Vary):

Just press the button it will emit dazzling light and fly. When it comes down, put your hand below it and it goes up again. The flying disco light ball can entertain your kids for 6-8 minutes once fully charged for 45-60 minutes.

Price: INR 569 /- Amazon

Toyshine Ferrari Remote Control Car, Rechargeable, Opening Doors, Frustration Free Packaging, Red:

This 1:16 Scale Model is capable of going Forward, Backward, Right, and Left and the remote works within 60 metres radius. The product is made from high quality ABS plastic and has superior build quality. Opening Doors from remote makes it more entertaining.

Price: INR 749 /- Amazon

Smart Picks 1:18 Rechargeable 4Wd Rally Car Rock R/C Monster Truck (Green):

This remote controlled rock crawler can be operated from a distance of 20 meters. Powerful motor, sophisticated crawling tech and strong shocks makes this RC car a really entertaining toy for kids and adults. The car can run over mud, shallow water, grass, paving, or off road.

Price: INR 929 /- Amazon

Smart Picks Velocity Easy Control Mini Helicopter – Hx708 ( Assorted ):

This tiny helicopter is fun to fly. The helicopter is all set to thrill you with stunts and skills. The cute aircraft can fly up to a height of 5 meters and can be controlled within a radius of 10 meters using a 3.5 channel remote controller.

Price: INR 999 /- Amazon

Toyshine Remote Control Motorcycle with 360 Degree Movement, Blue/Red:

This is an awesome 3 Channel Remote Control Bike that goes Forwards, and Moves 360 Degree. The product is made for superior plastic. Gift this RC bike to you kids and you will not regret.

Price: INR 899 / – Amazon

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