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Tips On How To Select The Right Bat For Yourself

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It is true that it doesn’t cost much to play cricket but it costs a lot to become a cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar, or Virat Kohli. Undoubtedly, you need to maintain a very disciplined lifestyle, have patience and engage is relentless hard work if you aspire to be a good cricketer. Moreover, the game of cricket requires great expertise in the technicalities and demands deep insight on how the bat, the ball and the pitch behaves in various situations. Therefore, you need to be very wise in choosing your gears too.

In this article we will answer to some hot cricketing questions asked by new aspirants who want to buy a cricket bat for practice. And those questions are:

  1. What should be the right size of the cricket bat?
  2. What should be the shape of the handle?
  3. Where should the sweet spot be on the cricket bat?
  4. What is the ideal weight of a bat?
  5. English willow or Kashmiri willow?
  6. What is the acceptable number of grains on the cricket bat?
  7. Which brands to buy from?

What should be the right size of the cricket bat?

When it comes to handling a cricket bat, size does matter. A bat has two parts; the handle and the blade. The handle and the blade come in various sizes. Most batsmen with some experience in cricket goes for short handle because they can control the bat more easily. But this is not a golden rule. You must pick the size that you feel most comfortable with. Sizes range from 1 to 6 with “Harrow” being the standard size for players who are between 5 ft 5″ – 5 ft 7″ in height. If you are 6 ft + go for a long handle,long blade bat.

Always consider your height while choosing a bat for yourself.

What should be the shape of the handle?

There are 2 types of handle; oval and round.

  1. Oval handles do not let the bat spin in your grip and are ideal if you want to control the bat the way you want. It maximizes your use of the face of the bat.
  2. Round handles are perfect for those who like to use their bottom hand to hit the ball hard by lifting the bat.

There are three lines that you can see in the handle of a modern bat. These lines are the layers of cork and/or rubber that covers the bat handle to reduce the shock felt when you hit a cricket ball. Many older models and junior bats have fewer lines.

Where should the Sweet Spot be on the cricket bat?

The sweet spot is the area on the blade which is the thickest part of the bat. This part, if used wisely, makes the ball run faster. That area increases the value of stroke play.  The ideal position on sweet spot in your bat should be determined by your playing style. If you are more front-foot dominant, go for a bat with the sweet spot positioned mid-to-low. If you prefer to play off the back-foot, a sweet spot placed mid-to-high will improve your performance.

There are three types of bat according to the position of their sweet spot:

  1. The bat with Lower Sweet Spot
  2. The bat with Middle Sweet Spot
  3. The bat with Higher Sweet Spot

If you play cricket with tennis balls, buy a bat with higher sweet spot as tennis balls usually bounces well on the pitch.

What is the ideal weight of a bat?

You you feel during pick-up routine should determine how heavy your bat should be. The weight of a bat determines how well you play with it. A heavy bat won’t necessarily make you hit the ball further if you aren’t skillful enough to play your shots correctly. On the other hand, a bat which is too light may be too weak  to make the ball run fast enough. Therefore you must focus on the pickup of a bat rather than its weight.

Try  picking up a bat (with gloves) and imitating your usual pick-up routine before actually buying it. Feel and check if it light or heavy. Check if it feels bottom-heavy with a low sweet spot. If the bat is extremely difficult to hold with one hand stretched out in front of you then it is probably too heavy for you to handle.

Bats made out of English willow is lighter than bats made out of Kashmir willow. English willow bats give you more thickness and power compared to Kashmir willow bats.

English willow or Kashmiri willow?

Cricket bats are made of either English willow or Kashmiri willow wood. English willow bats perform better and they are more expensive than Kashmiri willow bats. These bats vary in standard.

Grade 1+ or Grade A in the highest quality for an English willow cricket bat. Most cricket stars use Grade 1 bats as these bats have minimal knots, blemishes and marking. The grains will be straight, even and have at least 6 straight grains. Grade 1+ bats are ideal for test match level cricket.

G1 cricket bats are ideal for professional standard cricket. G2 cricket bats are ideal for top club standard cricket. G3 cricket bats are enough for skilled cricketers and G4 bats are ideal for beginners.

If you cannot afford the more expensive English willow cricket bats, go for the Kashmir willow cricket bats. They are good alternatives to English willow bats because the wood is harder and good enough to play cricket with tennis balls. A Kashmir willow bat is ideal for a beginner.

What is the acceptable number of grains on the cricket bat?

Those lines on the plain side of the bat are called grains. The number of grains tells you age of the tree. More grains means older the tree and therefore more mature wood. Higher number of grains determines higher performance.

A bat with  6-10 grains is good enough for professional cricket. But as a cricketer, you must pay more attention to how you feel holding and lifting the bat than how manys grains it has.

Which brands to buy from?

MRF, BDM, SG, Puma and SS are the most popular brands in India.

Here is a list of top 5 good quality English willow cricket bats under INR 5000/-:

Fabulous MRF English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

Fabulous MRF English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

Madras Rubber Factory Limited (MRF), headquartered in Chennai, India, is an Indian multinational company that is recognised for being the largest tyre manufacturer of tyres in India. It is the fourteenth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. The company manufactures rubber products including tyres, treads, tubes and conveyor belts, paints and toys. MRF cricket bats are reliable for professional cricket and the brand has been endorsed by many stars like Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and Steve Waugh.

BDM G6 English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

BDM G6 English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle

The company manufactures, supplies, and exports Cricket Equipment such as Cricket Bat, Cricket Ball and Cricket Batting Pad and many more. The raw materials are sourced from trustworthy suppliers and is rum by teams of talented technicians, managers, and executives who ensure manufacturing and selling of only high quality products that customers can rely on. The factory uses cutting edge technology to make top quality English willow bats for beginners and professional cricketers.

SG Cobra Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle (Multicolor)

SG Cobra Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle (Multicolor)

Cricketing legends like Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid and Virender Sehwag endorse SG. Modern star cricketers like Shane Watson (Australia), Shakib al Hasan (Bangladesh), Hardik Pandya (India), Evin Lewis (West Indies) and others use SG willow to rule the 22 yards. Sanspareils Greenlands, commonly known as SG, is a Meerut based cricket equipment manufacture. SG balls have a more prominent seam and are closer together than the Kookaburra balls because of the thicker thread used for stitching.

Puma Evo Power Men’s 1 English Willow (Size-Harrow) Blue

Puma Evo Power Men’s 1 English Willow (Size-Harrow) Blue

Puma bats have dynamic and powerful design that is ideal for the contemporary cricketers. The bats are stylish and powerful. The high performance cricket bats have plenty of six-hitting potential. Puma SE, branded as Puma is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures cricket bats and other sports equipment. PUMA is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Every bat has a powerful hitting zone, superior pick-up and exquisite balance.

SS Waves English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle (Color May Vary)

SS Waves English Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle (Color May Vary)

SS Brand Cricket Equipments are known for theirs superior quality and are used by the international cricket players like Saurav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, V.V.S Laxman, Roger Binny, Manoj Prabhakar, Virender Sehwag, and many other test cricketers S. Ramesh, Yuvraj Singh, Akash Chopra, and Deep Das Gupta. Sareen Sports Industries also called as SS manufactures cricket equipment, including bats, balls, helmets, kit bags, and other accessories and equipment.

Remember that:

The strength and physique of a cricketer determines how well he/she handles a bat. It is hard to differentiate between a bat weighing 1.5 Kg and a bat weighing 1.4 Kg. Therefore, you should always buy a bat that just feels right for you.

Using English willow bats are always better, but how many 4s and 6s you hit depends on how well you play and not what the bat is made of. In many cases, bats made from lower grade willow perform better than the ones made from higher grade willow. So, choose wisely.

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