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The Top Hanging Planters Selling On Amazon

Hanging a cute little pet plant in a hanging planter at home is a fantastic idea for people with good taste and caring heart. You have a number of reasons to bring home a few decorative plants that will not only add freshness to the air you breathe but keep you engaged in some real green activity.

Speaking of hanging planters, the best thing about them is that they don’t occupy your floor space. These hanging pots for plants are designed to keep your pet plant off the ground. Keeping plants off the ground makes sure that you notice them and never forget to nurture them.

Now let’s come back  and see the benefits of having some indoor plants in details.

And…you don’t need a masters of Phd to observe and understand the benefits of having some indoor plants around. What a relief!

Even if you are not an expert botanist, you may feel like me that plants are beautiful creatures. Just like us, they are born and they die. They are as alive as you, me and everything living around us. So, falling in love with plants make sense. These little beauties not only adds more oxygen to the air, they also make your home a beautiful place to live in.

Studies have shown that having indoor plants have following benefits:

Indoor plants may reduce stress and bring a sense of well being

Where there is greenery, there is food, water and shelter. Therefore, most people feel relieved and relaxed when they have greenery around them. Millions of years of evolution has taught us every life form on this planet depends on green plants to survive. So, the primitive part of your brain triggers the release of happy hormones in our body whenever we sense greenery around us. Even the presence of a cute little aloe vera plant can trigger happiness without you noticing the change in your body and mind consciously.

Even an English Ivy may boost productivity in office

Office spaces surrounded by greenery or well decorated with flower pots and hanging plants motivates employees to be more productive, take fewer sick days and be happy without much reason. Students of schools that have plenty of greenery around may find it easier to concentrate and learn. Even hospitals that are surrounded by greenery helps patients to recover faster. Therefore, keeping at least a few hanging plants in hanging pots at home is definitely a healthier choice for you and your family.

Breathe fresh air

Who likes to work or live in a building that makes you feel sick and unhappy? Sick Building Syndrome is a real thing and decorating a building with hanging planters can free your building from this unhealthy condition. Keeping enough indoor plants can help improve the conditions like suffocating air quality, insufficient natural light and humidity, and excessive background noise. Indoor plant purifies the air and absorbs annoying noise. Keeping little plants in hanging planters is a natural way of making a building habitable.

Some proven benefits of having interior plants in hanging planters include:

  1. Reduced carbon dioxide levels 
  2. Better humidity 
  3. Reduced levels of certain pollutants like benzene and nitrogen dioxide 
  4. Reduced airborne dust level
  5. Cooler and tranquil indoor

Hanging your indoor garden is also good if you have pets, children, or if you’re short on floor space. Here’s a list of the top 10 hanging planters selling like hot cakes on Amazon:

Trust Basket Dotted Oval Railing Planter (Green)

Metal, especially galvanized iron is often used for making a beautiful hanging planter like this. The powder coated paint is dust resistant and pampers your eyes with its gorgeous vibrant color and polka print. Size – Height: 12.5Cm (5 Inch) Length: 31Cm (12.2 Inch) Width: 15Cm (6 Inch).

Price: INR 449/- Amazon

NAOE Hanging Planter Made of Bamboo

Made out of matured bamboo, these indoor window planters are the perfect natural habitat for mini plants. The design ensures that your plant gets the light it needs to survive. What makes this hanging planters so popular is that they look great. Size may vary from 38 cms to 50 cms.

Price: INR 215/- Amazon

Hanging Garden pots, Diamond Flower pots with Heavy Metal Chain

This wall planter or hanging planter gives you a place to grow your plants without eating up your floor space that may serve for more important things, like chairs and tables. These beautiful flower pots are made of plastic and comes in colors like orange, green, white, blue, yellow, red.

Price: INR /- Amazon

CINAGRO Designer Hand Painted Railing Metal Planter

An eye catching display of plants and flowers on your wall or grill, these hanging pots for indoor plants helps you create your own wall mounted or hanging garden. These hanging planters are made of galvanized metal and coated with anti-rust powder paint.

Price: INR 999/- Amazon

BIO BLOOMS Coir Hanging Basket

Hanging a metal pot with chain and thick coir pots provides the perfect spot for plants. Mixing herbs, flowers, and grasses adds pleasing texture and color to your space.  These hanging planters online is healthy for the plant and therefore healthy for your home too.

Price: INR 999/- Amazon

NAOE Bamboo 2 Steps Hanging Planter (Brown)

These hanging brown bamboo planters hang from the ceiling or wall, and from each other. You can take down a single planter easily at a time to harvest your herbs. These system watering even more convenient. The width of the product can vary from 38 cms to 50 cms.

Price: INR 299/- Amazon

Planters Blume Prism Indoor and Outdoor Wall Hanging Planter

Make a statement and shock your guests with these weather-proof and ultra-tough planters. These hanging planters have been designed to keep your dear plants alive. These planters are weather-proof and gives a long lasting fade-free performance.

Price: INR 1150/- Amazon

Truphe Multicolor Hanging Pots for Garden and Balcony – Nest Pots

Decorate your garden the way you want using these hanging planters India. These that hang from the roof using metal chains. The colourful pots are made of virgin plastic and comes in colours like red, purple, Yellow, blue, green and orange.

Price: INR 569/- Amazon

Oshi Greens Hanging Flower Pot Basket with Hook Chain (Assorted Colour)

These hanging planters with eye-catching color and texture make a fabulous statement in your space and give your plants a healthy place to hang out. These Pot Cradles can be hung anywhere. They’re lightweight, adjustable, and have metal chains to hang.

Price: INR 444/- Amazon

Trust Basket Round Dotted Railing Planters

These durable and lightweight wall planters or hanging baskets give you a place to grow your own plants. Each planter has detachable hook. A planter mounted to the fence can be repositioned easily whenever you feel like it and will bring life into your home.

Price: INR 1425/- Amazon


To keep plants in hanging baskets healthy and beautiful, follow these:

  • Water often and thoroughly.
  • Deadhead blooming plants
  • In a mixed basket, replace plants as needed. 
  • Fertilize.
  • Cut back leggy plants.

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