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IKEA Products For You To Consider

IKEA is the biggest manufacturers of furniture you need for your modern home. IKEA products are designed keeping in mind the need of modern urban population for whom space and money is an issue. From chair to wardrobe, IKEA builds everything you need to make living more economic and convenient.

The brand promises to accompany you whenever you need to relocate or renovate your home. IKEA furniture India inspires you by bringing stunning furniture that is both affordable and efficient. IKEA gives every corner of your home a touch of modern artistry and innovation. IKEA homes have everything that your family needs for a happy life.

The brand makes sure that shopping at IKEA is always a unique experience for every customer. Shopping at IKEA is a bit more different and exciting than buying furniture from a  conventional brick and mortar store. The store offers more than 7500 products and solutions that really works.

An IKEA store makes you feel at home using its home like arrangements and ambience. Feel the upholsteries, inspect the oriental rugs, relax on the sofa beds and open the cabinets to feel the quality. The price tags tells you all you need to know about the product.

IKEA products are ideal for people who require to relocate often, have limited living space, or on a tight budget. But IKEA has its own advantages and disadvantages.

IKEA furniture pieces are perfect for people who love smart, yet low cost, simple design. These furniture pieces are designed not to occupy unnecessary space. They are easy to build, offer storage of different items and have a minimalist style.

But remember that you need to be good at reading written instructions to assemble the parts. And do not expect your beloved IKEA furniture to last for long as all the furniture are made from particleboard, a material made from waste wood. This material is not as durable as wood.

Here is a list of top 10 brand new IKEA furniture pieces that will surely make living as relaxing and spacious as possible:

EKOLSUND Recliner, Gunnared light brown-pink

EKOLSUND recliner has been given soft rounded shapes. This piece of furniture fits even in small spaces. You can comfortably sit upright, lean back or lie back for a nap. The piece comes in 3 packages and can be assembled and disassembled in a few simple steps.

Price: INR: 22,990 /- IKEA

FLOTTEBO Sofa-bed, Vissle purple

Read a book, play with your smartphone, or sleep peacefully after a tiring day at work, do whatever you want, this sofa-bed has been designed to give you maximum comfort without consuming much space of your living room.

Price: INR 38,990 /- IKEA

NYHAMN Sofa-bed with triple cushion, with foam mattress, Skiftebo yellow

Imagine transforming a sofa into a spacious bed with a click! Moreover, you don’t even need to remove the cover when transforming. The storage under the seat and a selection of mattresses will surely make living more convenient and easier.

Price: INR 25,490 /- IKEA

VIMLE 3-seat sofa, Dalstorp multicolour

The VIMLE sofa series gives you options to combine as you like into a customised solution for you sweet little home. The beauty is that as your family or home grows, your sofa will grow with you. This soft and cosy sofa is durable as the seat cushions are filled with high resilience foam.

Price: INR 50,200 /- IKEA

NORDVIKEN Chair, black

This beautifully designed chair helps you to maintain a good posture because the deepened seat distributes your weight evenly. You can sit on the chair for long as the high backrest takes the load off your back. The chair provides lower back support and prevents unnecessary stress.

Price: INR 3,950 /- IKEA Online

LANEBERG Extendable table, brown

What do you get when you blend simplicity with state-of-the-art crafting? – The answer is LANEBERG Extendable table that seamlessly blends with your dining decor. The table looks natural and the deep tone of rustic brown finish makes it look simply beautiful.

Price: INR 12,990 /- IKEA Online India

LERHAMN Table and 4 chairs, black-brown, Vittaryd beige

The clear-lacquered surface of this table is easy to wipe clean as it is resistant to liquids, food stains, oil, heat, scratches and bumps. The well built table is strong enough to serve you flawlessly for years as it is cut out of solid wood, a strong natural material.

Price: INR 18,790 /- IKEA

BUSKBO Armchair, rattan, Djupvik white

What makes this armchair special is its hand-woven rattan, a natural material that is really comfortable to sit on. The chair is perfect to curl up in. The chair is made of mostly natural material that ages gracefully and develops its own unique character over time.

Price: INR 11,490 /- IKEA

FLOTTEBO Sofa-bed with side table, Vissle purple

From chatting with your friends to sleeping like a log, this sofa-bed has been designed to keep you comfortable without eating up too much space of your living room. The loose back cushions lets you adjust the seat depth and the back support.

Price: INR 40,990 /- IKEA

NORDVIKEN / LEIFARNE Table and 4 chairs, white, Broringe white

This spacious, wood dining table looks traditional and is good enough to fit 6 people. The sturdy construction and smooth extension mechanism make it a durable and reliable. 1 person can quickly and smoothly extend the table whenever you need to use it.

Price: INR 36,390 /- IKEA India Online

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