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The Top 9 Diwali Deals 2019 With Top 9 Things To Avoid During Diwali

What is Navratri with date and vital details

Diwali 2019 Date,  Diwali Start and Diwali End Date.

Festival: Diwali

Date: Sunday, 27 October, 2019

Diwali, the Festival of Light, is a four to five day-long festival, which is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists, every autumn in India and around the world.This year millions of Hindus will worship the Divine Mother to celebrate the victory of light over darkness.

Diya and lighting, home decoration, shopping, fireworks, puja, gifts, and sweets are distributed by believers and localities and buildings are elaborately decorated with light.

Team Dealnews has handpicked 9 Awesome  deals. We will also let you know about 9 things to avoid at all costs during those auspicious days of Diwali.

Tuelip Akhand Borosil Table Diya (Large)

From improving health to helping you meditate, diyas are an integral part of Navratri or any form of Puja. Burn a diya with ghee and a clove, and you know that your home is healthy and beautiful enough for living.

Price: INR 1109 /- Buy Now From Snapdeal

GoldGiftIdeas 12 Inch Sarovar Silver Plated Pooja Thali Set, Occasional Gift, Pooja Thali Decorative, Wedding Gift

Turmeric paste, sindoor (vermilion) paste/rangoli color, sandalwood paste, flowers, fruits, holy water, ghanta, diya, prasad(sweets) and many other essentials items are kept in beautiful puja thali. A puja thali is a large well built dish made of gold, silver, copper, brass, or stainless steel.

Price: INR 999 /- Buy Now From Amazon

Gifts & Decor Havankund_Copper,Stand-14.5Cm

The Sanskrit word homa (होम) means “pouring into the fire, offer, sacrifice” and the word yajna (Sanskrit: यज्ञ; yajña) means the Almighty Ishwara. A hawan kund is something that holds the fire and collects what we offer as sacrifice in yagna.

Price: INR 549 /- Buy Now From Flipkart

Diwali Special Cotton Lehenga in Black

A gorgeous cotton lehenga is something every girl deserves to wear during Navratri. 

This attire is traditionally embellished with dangles, resham and mirror work. Women typically wear stitched cotton and silk choli with multicolor and a colourful cotton dupatta.

Price: INR 4224 /- Buy Now From Utsavfashion.com

Craft Expertise Wooden Holy Book Stand/Rehal Religious Item Puja Articles 10 Inch

A holy book stand will help you read great books like Geeta and Ramayana for hours without straining your neck and back. Sore neck and back cannot stop you from reading and dissolving your Atma with that of the Divine. A good book stand makes puja-path a comfortable experience.

Price: INR 170 /- Buy Now From Amazon

Designer Acrylic Haldi Kumkum Puja Thali Set/Rakhi thali with Ganesha for Festival Rakshabandhan etc(5 inch) (red)

From Navratri to wedding this puja thali is beautiful enough to make any religious festival look gorgeous and grand. Keep it in your mandir and you will feel motivated to do puja with more dedication and joy.

Price: INR 225 /- Buy Now From Amazon

VIPRA VIDHIT Gold Prayer Kit

Any puja, is said to be a success, if everything necessary for puja, is present in and around your puja thali. Most Hindu puja requires a list of essential items like gomutra, haldi, chandan, ganga  jal, and many more. Buy this Navratri Puja Kit and your worship will be fulfilling.

Price: INR 1499 /- Buy Now From Amazon

Gifts & Decor Wooden Scented Hawan Samagri for Vedic Yagya Pujan Havan -6549

Havan, Yagya or Homa is the fire ritual popular in many forms of Hinduism. It is done to bring health, happiness and prosperity in the family or society. Hawan Samagri is a blend of herbal items and seeds. It is poured onto the holy fire to sacrifice the evil inside us.

Price: INR 119 /- Buy Now From Flipkart

ME&YOU Special Puja Thali of 31 ingredients for Hawan Puja, Diwali Pujan, Navrata Pujan, Durga Pujan IZ18PujaThaliPack31-001 Steel  (Multicolor)

A beautifully designed puja thali made of the finest steel is something that will add elegance and energy to your puja room. Each thali is individually handcrafted. The surface is embossed with an om motif around the sides and centre.

Price: INR 342 /- Buy Now From Flipkart

Don’ts for Those Who Are Ignorant About Things To Avoid:

1. Postpone your appointment with the hairdresser.

2. Do not clip your nails

3. Take care of the Kalash.

4. Keep the Akhand Jyoti lit.

5. Do not let sleep stop you from worshiping the Divine.

6. Do not eat non-vegetarian food

7. Slicing lemon is a strict NO

8. Fried food is not good for worshippers’ spiritual progress.

9. Fast but do not starve yourself.

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