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Uber indeed sets the world in motion. The service helps you to request a ride from your smartphone. An Uber cab reaches you in minutes and the service is available 24X7. All you need to do is download and open the uber app on your smartphone, register/login, select your pick up point and destination, select the ride of your choice and confirm booking. You will get the vehicle registration number, the driver’s name with picture and the driver’s phone number. On the uber app you will get to see the current location of the cab assigned to you and time you need to wait for the cab to arrive.

If you don’t have a smartphone, in certain marketplaces you can book an Uber cab by opening m.uber.com from your mobile browser. Uber is world’s No.1 cab service that helps riders find cabs and drivers find customers. It connects billions of riders and drivers everyday using state-of-the-art technology and strict safety measures. Since its launch, Uber worked hard to screen criminal record and driving record of millions of people to ensure safety of its users. It not only cares for the riders, it cares for its drivers too.

It works hard to make sure that its drivers are providing best possible service to its customers and riders are enjoying comfort and safety while taking a ride. While riding, if you uncomfortable for any reason you can always let your loved ones know where you are by tapping a button on the app. Uber app has been designed to make your ride safer than ever.In many cities, Uber is testing its fleet of self-driving cars and flying cars. It has also launched food order service, ambulance service and freight-booking solutions.
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What is Uber?

By connecting 75 million riders with 3 million drivers, completing 4 billion trips worldwide and making possible 15 million trips each day, Uber is definitely, the No.1 taxi cab, peer-to-peer ridesharing, bicycle sharing, food delivery and transportation network company(TNC) in the world. It is owned by Uber Technologies Inc, headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company’s core service, the On-demand Transportation Technology, gives you the freedom to hire a cab whenever you want and from wherever you are. The Uber App on your smartphone, that connects drivers with passengers, makes it all possible. Uber serves in 600+ cities in 65 countries and Uber services can be accessed via its mobile apps which are available for Android, iPhone and Windows devices or via its website, www.uber.com. Interestingly. the name “Uber”, in German means “above” and the name clearly suggests that its owners envisioned Uber to be the “topmost” or “super” service of its kind; and indeed Uber is the best of all.

Besides helping you get from point A to point B, the company is also determined to revolutionize transportation with self-driving technology and urban air transport in some selected cities. In many cities, people are using uber to order food and enjoy some great time with family and friends without eating out. The company is also serving the society by removing barriers to healthcare, creating new freight-booking solutions, and helping companies with employee transportation.

Uber, as a location-based app helps you hire an on-demand private driver. While sitting at the comfort of your home, office or on-the-go, all you need to do is tap on your smartphone screen a few times and you are ready to go. It is a modest and convenient service that sends a private driver to pick you up and drop you off as safely as possible. The moment you hit the ‘Confirm’ button, a nearby driver, getting a notification from Uber, arrives to pick you up within minutes. Uber shares the phone number of the driver alongwith his/her picture, name, cab registration number, estimated fare and user rating for your convenience. The best part is that you can see the cab coming in real time on a map and plan your journey to the pick up point accordingly. The Uber Apps for iPhone, Windows and Android mobiles use the GPS system in both the driver’s and passenger’s phone, enabling both the parties know each other’s location in real time and thus remove any confusion about when the cab will arrive.

How to book a cab

Booking a cab via www.uber.com or the Uber App is easy. Here is a step by step guide on how to book a cab using the Uber App on your iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone.

1. Open App Store or Google Play.
2. Search for the Uber App.
3. Download and install the App.
4. Open the App and register to create your account.
5. Enter Pickup Location or Set pin location.
6. Enter Destination or Set pin location.
7. Select one from services like Pool, UberGo, Premier, UberXL, Hire Go, Hire Premier, Taxi and many more(services available varies depending on the city and location).
8. You get to to see the exact fare you need to pay, estimated wait time and car size for each type of service.
9. Hit the ‘Confirm’ button and you are all set to go.

Uber Ride is a Safe Ride

To passengers, Uber is nothing but a hi-tech taxi service and to Uber drivers it is essentially a referral service. But to Uber, the safety of its drivers and passengers is a priority and therefore, booking a cab via Uber is remarkably safe. As of recently Uber has stepped up its overall user experience and personal security protocols. User safety has always been important to Uber but these days its user safety protocols are more stringent than ever. From a passenger’s point of view, the moment he/she hits the the ‘Confirm’ button, Uber sends a confirmation notice via the app and SMS along with the name, photo, cab registration number and user rating of the Uber driver. Passengers get to rate their driver and overall experience after each ride and Ubers drivers survive only on good overall ratings. If any driver fails to maintain a good overall rating, his/her contract with Uber is terminated. In the same way, drivers rate passengers after each ride so that other drivers can know in advance if a passenger is annoying or hostile. If necessary, a rider’s account can be blocked too.

For best experience you must download the Uber App on your smartphone. Ubers Apps have a built-in system that enables you to share your trip details with people you trust. While sitting inside the cab you can also track your trip during the ride and when required tap a button for safety tools to get help whenever you need it. The smooth user interface and glitch free functionality of these Apps help you ensure your safety with ease.

Another effective measure taken by Uber is that riders and drivers share a set of Community Guidelines, holding one another responsible to do the right thing. Passengers rate the drivers and drivers rate the passengers and these features in Ubers Apps let both the parties know each other beforehand and act accordingly. Uber works together with city authorities, safety and security experts, women’s safety experts, civil rights and road safety authorities; and by working together it ensures safety of its passengers and drivers.

Uber also has a specially trained team to support its passengers and drivers 24X7. You can contact the customer care team of Uber whenever you want and ask as many questions related to your safety and overall uber experience.

All potential Uber driver-partners must go through a stringent review process that includes a review of photo ID and other relevant documentation. If a driver can pass through DMV and background check successfully, and if he/she has his own car that is insured, only then he/she is authorized to take trips through the app.

Uber also partners with leading insurance companies to help protect you if anything goes wrong.

Now lets see how to ensure your safety before you hop in a Uber cab.

Step 1. The moment you hit the ‘confirm’ button and your booking is confirmed, on the Uber App you get to see the driver’s name with photo, the cabs registration number with model and the driver’s rating. Therefore, the moment your cab arrives, the first thing you need to do is check the cars model and match the car’s license plate.

Step 2. Match the driver with the photo on the app.

Step 3. Make sure that the driver confirms your name before the cab sets off.

How Uber works

The Uber App, that connects drivers with riders, is a blend of very sophisticated technologies like Information, Telecommunication and Global Positioning System(GPS). Uber Apps are available for iPhone, Windows and Android smartphones and can be downloaded from App Stores and Google Play.

Step 1. After downloading the App, a user needs to open the app and Sign Up by entering their name, phone number and email. Once registered, a user no longer needs to enter those details into the app and can simply open the app to enter his/her destination into the ‘Where To?’ Box.

Step 2. After entering his/her destination a user has to select the ride option he/she wants. Wait time, car sizes and price are displayed with each ride option. He/she can select any one of the following ride options:

● Pool 2 people (Economy) – comfortable sedans, top quality drivers for 2 people
● UberGo – affordable, compact rides for 4 people
● Premier – comfortable sedan, top quality drivers for 4 people
● UberXL – affordable rides for groups for upto 6
● Hireb Go – compact rentals for local travel for 4 people
● Hire Premier – sedan rentals for local travel for 4 people
● Taxi – local taxi cabs at the tap of a button for 4 people

Step 3. After selecting a ride option, the user hits the ‘Confirm’ button and a nearby driver accepts the rider’s trip request. The rider and the driver can see each other’s location in real time on a map. The rider is automatically notified when the cab is a minute away from the pick up point.

Step 4: Upon reaching the pick up point, the rider and the driver verifies each other’s name and the destination before the driver starts driving for the destination.

Step 5. The app gives the driver turn-by-turn direction to make driving easier and the rider can view the location of the car in real time throughout the journey.

Step 6. When the journey ends, the driver and the rider rate each other.

Step 7: The rider can make payment in cash to the driver or can go cashless by connecting their credit card or bank account with Uber via the secure App.

Uber Lite

Uber dreams that anyone, anywhere can book a cab using their app. Although Uber serves more than 75 million riders worldwide, ridesharing is accessible to only a small fraction of world’s population today. Keeping this fact in mind, Uber is longing to see rapid growth worldwide and plans to build an infrastructure that will be able to support twice the number riders and drivers using uber today. The company hopes that people will recognize Uber as the best online cab booking service in the world and trust them when it comes to making trips.

Therefore, to reach more and more people, Uber has launched a lighter version of the original Uber App called Uber Lite has been launched in India. The app has been built in India but designed for the world. The app is a very simple to use, saves space, works even on slower network, and works on any Android phone.

The downloadable file is only 5MB(imaging space taken for 3 selfies) in size. A small app means more available memory in your smartphone. It has a 300-millisecond response time and this making cab booking literally lightning fast even in slower networks.

The app has all the core functionality of the actual Uber App, has in-app support and also enables you to share your trip with friends and family.

The interface looks different from the original app because it has been designed to work of basic Android phone that has limited data plan, limited memory and slower network connectivity. Various features of the app are as follows:

Guided pickups: Uber Lite automatically detects the location of the user and therefore minimal typing is required. If the app fails to detect your location due to poor GPS signal or network issues, it suggests popular pick up points nearby so that you can at least manage to book a cab and reach your destination.

Tap over Type: The app is capable of detecting your destination and it makes the job as easy as tapping a few time on your smartphone screen. The app caches the city’s top pick up and drop points and therefore, even when you are offline you can get to see them. The app is smart enough to suggest your favorite pick up points and destinations so that you don’t need to type every time you need to book a cab.

Map optional: In slower network, the app to work fast and let you book a cab, makes the map optional because map cannot load in slower network. Instead in displays a progress bar that helps you follow the driver’s progress in you keep the map disabled.

Very soon the app will let users choose their preferred language and request a cab offline too.

How to pay for a ride

To book a cab you need to add and select a preferred payment method. Depending on the city you live, you can pay via credit card, cash, or a PayPal account. When you trip is complete, either Uber collects the money from your credit card or PayPal account or you can pay cash to the driver.

During the ride, use your app to select the right payment option for you.

1. Open the App and go to “Payment”.
2. Tap on “Add Payment”.
3. You can add a payment method by scanning a card, manually entering card info, or adding an alternative payment type.

1. Permit the Uber App to use your phone’s camera.
2. Center your card in your phone’s screen – if placed rightly thel 4 corners will flash green. Cards with embossed letters and numbers gets scanned easily.
3. Enter the card’s expiration date, CVV number, and billing ZIP or postal code.
4. Tap on ‘SAVE’ button to confirm.

1. Enter the credit/debit card number.
2. Enter the expiration date, CVV number, and billing ZIP or postal code.
3. Tap on ‘SAVE’ to confirm.

You can anytime update or edit a debit or credit card’s expiration date, CCV number, and billing zip or postal code.
1. Select “Payment” from your app menu.
2. Tap on the payment option you want to update.
3. Tap the three dot icon, then tap edit.
4. Edit whatever you want and tap on SAVE button to finish.

You must know that a debit/credit card number cannot be edited. But you can always delete the payment method from your account and use it again as a new payment method.

Your account must have at least one payment method at all times or else you are not allowed to book cabs. If you have only one payment method in your account, you must add a new one to continue using Uber services.
1. Tap on “Payment” from your app menu.
2. Tap on the card you’d like to delete.
3. Tap the three dot icon in the upper right corner.
4. Tap DELETE and then tap Confirm.

From a glitch free user friendly app to secure cashless payment, it is evident that Uber is going to retain its position as No.1 online cab booking service provider in the world.