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Zomato.com is the most favorite destination for Indian foodies. The restaurant search and discovery service was launched in India by Mr. Deepinder Goyal and Mr. Pankaj Chaddah in 2008 and now the company operates in 24 countries successfully. People visit Zomato to get information and reviews on restaurants and food outlets. They also get to see images of restaurants and images of various food item items that are served by any restaurant.

If a restaurant does not have its own website, Zomato enables it to get customers online. At Zomato, you get to see all the popular restaurants and food joints in your city. From a list of pricey posh restaurants to affordable ones, you can sort out the best restaurant that has the right kind of ambience for you and serves the kind of food you like. You get to see menus, photos and reviews before you physically visit the restaurant of your choice. The team of Zomato gathers information from every restaurant and hotels regularly to keep the database updated. Gourmets who care to write a review share reviews and photos to help you find the best restaurant for you and your family.

Zomato was created to deliver lip smacking experiences around dining. Zomato.com has listed more than 1 million restaurants globally and to make dining an awesome experience it offers services like table reservation and online ordering. Zomato cares for its partners too. It has dedicated engagement and management tools for restaurant owners. These tools help an owner save time and focus on the food and service the restaurant offer. From Australia to the United States, millions of business owners use Zomato to decide where to eat and where not to eat. The service is available in more than 10000 cities across 24 countries.
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Zomato Coupons

“Good food,

Makes your mood

And keep you glued to your work”

To enjoy such goodness in your life you must follow the Zomato app to order some really good and tasty food to satisfy your tummy.

Zomato is a food ordering and delivery company inspired by the idea of providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best restaurants to the foodies. Zomato is the only counter to place your orders from a wide range of restaurants. Zomato keeps its own exclusive fleet of delivery personnel to pick up orders from restaurants and deliver it to customers at the right time. The delivery personnel carry an order at a time to deliver fast to the customers. No need to starve or ask someone to cook for you, when Zomato is ready to serve you. The best deals to experience the best foods.

The era demands readymade stuffs as we really fall short of time. These days you will hardly notice anyone buying cloth pieces to stitch it and then wear it. Infact none of us do have the time to wait. Infact 24hrs are less to complete our innumerable works. It’s a different case that the modern equipments, latest technologies and our fast life have made us a little lazy to do things. Just like Instant coffee we want to solve our problems instantly without any delay. Our hunger takes a monstrous shape when the fire in the belly burns in yellow flames. But no worries you can easily cool down your fire of hunger with some delicious foods going online.  Zomato has created a great plateform to deliver foods online with such an affordable price that you will never remain hungry.

From the cradle of ancient civilization we know the fact that the entire survival of human race is based on the availability of foods. Discovering various plants, their consumption techniques, extracting the best form of the food and inventing methods of farming etc these all are just to survive. Best foods create best human beings and best human beings create the best of everything. Zomato contributes a little to serve all for a better and big cause. Mostly today’s working individuals have to go to various cities to manage their jobs. After working for late hours it is really difficult to cook for one self. To really make tasty and good meal you really need to devour quality time to it so that the food with all its goodness can add up to your health. We all look for some tasty good food when we cannot make food for ourselves or there is no one to cook food for us. Ordering at Zomato can solve out all your problems at a click. Tasty and delicious food you will surely get which will make your mood happy and healthy.

How do Zomato works?

It’s a food ordering website. It provides foods to the end customers who order it. In simple words, Zomato takes your order and delivers you in time.

  • When you look for some good restaurant, cafes, bars etc you can check Zomato.
  • Zomato delivers food at the right location and specified time when you order it.
  • It also contains menus such as Thali, starter, main course and rice with variety of cuisine.
  • The times they can deliver food packets are 30, 45 and 60 minutes.
  • The rates can be from 250 to 3000 rupees depending on the items and quantity you order.
  • Payment can be either by credit card, Paypal or cash, with the restaurant returning a percentage to the online food company.
  • You can get 20% off on all food items you order.
  • The team of Zomato gathers information from every restaurant on a daily basis to ensure the data is fresh.
  • In accession to restaurant search and discovery, Zomato has augmented its service to Online Ordering (Food Delivery), Take Away Services, Table Reservations, Corporate Catering Portal (Food at Work) and subscription-based programs like Zomato Gold and Zomato Piggybank. Zomato is creating cutting-edge technology to connect restaurant businesses and customers.
  • Zomato can be used by consumers to discover, rate, and review restaurants, as well as to create their own personal networks of fellow food enthusiasts for trusted approval.
  • From Vancouver to Auckland, Zomato is used by millions on a regular basis to decide where to eat in over 10,000 cities across 24 countries.

Starting with information for over 1 million restaurants (and counting) globally, Zomato has taken the responsibility to make dining smoother and more enjoyable with services like online ordering and table reservations.

Zomato the Bangalore-based startup is the biggest player in the corporate cafeteria sector, presently active in 6 cities (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Gurgaon/Noida). It caters neary 1500+ companies which include a number of large organizations like Sony, Genpact, 3M, Mindtree and Deloitte, IBM, Accenture, E&Y. Like ordering consumer goods online, many of these services allow customers to keep accounts with them in order to make frequent ordering convenient. So as the online food ordering is the process of food delivery or takeout from a local restaurant or food cooperative through a web page or app. whoever wants can order from any nearby restaurants through the click of a few buttons. What can be more exciting that you can pay online/COD and can even track your delivery through its app/ website! Who wants a home delivery? One can order from any nearby restaurants through the click of a few buttons. Zomato delivers value to customer as well as restaurants. Our vast community of food lovers share their reviews and photos, so you have all that you need to make an informed choice. We dedicate helping people to discover great places around them. Our users are getting more diversified and so are our product offerings. Recently zomato has launched several products, including Zomato Gold (at present in 20 cities in 3 countries); Zomato Pickup has already received recognition among usersin 13 cities.  Zomato has made Hygiene Ratings available to merchants in 32 cities across India, UAE, Qatar and Lebanon. Piggybank has amassed over 1.5m members and has become synonymous with food delivery experience.

Surprisingly you can now order food on the app like you are used to with the added flexible feature of going and picking it up yourself. Now, you can get food as quick as 15 minutes while enjoying exclusive offers from restaurants. This feature combines the ease of ordering with the help of the app,  forget wait time in queues and allow yourself more flexibility when you need it – e.g. grab a quick lunch while at work or order that afternoon coffee and skip the queues or even pick up some kind of meal box on your way home.

How does it work?

In few easy steps you can get your order:

  • click on the pickup order option
  • Choose the restaurant you want to pick up your food
  • Then place the order
  • Go on time to pick up your food there.

You can avail through this feature all the benefits that you are entitled to while ordering online for food delivery be it Piggybank coins or restaurant offers. Zomato is the only application in the country that has the pickup facility for its users. Even the list more, you have around 20,000 restaurants where you can place your pick up orders from – out of which 18,000 are committed to offer this service exclusively with Zomato.This feature is available on the latest Apps in 13 cities (Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Indore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Nagpur and Vadodara). Many other locations will be added gradually to the list. Zomato is continuing to build more features that give you more convenience and flexibility to get to your food. Choice and zomato are synonymous as far as food is concerned. In fact, in Zomato users will be greeted by a personalized curation of restaurants and cuisines just to bring out the explorer in them. Since Zomato began its journey, millions of foodies have ordered food online, helping Zomato to grow and to become better so that Zomato can of offering food online from thousands of restaurants across the country. Zomato still follows the same motto of delivering online food fast and easy. The wonderful service allows you to find all of the restaurants available nearby, which can deliver to your house.You are absolutely free to choose dozens of cuisines in hundreds of cities from over ten thousands restaurants!

Zomato is just the right place for ordering your breakfast, lunch, dinner or Late Night party. Simply choose the one of the thousands of diverse restaurants available near you. You will get all delicious cuisines such as Japanese, Biryani or Punjabi or any other item you can find it all! It just takes 4 easy steps:

  1. Select your city and area
  2. Pick one of the 10000+ restaurants
  3. Place your order and pay online or cash on delivery
  4. Enjoy the freshly prepared food delivered at your door step.

Let’s talk about the quality of food you get: we all know the amount of hygiene we need while making food for ourselves or for our family. As food that we eat gives us strength to keep going and fighting with the germs outside. Zomato takes the order and place at your door step Zomato cannot have a hand on the quality of the food it delivers as the food depends on the particular restaurant as how they make it. But Zomato assures its customers that they won’t deliver any item that is not eatable or get rotten. Zomato responsibly delivers fresh and tasty food at your service so that the customers receive the value of the amount they paid. Zomato believes you and sincerely follow your needs. Customers are the first priority of Zomato, to treat you with great delicacies is what Zomato prefers. You can order any time any where [off course the area where Zomato serves] in case you are hungry or having thrown a party. You need not have to worry to cook leaving all your enjoyment and attending guests. Just order in Zomato your favourite dishes selecting the best cuisine of your interest or according to the demand of the guest at your home. Zomato will definitely serve the place that is still left to serve. You can enjoy anything main course, side dishes, desserts, bakery items, cakes and many more. Taste good and feel the difference. This is the motto with which Zomato is serving and will serve in future so that all the happy customers can refer to some more happy faces and make the life beautiful with the aroma, fragrance infused in the dishes to make the dishes tastier and healthier.

Let’s check out Zomato’s new introduce – zomato sneakpeek!

Well in this technology bounded world the things are so easy to locate anything or to get knowledge of any work. This has led to ease out our life to a great extent. Just think previously when people visited any restaurant and had a bad experience and swear by the name of God of not visiting the same place again. Such bad experience, not only waste your time but also your money. But now things are easier. Before you want to visit any restaurant you first check the review of that restaurant and then decide to visit it. Well Zomato for year tried to suggest you the best restaurants. Zomato aspire to improve users’ experience everyday in 1.4 million restaurants across 10,000 cities in 24 countries. The suggestion or information that Zomato provides is super-help for the willing customers. Shall we go to this or that restaurant? Or what is the Zomato rating? all these question hopefully Zomato has made a suggestion. For those who, that the love restaurants pour into their food is as important as the ingredients they use. The story behind the wonderful desserts, the inspiration behind that cute name, the reason why they have decorative walls, matters as much as the cost for two. So, to help the customers with all information that they want to know will definitely get in Zomato.  If you ever had the question of genuinity that others also had then be sure Zomato tells itself on being a neutral and objective platform, where users can share their honest dining experiences. The restaurant ratings occurs only from the reviews and ratings that our users provide, and that all genuine and won’t change for anything. Sneakpeek only speak out the story behind a restaurant and does not make a recommendation about whether you should visit a place or should not visit. Zomato Sneakpeek offering will help you to know more about a restaurant that might be new to you and, similarly allow it to tell their story, their quirks, and their voice. Zomato has handpicked team of expert editors, writers and filmmakers, to profile carefully chosen restaurants. Each story consists of pictures, videos and a write-up that shows up the key points on what makes a restaurant special, and making it sure that your visit is informed and exciting. Restaurants place their stories on your dish. Zomato Sneakpeek puts it in a colourful expression. So next time you visit a restaurant, don’t forget to take a “Sneakpeek” at it on Zomato.

Zomato cares about its users and restaurant partners. This is just because Zomato believes in long held mission that will maintain the balance between Zomato and the end user. It really hurts us when hygiene standards and regulations are not followed by restaurants. We all know that Zomato takes the hygine standards seriously and introduced the hygiene ratings. This initiative is highly being embraced by the restaurant communities. The right call does really matter for Zomato as at the end of the day the wellbeing of the users matter immensely to zomato. It’s a great step by Zomato to continue with only those restaurants that has FSSAI license. These steps will certainly help to strengthen the ecosystem as it will filter out restaurants that are not keen on prioritizing the users’ want. Nobody wants to have food prepared in an unkempt kitchen.

Zomato is designed to be a democratic quality controller in the food supply industry. This does mean that users are welcome to help us in this endeavour. If you are the user and if you feel that the quality or hygiene of any restaurant/meal you had was not up to the assumed standards, you can write a constructive review on Zomato. All of us are well aware and educated to first check and then visit any restaurant and the place is off course Zomato. As we must look at Zomato ratings before going to a new place or ordering in food. Therefore get great food when hungry and also write your review on your experience as it goes a long way in making sure that only the best restaurant businesses are able to succeed.