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Best Mayonnaise in India6 min read


What Is Mayonnaise?

If you’re ever wondering, “what is mayonnaise?” you’re not alone. This cold, creamy sauce is widely used on sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, French fries, etc. It’s also the base for many other sauces, including tartar sauce, fry sauce, remoulade, salsa golf, rouille, etc. For more information on mayonnaise, read on!

Although mayonnaise is the basis of many different condiments, its origins are somewhat hazy. It may have originated in the 18th century as a sauce to celebrate the Duc’s victory over British troops at Port Mahon. The chef initially intended to use Cream and eggs but substituted olive oil instead. Eventually, this sauce became known as “mahonnaise” and spread its name as a condiment. It was first used as a dip in Spain before spreading to France and other countries.

Mayonnaise is an oil and egg product that’s widely available in supermarkets. It’s used in baking products because the egg white acts as a leavening agent and helps the fats emulsify. Egg whites are also used as binding materials for cakes and other baked goods. Adding too much oil to the mixture can cause the mix to break, making it runny and greasy. Therefore, keeping the ingredients together is essential to avoid the “mayonnaise” syndrome.

In general, mayonnaise is a mixture of fat and egg yolks. While fat is good, it’s better when it’s flavoured. This spreadable flavoured fat has a distinctive “creamy” consistency that doesn’t separate under low temperatures. Unlike vinegar and oil, mayonnaise is not sensitive to heat. Its versatility is also impressive, and it’s an excellent substitute for salad dressing in many recipes.

In addition to its versatility, mayonnaise is also a good home remedy for skin conditions like sunburn, lice, and chapped skin. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and helps nourish the affected areas. 

But be careful: excessive amounts of mayonnaise are unhealthy and can cause weight gain. 

If you don’t like the taste of commercial mayonnaise, consider making it yourself. Making it at home is much healthier, and you can even customise it to suit your needs. 

Because of its versatility and flavour, mayonnaise can be used in various ways. It is a condiment that can be used on rolls, tacos, sandwiches, and hot dogs. The good news is that, while the conventional recipe calls for egg yolks, you can make a vegetarian mayonnaise that tastes just as good!

The Bestselling Vegetarian Mayonnaise in India is listed below.

Veeba Eggless Mayonnaise, 875g 

veeba Best Mayonnaise in India

Veeba Mayonnaise is not only nutritious but also delicious. It contains no trans fats, no cholesterol, and no added sugar. This mayonnaise is ideal for sandwiches, salads, wraps, and rolls.


Milk solids, refined soyabean oil, water, permitted preservatives and ‎No Artificial Flavours.

What we liked –

It has a thick, creamy texture and is white. It can make any dish delicious and creamy. 

Hellmann’s Eggless Mayonnaise, 800g

hellmanns Best Mayonnaise in India

The recipe uses high-quality ingredients to create a delicious Hellmann’s flavour that is 100% vegetarian. It enhances the taste of your favourite sandwiches, salads, and burgers.


Refined Soyabean Oil, Water, Sugar

What we liked –

It is creamy and spreads very smoothly. It is white and has a dense texture. 

Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise, 900g

del monte Best Mayonnaise in India

Del Monte Mayo is made from specially picked quality ingredients, resulting in a smooth and thick texture with a rich and creamy flavour. The Eggless Mayonnaise is creamy and tasty without any egg, and it adds a delicious flavour to the food. It can be used to flavour bread slices, hamburgers, pizzas, pasta, and dip for various snacks such as nuggets, wedges, chips, French fries, or meat dishes such as kebabs, barbeque, and many others.


Edible Vegetable oil(Soyabean oil),Water,Sugar,Iodized salt,Milk Solids,Thickeners(INS 1442,INS 415),Acidity Regulators (INS 260,INS 270,INS 330),Preservatives(INS 202,INS 211),Spices Extracts and Sequestrant(INS 386)

What we liked – 

It has a creamy consistency and rich texture. It is pleasant to taste, neither too tangy nor too sweet. It is a little thick and reasonably priced compared to other eggless options. 

Wingreens Farms Premium Veg Mayo, 800g

wingreens Best Mayonnaise in India

Wingreens premium veg mayo is made with sunflower oil and is creamy and smooth. Not to mention insanely tasty. It is rich mayonnaise that adds a flavour to almost everything. They also claim that vegetarian alternatives are flavourless.


Sunflower oil, water, sugar, milk solids, iodised salt, thickeners, acidity regulators, mixed spices, class 2 preservatives, permitted natural flavours.

What we liked –

It is creamy, with a sweet and sour taste. The use of sunflower oil makes it taste delicious. 

Dr Oetker Fun Foods Veg Mayo Original 1.2 kg

dr oetker Best Mayonnaise in India

Mayonnaise is a FunFoods by Dr Oetker innovation created with the fact that many Indians are vegetarians in mind. Its neutral and adaptable flavour makes it ideal as a foundation ingredient in many dishes such as sandwiches, burgers, wraps, and quick white sauce for macaroni.


Refined soyabean oil, sugar, water, milk solids, iodised salt, lemon, acidity regulators, emulsifiers and stabilisers, preservatives and antioxidants.

What we liked –

It is not as thick as other brands but is creamy and serves the purpose well. 

Amazon Brand – Solimo Eggless Mayonnaise, 900 g

solimo Best Mayonnaise in India

Solimo offers eggless mayonnaise with a rich flavour, smooth texture, and creamy flavour. They have created delicious mayonnaise that is trans-fat free by combining high-quality ingredients in the proper proportions. Thanks to their convenient spout packaging, this pack is easy to store, use, and pour from in your kitchen.


Refined soyabean oil, sugar, water, milk solids, iodised salt, acidity regulators, emulsifiers and stabilisers, preservatives and sequestrants.

What we liked –

The mayonnaise tastes a bit sour, unlike other brands. It is not as creamy and thick. 

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