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Best Rice Bran Oils in India4 min read

sesame oil sesame seeds dark background Best Rice Bran Oils in India

If you are interested in the benefits of using rice bran oil in your cooking, read on. This nutritious oil is low in saturated fat and free of trans fat. It contains 32% PUFA (polyunsaturated fat found in plant and animal foods) and 40% MUFA (monounsaturated fat that helps develop and maintain your cells) and has similar health benefits to sunflower and cottonseed oils. The oil is also known for its unique compounds, called oryzanols, which help lower cholesterol. Despite the higher price tag, rice bran oil has a long history of being used in cooking and as a medicine.

The oil contains antioxidants and essential nutrients that fight free radicals and protect the body. The B complex vitamins found in rice bran oil are great for the skin and can help prevent and treat conditions, such as dryness and aging. They also help maintain the skin’s protective barrier. In addition, they can help keep hair hydrated and prevent split ends. 

Among the essential health benefits of rice bran oil is its ability to help control blood sugar levels. Its high antioxidant content can help lower insulin resistance. It also contains fatty acids that can help with diabetes. A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry reported that rice bran oil reduced blood sugar spikes in people with type 2 diabetes. In addition, it is an excellent food oil for pan-frying and other applications.

Let us look at the Top-selling brands for Rice oil in India.

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil

rice bran oil

Fortune rice bran health oil is India’s most popular rice bran oil. Our physically refined oil, which contains Gamma oryzanol, helps increase good cholesterol while decreasing bad cholesterol, among other rice bran oil benefits. So, consider switching to this healthy cooking oil and choosing your family’s best option.

Modicare Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil

Modicare Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil Best Rice Bran Oils in India

Because of its High Smoke Point, it is ideal for Indian cooking, stir-frying, and deep-frying. It is produced using the patented “Physical Refining” process. It contains no trans fats and is fortified with vitamins A and D2 to provide a healthy cooking medium. 

Dhara Life Refined Ricebran Oil

Dhara Life Refined Ricebran Oil Best Rice Bran Oils in India

For improved cooking, Dhara refined rice bran oil is equipped with vitamins A and D2. It has anti-cancer properties with natural antioxidants, aids in free radical protection, and contains tocotrienols. The high vitamin E content aids in achieving and maintaining a healthy nervous system. It does have a unique ‘low absorb technology’ that helps ensure the food cooked in it absorbs less oil.

Saffola Total Refined Cooking Oil | Blended Rice Bran & Safflower Oil

Saffola Total Refined Cooking Oil Best Rice Bran Oils in India

Saffola Total blended edible oil has been clinically proven to benefit your heart in eight ways. It aids in cholesterol management and helps you take care of your heart. Saffola Total blended edible vegetable oil also contains antioxidants, which assist in the fight against free radicals. It has Oryzanol, which aids in the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels. With the goodness of 2 oils in 1, rice bran oil and safflower oil ensure a good balance of MUFA and PUFA for better nutrition through fats.

When your family’s heart health is your top priority, we know you go above and beyond to ensure that they live a heart-healthy lifestyle and avoid heart-related symptoms like cholesterol. Making the right choices for heart health can go a long way, and one crucial decision is the oil you use. The correct cooking oil can work hard and achieve the desired results.

However, rice bran oil is less sticky, absorbs less in the food, and adds no texture to the food. It is one of the primary reasons rice bran oil is regarded as healthy.

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