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facial roller

The use of Facial Roller and Gua Sha has exploded in popularity recently, thanks in large part to the efforts of beauty bloggers and other social media influencers.

Let us discuss the two products and how they differ in their use.

What is a Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a massage tool to scrape your skin to increase blood flow. This traditional Chinese method of healing may present a novel strategy for achieving better overall health by addressing issues such as persistent pain.

When you practice gua sha, you will scrape your skin using either short or long strokes to increase the circulation of the soft tissue, ultimately increasing blood flow. Apply oil to your skin using circular motions, and then use the tool to scrape your skin in a descending motion several times.

The purpose of gua sha is to address stagnant energy, also known as chi, which is responsible for inflammation. It is believed that scraping the skin’s surface helps break up this energy, reducing inflammation and speeding up the healing process.

Benefits of using a Gua Sha –

  • Encourage blood circulation

When you use your gua sha tool to scrape the skin on your face in a gentle motion, you are not only releasing endorphins but also sending a signal to your body that this area requires increased blood circulation.

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Although gua sha may provide a momentary improvement in appearance for newly formed or very mild wrinkles, it is not the best option for treating deep wrinkles and should not be your first choice.

  • Increases lymphatic drainage and circulation

Gua sha can remove built-up fluid, which in turn can lessen the appearance of puffiness.

  • Gua sha can’t make a user’s jawline look better. Instead, it eliminates fluid buildup in the lymph nodes by manipulating the tissue there. 


Face rollers are implements individuals can utilize to perform facial massage. Crystal, including jade, rose quartz, and amethyst, are just some of the varieties of crystal that can be used to make them, and they typically have a smooth surface. A facial roller is a double-ended roller with a small roller on one end and a bigger one on the other.

It is recommended to use a branded facial roller since they are made of semi-precious stones. They usually come with authenticity certificates and are worth your investment.

Benefits of using a Facial roller –

  • Improve blood flow to the face

A regular massage with the roller can improve blood circulation in the immediate area.

  • Reduce puffiness

Some people use face rollers to minimise puffiness, particularly around the eyes. Fluid buildup in particular parts of the face is a common cause of facial puffiness. This fluid may be dispersed by rubbing the face with a roller.

  • Temporarily tighten the skin.

Massaging the skin regularly with a roller can improve protein levels, reducing wrinkles and tightening the skin.

  • Boost mood

According to the experts’ findings, a face massage can make a person feel more rejuvenated.

A facial roller is recommended for beginners since they come with a long handle and is easy to use, while a Gua Sha is more complicated and delicate to handle. Gua Sha is supposed to be a long-term investment because of the stone it is made of and how it is handled delicately.

A facial roller’s smaller side can be used to massage smaller parts of your face, like under your eyes and your brows. To get the best results, begin at the center of your face and roll outward and upward. Rolling your face in this manner ensures that you cover the whole surface area of your face. Put your roller in the fridge or freezer overnight to keep it extremely cold for optimum de-puffing!

The Gua Sha and the Facial roller help absorb the skincare better and are recommended to use at the end of your skincare. They both help in lymphatic drainage and result in some of the benefits listed above. Both tools are also supposed to be used with light pressure.

Still, the effectiveness of lymphatic massage and facial rolling often differs from person to person; however, you may generally anticipate seeing considerable changes in the appearance of dark eye circles and puffiness throughout your face.

While jade rollers and gua sha share a lot of similarities in terms of the benefits they provide, some small distinctions between the two causes their functions to be somewhat distinct from one another.

Facial rollers aren’t as effective as a gua sha when it comes to shaping your face the way you want it to look. Using a tool with various edges allows you to achieve a more chiseled jawline and sharper cheekbones over time while also increasing blood circulation.

When it comes to reducing morning puffiness and getting pressed for time, nothing beats face rollers for improving lymphatic drainage and decreasing skin puffiness.

Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set – Facial Roller Massage Tool, Green Aventurine Applicator for Face, Neck, and Body Muscle – Relaxing and Stimulating Blood Flow, Relieve Fine Lines & Wrinkles

The Ayoga Face roller provides a gentle yet effective massage for the face. You may rest confident that this original Brazilian Jade Roller and Guasha is free of chemicals or dyes.

The roller’s metal frame ensures that it will last a long time. Silicone inserts are also available for those who want a quieter roll.

Using Ayoga Roller and Guasha for massage on the face, neck, hands, legs, and back is a great way to relax. The magnetic closing gift box is a convenient beauty tool to take with you wherever you go.

When used with Ayoga’s Authentic Stone Roller and Guasha, men and women with all skin types can see significant results. 


When selecting a face tool, it is important to consider your skin’s requirements. People with acne-prone skin or easily irritated skin should probably avoid gua sha. You may choose to go with a therapy that is less invasive such as a roller. Gua sha, on the other hand, will provide superior benefits, including increased blood flow and diminished puffiness if your goal is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

Nevertheless, if you want the finest results, you can utilise these tools together!

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