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vaccum cleaner Vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is a household machine for cleaning floors, carpets, upholstery, etc. by suction. — called also vacuum sweeper.

As we become increasingly exposed to various technological developments in the modern market, it has been one of the most helpful household appliances. Its major purpose is to quickly and thoroughly remove all surface dust particles while storing the waste for you to eventually dispose of. You need to comprehend the vacuum cleaner’s mechanism in order to grasp how it functions.

It creates a negative atmospheric pressure as it tends to suck the dirt inside itself. In this instance, it generates a force that is weaker than the air around it. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner uses an electronic fan to create negative pressure inside it. It needs to release some of the air it takes into such a small space in order to continue operating. As a result, it has an exhaust port that tends to force air from the opposite side of the machine outside.

In addition to cleaning, it contributes to the purification of the air around you. We cannot see the microscopic dust particles in the air, but if we breathe them frequently, they might harm our lungs or give us dust allergies. All of these microscopic dust particles are also captured by vacuum cleaners. Therefore, the best vacuum cleaners clean your home and aid in ensuring that the air you breathe is clear of dust. You may look up several sorts of vacuum cleaners online.

Types of vacuum cleaner

Handheld– Trim corners of your room or an item like your car are excellent cleaning targets for this vacuum cleaner. These are portable and light enough for you to carry them everywhere.

The modifications and features of this cleaner affect its pricing. Always seek out the option that best meets your needs.

With this cleaner’s handheld function, you can effortlessly navigate and suck up all the dirt and debris trapped in hard-to-reach spots.

 it would take time and effort both to maneuver the handheld vacuum cleaner throughout a whole flooring area

Robot Vaccum Cleaner– These cleaners are fully automatic that pick up all the dust without your assistance. It cleans underneath your furniture and all the tight spaces in your room.

These are the best option if you want to purchase a vacuum cleaner that is time-saving and accomplishes the work efficiently. Robot vacuum cleaners are more costly than any other vacuums.

Canister– These are a little more expensive than ordinary cleaners. They come with multi-functional designs and are much more technologically advanced than any other vacuum cleaner.

It combines the features of upright and stick vacuums since it has a strong suction like an upright and a lean frame like a stick vacuum.

With these kinds of cleaners, you can quickly deep clean your carpet, and they can also remove all the dust and grime from bare flooring.

Stick– It is known to have the least power amongst all the other cleaners, but its slender frame can easily clean up small areas and areas like underneath your furniture or your couch.

It comes with a long stick that lets you hold it and freely move the equipment to all the little places that are hard to reach.

Advantages of vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Saves Time and Energy– Cleaning with this machine is not only hygiene but also more secure than cleaning manually using a broom. It can clean within tens of minutes, whereas manually cleaning takes approximately hours. With this device, you can achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning within the shortest time possible. They are fast and easy to use. You only require a little effort and energy to manage a vacuum cleaner.

Easy to use– Installing the usage of a cleaner is relatively easy. Just plug it into an electricity socket and let it move on the floor, anywhere you want to clean.

Removes allergen from breathing air– It is equipped with HEPA or another type of filter that blocks and removes air-borne disease-causing germs, bacteria, and viruses in your home.

Removes pet hair– It can easily remove pet hair accumulated in piles on the carpet. The vacuum cleaner’s strong suction power helps it remove the carpet’s pet hair and foul odors.

The vacuum cleaner comes with advanced features– Vacuum cleaners nowadays have sophisticated features you cannot even imagine. Cleaning will be easy for you when you have a cleaner with sophisticated features. Furthermore, with cleaners with advanced features, you will always get the benefit of having an automatic surface revealing sensor to ascertain and work effectively.

Vacuum cleaner is a low-cost tool– These are inexpensive tools. Therefore you will continually advance in any term. Consequently, you can always benefit from saving time and effort by spending less. The average price of a vacuum cleaner depends on the size and the type you want for your cleaning. You can get good vacuum cleaners in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 rupees in India. Eureka Forbes, Euro Clean, Karcher, Black and Decker, and Bissell are trending, well-known vacuum cleaner manufacturers in India.

Discern the quantity of dirt and set settings– If you get this cleaner, you will gain from automating the setup of the accessible options. Additionally, the cleaner will learn how much dirt is there and adjust its operation. As a result, you are not required to operate the machine that cleans your home physically.

Clean your home even when you are away– These cleaners will clean your house even when you are not home. They can make them operate robotically because of their superior features.

Disadvantages of vacuum cleaner

Heavy to lift– These are big, heavy machines that are frequently difficult to maneuver around the house. Additionally, moving an upright cleaner up and down stairs is impossible. Despite not being particularly heavy. These were produced in enormous sizes. This equipment will need ample space for storage and transportation.

Running electricity bill– Depending on the model, it can consume hundreds to thousands of watts. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, your electricity bill starts running.

No Reusable dustbin bags– When you wish to clean your home or other locations, you must get reusable trash bags because some vacuum cleaners do not come with them.

Buying guide to purchasing a vacuum cleaner

Selecting the right size: Depending on the sections of your home you want to concentrate on cleaning, you should choose the appropriate-sized vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuums are an excellent option, for instance, if you clean your furniture’s undersides, stairs, and bare flooring. Overall, they do an excellent job of vacuuming dust from hard-to-reach places and cleaning carpets.

Handheld vacuum cleaners can be convenient, but you can’t rely on them to thoroughly clean floors because it takes too much time and effort.

However, these portable cleaners are far superior to regular vacuum cleaners in cleaning your automobile because they can reach every tight crevice and edge.

Power Capacity: The power and capacity are directly proportional to the suction power created by the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners have motors that are built for deep cleaning and light dusting.

However, the more the power is suction, the more it will tend to make noise. This solely depends on the type of cleaning you want to do. If you want a deep cleaning vacuum, you must look for a vacuum cleaner with a motor capacity of 1300 to 1800 watts.

These also consume more energy than lower-powered vacuums like handheld ones. Similarly, to dust your room lightly, you should look for a motor capacity of fewer than 1300 watts.

The right features for you: A power capacity adjustment feature is available on several vacuum cleaners. By doing so, you can adjust the suction power to suit your cleaning needs. You cannot clean your carpet and a complex, bare flooring surface with the same power capacity.

Low power is ideal for a regular floor, while high power is best for carpet. Therefore, you need to check for these changes before buying a vacuum cleaner.

You can employ a variety of vacuum filters in addition to regulating the suction power. The broadest range of adjustments is available with more expensive vacuum cleaners, while the number of adjustments is limited with less expensive models.

Top 5 best vacuum cleaners in India

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

About this item


Form Factor: Cannister

Model Name: PowerPro

Surface Recommendation: Dual Action

Special Feature: Lightweight, Wheels, Compact

Colour: Blue

Included Components Unit, Accessories, User Manual and Warranty Card

Power Source Corded: Electric

Philips PowerPro Vacuum cleaners
Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum Cleaner with 1200 Watts Powerful Suction Control, 3 Free Reusable dust Bag worth Rs 500, comes with multiple accessories, dust bag full indicator (Red), standard

About this item

Brand: Eureka Forbes

Is It Cordless? No

Form Factor: Handheld

Surface Recommendation: Upholstery,Carpet

Special Feature:3 swivel wheels for easy movement, Auto Cord Winder, Dust Bag full indicator, suction control on the handle to control air flow3 swivel wheels for easy movement, Auto Cord Winder, Dust Bag full indicator, Suction control on handle t

Colour: Red

Filter Type: Cloth

Included Components:1 Forbes Quick Clean Dx Vacuum Cleaner, 1 Flexible Hose Pipe, 2 Extension Tube, 1 Floor cum Carpet Brush, 1 Crevice Nozzle, Upholstery Nozzle, 4 Paper Bags,1 User Manual1 Forbes Quick Clean Dx Vacuum Cleaner, 1 Flexible Hose Pipe, 2 Extension Tube, 1 Floor cum Carpet B

Power Source: Corded Electric

Eureka Forbes Vacuum cleaners
Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Wet and Dry Micro WD10 with 3in1 Multifunction Wet/Dry/Blowing| 14KPA Suction and Impact Resistant Polymer Tank,(Yellow/Black)

About this item

Brand: Inalsa

Form Factor: Cannister

Model Name: Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner

Surface Recommendation: Carpet

Special Feature: Wet/Dry, Lightweight, Wheels, Bag, Compact, Bagless

Colour: Micro WD10

Filter Type: Cloth

Included Components: Extension pipe – 3nos, Flexible hose pipe, Dry & Wet Squeezing Brush, Crevice nozzle cum Brush, Small Round Brush, Floor cum carpet brush extension pipe – 3nos, Flexible hose pipe, Dry & Wet Squeezing Brush, Crevice nozzle cum Brush, Small Roun

Power Source: Corded Electric

Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum cleaners
Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner (Complimentary Cleaning Kit)

About this item

Brand: Dyson

Form Factor: Stick

Surface Recommendation: Dyson V8 Absolute is suitable for multiple floor types. To get the best out of your machine use the Direct-drive cleaner head for carpets and rugs and the soft roller cleaner head for hard floors such as marble floors, wooden floors, tiles, and cement floors. Dyson V8 Absolute is suitable for multiple floor types. To get the best out of your machine use the Direct Drive.

Special Feature: Cord-free, Bagless

Colour: Yellow

Power Source: Battery Powered

Dyson V8 Absolute Vacuum cleaners
AmazonBasics Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with 20 kPa Power Suction, Low Sound, High Energy Efficiency, and Blower Function with 1 Year Warranty (15L)

About this item

Form Factor: Cannister

Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor, Upholstery

Special Feature: Wet/Dry, Lightweight, Wheels, Bag

Colour: Multi-color

Included Components: Vacuum Cleaner

Capacity:15 liters

AmazonBasics Vacuum cleaners

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