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litter box

A cat litter box is a container that holds dry stuff called litter used as a toilet by animals (especially cats) indoors.

What type of cat litter boxes are there?

Every cat in the house has its litter box, and others are dotted around it. If another cat bullies one cat, it will still feel safe using the litter box. You cannot give each cat in your home its litter box because cats use any litter box they can find. That means you’ll need to keep each litter box clean because a cat could occasionally refuse to use a box after another cat uses it.

Covered Boxes

Although covered boxes can reduce the amount of litter that flies from the pack when your cat buries its waste, there are some potential disadvantages. A “out of sight, out of mind” box is simple to neglect, resulting in a dirty box with bad scents trapped within that your cat would not find desirable. Inside covered containers, it might be hard for more giant cats to turn around and get in the right spot, making it easier for other cats to catch them as they come out. A covered box will only be used if your cat likes it.

Self-Cleaning Boxes

Litter boxes come in various styles, making cleaning your cat’s waste simple and quick. Buyer beware: If your cat is used to watching regular television, it’s best to stick with what they know because some of these features may discourage a cat from wanting to use its litter box.

What type of cat litter box should you use?

Since cats are desert-adapted creatures, they typically like fine-grained litters like sand. The most often used industrial scraps are:

  • Traditional clay litter.
  • Scooping/clumping litter.
  • Crystal-based/silica gel litter.
  • Plant-derived/biodegradable waste.

Sand may be a cat’s favorite food if it rejects all commercial scraps, and an outdoor cat may prefer soil mixed with typical trash. Once you have discovered a litter that your cat enjoys, use it consistently. If you often change the litter, your cat can quit using the box.

Scented Litter

While many people use air fresheners or scented litter to mask the smell of the toilet, cats require more frequent litter box cleaning.

Litter Box Liners

Box liners are helpful, but cats frequently get their claws trapped in them, which makes them reluctant to use the box.

Where should you place the cat’s litter box?

Most people put the cat litter box in a hidden location to reduce odor and prevent cat litter from being tracked around the house. However, your cat might not be happy if the litter box is placed in the basement next to a spooky appliance or on a chilly cement floor, so you might have to make a concession. Wildman gives the following advice:

1. Put the cat litter box in a good spot that makes your cat feel “safe.” particularly a kitten or an old cat, if it is difficult to access. Never use it.

2. Place cat litter boxes next to noisy or hot appliances like the washing machine or furnace. Noise can make a cat nervous, and heat sources like a dryer or furnace can strengthen the smell of the litter box, making the cat want to stay away from it.

3. Place the box far from the animals’ water and food bowls. Place a cat litter box on at least one floor of your house. That way, your cat has options if access to their primary box is restricted (for example, if the basement door is closed or they are trapped in the bedroom due to a dinner party). If you have more than one cat, put litter boxes in different places so one cat can’t sneak up on another while using the box.

 4. Make sure the door is propped open from all sides to prevent your cat from becoming stuck inside or locked out if you store the litter box in a closet or restroom. 

Consider installing a pet door, depending on the location.

How should you clean the cat’s litter box?

Daily garbage scooping. The number of cats in your household, the number of litter boxes you use, and the type of litter you use will influence how frequently you replenish the litter. Clay litter should generally be replaced twice per week; however, depending on your situation, you may only need to do it once a week or every other day. Clumps of litter may only need to be changed every two to three weeks if the litter box is cleaned daily. It’s time to change if there is an odor or if most of the litter is clumped or damp. Every time you replace the trash, scrub the box. When washing it, use a gentle dish detergent because some cleaning supplies are poisonous to cats, and items with ammonia or citrus oils can drive a cat away.

Here are the top 5 best cat litter boxes in India

LitterMaid Cat Litter Box Tray with Free Scooper Super Build Quality Semi-Closed Design for Kittens & Adult Cats & Rabbits Toilet Litter Basin (Blue Color)
littermaid Best Selling Cat Litter Box
Trixie Vico Cat Litter Tray with Dome (Turquoise/White)
Best Selling Cat Litter Box
Savic Hop in Modern Cat Litter Tray (Colour – Anthracite) Cat Toilet Box
Savic Hop Best Selling Cat Litter Box
Pawwfect® Cat Litter Tray with Rim/Semi-Closed Style of Cat Litter Basin
Pawwfect Best Selling Cat Litter Box
Emily Pet Cat Litter Box Pet Cat Toilet I Semi-Enclosed Litter Box I High Fence I Detachable Tray Outdoor or Indoor Dog Potty – Dog Tray, Free Catnip and Free Spoon
Emily pet Best Selling Cat Litter Box
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