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Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India – 202215 min read

Ergonomic Chairs


Curious about the best ergonomic chair in India? Then you have come to the right page.

Do we really know what workplace ergonomics is? The process of designing a workplace, improving the capabilities of workers, and limiting the risk of serious health conditions among workers is Ergonomics. So to increase human productivity and performance, it is important to provide them the right kind of work environment, and that is why the best ergonomic chair is a must.

The practice of good ergonomics in the workplace is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). MSDs include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, strained muscles, and ruptured discs. To reduce these risks at the workplace we must consider these 5 simple tips and start practicing them today!

  • Always have a good posture
  • Stretch during breaks and do simple exercises
  • Get a good chair
  • Keep your computer in the right position
  • Look after your Eyes, place the monitor at the right angle to reduce glare

So we realize how important it is to have a correct posture while sitting in the office for long hours. A bad chair can cause some very serious issues like stress, pain in the neck, back, knees, hips, poor blood circulation. Other major problems like disc damage in the long run. Correct posture is the only way to minimize these problems. One of the easiest and simple solutions to the problem is to use an ergonomically designed chair. So the basic features for your work chair should be comfort and adjustability. 

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What are Ergonomic Chairs?

These chairs are born to give ultimate comfort to the user. These chairs are made to maintain body postures even after working for long hours. This ergonomically designed chair increases human productivity in the office. They are made with the finest materials with height adjustability, synchro mechanism with high durability. They are a little more costly than the normal chair but it’s good to use them in the long run. It helps to maintain neutral posture and prevents disorders like back pain, poor posture, cervical spondylosis, and blood circulation. With a lot of adjustment features, these are the best option for long working hours.

Benefits of Using The Best Ergonomic Chair in India

  • They are much more comfortable than the normal chair.
  • They help maintain body posture
  • Supports the spine and other bones
  • They help in reducing neck and back pain
  • They support respiration and overall respiratory system
  • They promote a healthy work environment
  • Improve your work efficiency
  • Boost up your metabolism and blood circulation

Different Types of Ergonomic Chair in India 

Executive Office Chairs

As the name applies these executive Chairs are often used by the bosses. These chairs are made of very high-quality wood and real leather. They are very comfortable with back & headrest support. The seats are well cushioned to give maximum comfort to the user. These chairs are made on steel and wood finish with excellent leather quality depending on the price range.

Drafting Chairs

These are designed for people who have to stand for prolonged working hours. Created to go with drafting tables and standing desks, drafting chairs allow people to stand while working to sit and rest without interrupting their workflow. Its height makes it easy to transition from a sitting position to a standing position. You can expect it to support your back, upper and lower limbs, and body weight.

Balance Ball Chairs

These chairs are designed keeping in mind the user can sit on them for long hours. As the name suggests it’s like a ball that helps the user to sit for a couple of hours. The shape of the chair helps in blood circulation and helps inactive sitting. The user can buy the chair according to his/her height, these chair can be modified as they come in different sizes

Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs

If you are suffering from chronic back pain this is the best option. These chairs reduce spinal compression as it distributes the weight between the knees and the pelvis. These ergonomics chairs have slanting seats that give the right position to the spine. If you are looking for something for your back problem then this is a good option otherwise it’s not comfortable for long day work.

Saddle Chairs

These chairs are ergonomically designed understanding the user’s needs. These chairs are saddled shaped where the user is in a riding like sitting position. They are usually higher than the normal chair where the user has to place his/her thighs at a 135° angle to relax the muscles and maintain lumbar support. These chairs strengthen the back muscles which help to cure lower back problems.

 Conference Chair

Conference chairs are basically designed for conference rooms. When compared to other chairs they have less lumbar support, comparatively cheaper than similar chairs.

Petite and Small Chairs

As the name suggests, these chairs are for short height people. These chairs are light and made of thinner materials.

24-Hour Chairs

As the name suggests these chairs are made for constant use. These chairs are ergonomically designed and have padded seats and backs.

Big and Tall Chairs 

These chairs are made especially for tall and heavyweight people. The seats are spacious and have a high backrest. 

List of the Top 10 Ergonomic Chairs in India – 2021

1. Lakdi – The Furniture Co. High Back PU Leatherette Sleek Ergonomic Office Chair

Best Ergonomic Chairs in India

At the number one spot on this list of the best ergonomic chair in India, we have Lakdi. This brand offers a full solution to the office needs offering eco-friendly projects. With its expertise in design and innovation, this brand provides a sleek and modern design for its customers. This high back PU Leatherette Sleek Ergonomically designed chair is one of its kind. With its modern and contemporary design, it suits both office and home. It is a well-cushioned Leatherette and has a chrome finish. 


  • Comes with head support, an adjustable seat, and height features
  • The materials used in the chair are 100 percent animal cruelty-free
  • This chair is very reasonably priced
  • Comes up with a 5-year warranty
  • Good for both office and home use
  • Has a 360 degree Swivel for comfort


  • As such, there is no limitation but it has no armrest

2. Featherlite Liberate Mediu2m Back Desk Armchair (Black)

Featherlite Liberate Medium Back Desk Arm Chair Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

Featherlite brand is one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture. This brand offers expertise and innovation with cost-effective furniture. This chair is built with a unique Dynaflex system keeping in mind the customer needs. With its modern and stylish looks, it adds to the modern office environment. Featherlite gets the second position on this list of the best ergonomic chairs in India.


  • It has a height adjustment facility
  • Multi lock synchro lock mechanism
  • Mesh covered with curved back support
  • Maximum weight handling capacity is up to 150 kgs
  • The chair is built with health orientated ergonomics in mind
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty

3. AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair (Black)

AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

This is a comfortable office chair with a contoured mesh back for breathability and gets a third place on our list of the best ergonomic chair in India. The chair can carry a maximum of 225-pound maximum weight capacity. The office chair swivels for multi-tasking convenience, while it’s durable dual-wheel casters allow for smooth-rolling mobility from one area of your office to another.


  • The product can be easily assembled by following do-it-yourself (DIY) step by step instructions 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • For flexibility, this office chair has dual-wheel casters
  • Can add style to both your home office or at-work space
  • Has padded seat for comfort
  • Comes with Pneumatic seat-height adjustment

4. Green Soul Madrid High Back Leatherette Office Chair (Brown)

GreenSoul Vienna High Back Leatherette Executive Office Ergonomic Chair Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

This Greensoul Madrid back office chair is one of its kind with a very high quality and sophisticated design. this Greensoul high back chair gives a smooth contour and adjustable settings and allows all-day comfort. It has a butterfly back to give total comfort to the user. This chair provides back, shoulder, and arm support to make it super comfortable. Built on a strong metal frame this ergonomic chair has high-quality back padding and is at number 4 on our list of the best ergonomic chair in India.  


  • It has an amazing 3 years warranty
  • This chair comes delivered expert assembled
  • It is in beautiful two smart colors brown and beige
  • Comes up with a pneumatic lift and tilt lock feature
  • It has Nylon casters and a 360-degree swivel

5. Wipro Furniture Alivio High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair 

Wipro Furniture Alivio High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

At number 5 on our list of the best ergonomic chairs in India is Wipro Furniture. Strike the perfect balance between elegance, and performance with this chair from Wipro. This is an ergonomically engineered Synchro-Tilt mechanism chair that allows you to tilt even while resting your feet on the floor. You will love this chair since it comes with an adjustable headrest, armrests, and seat height.


  • The arms rest are adjustable
  • You can tilt the chair even while sitting
  • It is heat resistant and looks very stylish
  • Has cushioned lumbar support for maximum seating comfort
  • This chair is extremely lightweight

6. CELLBELL C99 Mid Back Office Chair (Black)

CELLBELL C99 Mid Back Office Chair Black Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

Cellbell C99 mid-office chair has focused mainly on durability and comfort. It is in a way designed chair which provides very good back and shoulder support. Made on a strong frame this chair has thick back padding with a layer of foam which makes it more comfortable and durable. We give this chair the 6th position on our list of the best ergonomic chairs in India.


  • It has a curved supportive back design
  • Very comfortable back and arm padding
  • Has a maximum weight capacity105 Kgs
  • Very stylish and elegant
  • This chair is reasonably priced

7. beAAtho JS-1 High Back Office Chair/revolving Chair/Director Chair (Black and Tan) 

beAAtho JS 1 High Back Office Chair Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

At the 7th position on this list we have, beAAtho JS-1 High Back executive office director chair is made with premium quality upholstery material. It has a great design and looks, with a comfortable setting and lumbar back support. It has a 360-degree swivel action, and the brand is known for designing exclusive chairs to fit the needs of the user.


  • It has a relaxed neck support
  • Available in 2 very smart colors
  • You can assemble this in just 2 minutes
  • Focused completely on Comfort, and Durability
  • It goes through 3 levels of quality checks at stages

8. Urban Ladder Venturi Adjustable Study Chair (Color: Carbon Black) 

Urban Ladder Venturi Study Chair Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

This urban ladder venture offers a very elegant design and understands the need of the body, and is at number 8 on our list of the best ergonomic chair in India. Its design helps to support the neck and the back, and also comes with an adjustable headrest and seat adjustment. This ergonomically designed chair understands the body and gives utmost to the user. The best thing is that this chair is built on a strong metal chrome-based frame.


  • The chair is 3 axis adjustable
  • Passes stringent quality checking process in 3-stages
  • It has adjustable height and headrest
  • Can take a load of up to to 150 kgs

9. TCSS High Back Director’s Designer Stitch Series Leatherette Office Chair – Brown

TCSS High Back Directors Designer Stitch Series Leatherette Office Chair Brown Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

With Pneumatic seat-height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, and smooth-rolling casters, this TCSS ergonomic chair has 9th on our list of the best ergonomic chair in India. The soft cushioned seat and padded arms create a feeling of comfort that you feel reluctant to get off your chair. Also, built on a strong wooden frame, this office chair has high back padding with an extra layer of foam to give you that ultimate feeling of comfort.


  • Has a 113 kg maximum weight capacity
  • It’s a Do-it-Yourself type Installation
  • Has Ergonomically designed parts for all-day comfort and support
  • Durable leatherette upholstery completes the look, creating a chair 

10. Nilkamal Elantra Mid Back Chair (Black)

Nilkamal Elantra Mid Back Chair Black Top 10 Best Ergonomic Chairs in India - 2022

Nilkamal is India’s leading furniture brand in India. This chair has been constructed for your comfort during long work hours, the Nilkamal Elantra Mid Back chair is the one you need. This sturdy office has a clean-cut design that maximizes your comfort. It’s ergonomically constructed with a unique mechanism. It has an arched back that is meant to support your back and is at number 10 on our list of the best ergonomic chairs in India.


  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • Very comfortable with dual caster wheels
  • Has a Nylon star base for extra load carrying capacity
  • The chair is upholstered with plush and firm fabric for added comfort 

Buyer’s Guide: Best Ergonomic Chair in India

There are innumerable types of ergonomic chairs available in the market so it’s really difficult to decide what to buy. Few important features which one should consider while buying an ergonomic office chair. Following features to follow:

Seat Height Adjustability

The chair should have seat height adjustability; According to your height, you can easily adjust the seat height since a pneumatic adjustment lever is present to do this. You should be able to comfortably sit on the chair with your thighs horizontal to the floor.

Adjustable Backrest

A very important feature to consider is the Adjustable Backrest. One should be able to easily adjust the backrest in a way that suits the body posture. It should have a lever system that can help it to move forward or backward. It should help in supporting the natural curve of the spine, again special attention should be paid to proper support of the lumbar region

Lumbar Support

Straining of the lower back can lead to slouching so lower back support is very important. Sitting for long hours without support can create serious issues. The ergonomic chair should have a lumbar adjustment (both height and depth) so the user can get the proper support in the inward curve of the lower back.

Seat Material

The seat and the back should be properly padded so that the users comfortably sit for long hours. The fabric can be either cloth or leather but should be comfortable. The material should be breathable so that the user can sit for long hours, the fabric can be a good option but now companies are coming up with different types of material

Swivel And Casters

Any style of the ergonomic chair should easily rotate so that the user can do his/her task without straining oneself. The chair should have casters so that the user has mobility.  Be it a hard surface, a carpet or a combination choose the right one according to the floor.

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There are a plethora of options with great deals and offers but the important factor which should be considered is comfort. Whenever buying ergonomically designed chairs one must look for the price, durability, design, and warranty. We hope that list will help you select the ideal one for your comfort.

Did you like this article? Then do mention your feedback and your pick of the best ergonomic chair in India. Also, do not forget to share it with your friends, and family!

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