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Best Kitchen Chimneys in India6 min read

kitchen chimney

A kitchen chimney is a conduit that releases smoke into the atmosphere, frequently via a building’s roof. A chimney can eliminate hot gases and dangerous pollutants from your kitchen’s air. While cooking can also lower the carbon monoxide levels in the kitchen. It also helps to avert the growth of bacteria and other germs because the air in your kitchen is kept cool and sterile.

Things to consider before buying a chimney

Whatever kitchen chimney you buy must fit in your kitchen; suction power and chimney filter types are comfortable with cooking habits. We are furnishing some of the tips you must consider before buying a chimney online.

  • Chimney filter types
  • Types kitchen chimney
  • Chimney suction power
  • Chimney size
  • Chimney design
  • Chimney ducting

Types of kitchen chimney filters

Depending on the structure, material, and filtering method, there are three types of chimney filters.

  • Cassette filter
  • Baffle filter 
  • Carbon filter

Cassette filter- This has multiple layers of aluminum, which helps retain oil and grease. Mesh filters made of stainless steel are another option.

Baffle filter-  A flow-control panel with numerous curves makes up for this. This maintains the oil through the boards while allowing air to flow freely.

Carbon filter- This is not a new filter in the strict sense, but rather a mesh and baffles filter substitute. The filters used here are constructed of charcoal, which aids in absorbing oil and grease.

Types kitchen chimney

What type of kitchen chimney will fit depends on the kitchen structure and construction going to work and the location of the cooking platform, hob, and stove. Based on the capabilities that it can provide, the kitchen chimney is divided into 3–4 categories.

  • Wall-mounted chimney
  • Island chimney
  • Built-in chimney 
  • Corner chimney 

Wall mounted chimney

The kitchen chimney is fitted against the wall, and the cooktop and hob are also adjacent. A further valuable and space-saving alternative for Indian kitchens is the form of a modern chimney located on the wall. As the name suggests, this contemporary kitchen chimney is mounted on the kitchen wall. The layout is minimalistic and has a streamlined appearance between the cabinets.

Island chimney

The cooking platform is situated at the center of the kitchen, away from the wall. The kitchen chimney is hanging from the ceiling above the cooking hob.

Built-in chimney

Built-in chimneys are integrated inside the kitchen’s wood furniture and work against the wall. If your kitchen is a small space, you might want to use a built-in vent. This style of kitchen chimney is installed inside or underneath the cabinets, making the best use of the available space. This chimney’s space-saving and seamless form make it a popular choice among apartment dwellers.

Corner chimney

In the kitchen’s corner, where the cooking surface and hob are set up against the wall, the corner chimney is installed. You can select the ideal chimney for your kitchen with the aid of this guide. This kitchen chimney design is an excellent choice if you prefer modern décor and live in an apartment. Side vents on angular kitchen chimneys make it possible to evacuate smoke more effectively. Any kitchen can look better with the addition of this modern modular kitchen with a chimney design and a striking black color!

Advantages and Disadvantages of a kitchen chimney


Makes your kitchen safer: It significantly lowers the amount of smoke and grease in a kitchen, improving health and safety.

Removes lingering odors: This is a big plus for India. Cooking is a method that uses a lot of spices and oil. Fits any space or kitchen size. Buyers are no longer restricted to a wall-mounted chimney and can find an option that suits their kitchen layout.

Reduces overall kitchen maintenance: Installing a chimney in small kitchen spaces will help prevent grease, grime, and food particles on surfaces.

Come in many styles: You may select a style that complements your decor thanks to various custom and modular kitchen chimney alternatives.


Not always pocket friendly: Price points for kitchen chimneys can vary significantly when the unit, installation, and maintenance costs are considered.

They are often quite high-maintenance: Upkeep and cleaning the chimney and its filters can be labor-intensive. For a time-saving kitchen chimney, clean auto options are less high-maintenance but more costly.

Top 5 best kitchen chimneys 

Hindware Nadia 60 cm 1350 m³/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney With Motion Sensor & Touch Control (Curved Glass, Black)

About this item

  • Suction Capacity: A strong motor’s 1350 m3/hr suction capacity is appropriate for intense grilling and frying.
  • Filterless Technology: The engine and blower unit are protected by a screen to ensure maximum suction.
  • Auto Clean Technology: This feature helps clean the oil and residue formed inside the motor with just one touch.
  • Oil Collector: It has an oil collector made of stainless steel, which is hygienic and holds more leftovers.
  • Control Type: User-friendly 3-speed Touch Control for smooth operation with very low noise.
hindware Best Kitchen Chimneys in India
Eurodomo 90 cm 1350 m³/hr angular Kitchen Chimney (Hood Grand FL SC BK 90, Filterless

About this item

  • Type: Angular, wall-mounted, filterless chamber Material 
  • Colour: Black
  • With oil collector and filterless technology, you may get faster suction.
Eurodomo Best Kitchen Chimneys in India
Faber 60 cm 1000 m³/HR Pyramid Kitchen Chimney (HOOD CLASS PRO PB BK LTW 60, Baffle Filters, Black)

About this item

  • The control type of a baffle filter is appropriate for Indian kitchens
  • The noise level of the push button is 52 dB.
  • Type: pyramid, wall mounted color: Push Button; Black Country of Origin: India
fabber Best Kitchen Chimneys in India
Kutchina Kitchen Chimney evo 60 cm a chimni for Kitchen auto clean Function and a Chimney with 60 cm auto clean Technology with 600 Suction Capacity Best Suited as Kitchen Chimney for Home

About this item

  • Filterless Technology for 100 % Suction Capacity
  • 3rd Gen Dry Auto Clean Technology.
  • Lifetime Warranty on motor & 1-year Warranty on product
  • The Installation & Demo service will be chargeable.
  • All other accessories not included in the deal will be billed individually.
kutchina Best Kitchen Chimneys in India
BLOWHOT 60 Cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney, Features Gesture Controlled Motion Sensor, Baffle Filter With Recycling Mode, Led Lights, Curved Glass Hood, 10 Years warranty On Motor (Model – Electra S BAC MS, Black)

About this item

  • Control Type: It comes with motion-sensing technology that enables easy operation by a simple wave of your hand.
  • Type: It is a wall-mounted chimney, Recycling Mode, Heat Auto Clean Feature. Color: Black
  • Baffle Filter: The smoke is kept out of your kitchen by the baffle filter that comes with this BlowHot Chimney, which is superior to any cassette filter.
BLOWHOT Best Kitchen Chimneys in India
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