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The Best Selling Gas stoves in India8 min read

gas stove

Any gas stove that burns combustible gas, such as syngas, natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas, or other flammable gas, is referred to as a gas stove. Stoves used to burn solid fuels like coal or wood until gas became popular.

Everything you should know about gas cooktop services and stoves

Gas burners are preferred for cooking in almost every Indian home because they are simple to use, provide precise heat, and are affordable. But aside from turning the regulator and lighting the stove, most have no idea how a gas cooktop operates. So here are some key observations on how gas stoves work and a few tips about gas stove maintenance. 

Choosing Between – Freestanding Cooktop & Built-in Hob

Everyone must get it right. Because we use gas stoves, we don’t have many choices for stoves or hobs in India. For our kitchens, we must decide between a freestanding cooktop and a built-in hob. Before making a decision, consider the appliance’s usability, effectiveness, and level of required maintenance.

The kitchen’s built-in cooktop is a permanent fixture. A countertop with screws, although a freestanding stove, is frequently utilized due to its simple portability. To help you make a decision, we at HomeTriangle have chosen to provide you with a thorough explanation of each of them.

Free-Standing Hobs


Easy Installation: Since it just needs to be connected to a gas line or a cylinder to operate, a freestanding cooktop or hob is simple to install. Because of its portable nature, it is easy to replace at any time, especially when shifting to a different location. 

Easy to Clean: The freestanding cooktops’ low-maintenance and easily cleanable nature makes them so familiar. That is also their most significant advantage. The stove is supported by solid feet in case any food is spilled, so you can raise it with ease and wipe the counter. The cooktop’s rings and burners may also be taken apart and cleaned. 

Cheaper: The prices of these cooktops are relatively affordable, and any spare parts needed for the repair work are readily available. These are usually stainless steel and come in designs with one to five burners. 


Looks Bulky: In tiny kitchens, the exposed gas tubing and height of around 4 inches above the counter give it a hefty appearance.

Built-in Hobs:


Gives a Modern and Seamless Look: The built-in hob is painstakingly incorporated and leveled at the same height as the kitchen countertop, giving the entire space a tidy and modern appearance. For example, electrical and gas lines are hidden. These appliances, which come in stainless steel, glass, or ceramic finishes with the burners installed on a flat surface of the material, are best suited for small kitchens.

Better Features: These hobs come in gas and electric models with extra features like alarm systems and timers that can stop food from being overcooked or burned.


Expensive: Built-in cooktops are more costly than freestanding cooktops. Depending on the number of burners on the stove, these come in various sizes.

Complicated Installation: A built-in hob’s main flaw is how difficult it is to install. The current cabinetry may be damaged if the hob is changed or replaced, making it quite expensive.

Why should you properly maintain a gas stove?

Even if a modern gas stove’s upgraded safety features significantly reduce the likelihood of an explosion, one should still exercise caution when working with a highly volatile material like LPG. Even if only a minor leak, the ensuing blast may be disastrous. Periodic gas stove servicing should be one way to prevent that, in addition to routine self-cleaning, with professional service being recommended every four months. HomeTriangle helps you hire technicians and professionals to service your gas cooktops and gas stoves.

Gas Stove Features: 

The burners on modern gas stoves can be either standard or sealed. The latter facilitates cleaning by avoiding food crumbs and liquid spills from settling beneath the burners. Several versions with standard burners have tops that pull up to make it easier to access the space below the stove. Burners, bowers, cookware supports, and knobs may be removed for simple cleaning. Some gas ranges have burners with low-and high-heat settings specially made for them. Low-heat burners emit roughly half as much heat as regular burners, making it simple to simmer meals and make candies. High-heat burners are helpful for quick boiling and large-scale cooking since they produce around one-third more heat than conventional burners.

The kitchen stove is frequently regarded as one of the essential household appliances. Although there are many different kinds, gas burners have long been the top choice of seasoned home cooks and chefs because they provide several benefits. But because gas stoves burn fossil fuels like natural gas, propane, or butane, they have a few disadvantages that you need to consider.


Gas stoves that have been installed or maintained improperly may pose potentially dangerous issues. Even though modern stoves often have suitable safety safeguards, they can leak explosive, flammable, or deadly gases. Carbon monoxide (CO) can leak into your home via extinguished pilot lights. CO is a gas with no color or smell that can cause acute illness or even death. A carbon monoxide detector is an investment that can help you reduce this risk. A certified service professional should inspect your gas stove once a year to ensure it’s not leaking any gas fumes that could start fires or explosions. A furnace with the American Gas Association’s Blue Star Certification Seal signifies that the equipment has passed the American National Standards Institute’s high standards for safety.


Appliances powered by natural gas are often more economical and energy efficient than those powered by electricity. Using a gas stove, you can reduce your cooking energy costs by more than half. Additionally, compared to stoves with pilot lights, gas stoves with electronic ignitions consume around a third less energy. However, if you live in a place with many power outages, having a furnace with a constantly burning pilot light means you can use your stove even when the power is off. By simply regulating the flame level, gas stoves also allow you more control over cooking temperatures. Additionally, there is no need to wait for the burners to warm up or cool down. Chefs usually prefer gas stoves because they transmit heat more consistently, producing more uniformly cooked food.

Here are top 5 best kitchen gas stoves in India

Sunflame PRIDE 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition with Toughened Glass Top, Powder Coated GP Sheet Base Body, 3 Brass Burners (Black)

About this item

  • Toughened Glass Cooktop: high quality, thick, toughened black glass top – convenient to clean and maintain.
  •  High-Efficiency Brass Burners—Brass burners that are strong and use fuel efficiently. 
  • Durable and straightforward to clean and maintain.
  • This body is made of a non-magnetically powder-coated GP sheet base, which does not rust easily and is easy to clean and maintain.
sunflame The Best Selling Gas stoves in India
BLOWHOT Sapphire Manual 3 Burner Gas Stove | Toughened Glass Cooktop | Stainless Steel Frame | 1 Year General Warranty (Burner, Gas Valve, and Glass – 5 Years)

About this item

  • Ultra Slim: Cooktop resembles a hob top more. The thinnest cooktop in India. 
  • Dual Color: Glass with two colors.
  • Vessel Support: Heavy vessel support.
  • Flame: Tornado burners with green flame.
  • Knobs: Uniquely designed knobs. Gas Saving: Gas saving up to 30%.
blowhot gass stove The Best Selling Gas stoves in India
Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove, 2 Burner, Black, Powder coater Mild Steel with Glass Top, Manual

About this item

  • Ergonomic Design: For simple handling and upkeep
  • Spill Proof Design: A cleaner kitchen and hassle-free cooking
  • Toughened Black Glass: top-resists scratches and withstands everyday wear and tear.
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
prestige irish The Best Selling Gas stoves in India
MILTON Premium 3 Burner Red Manual Ignition LPG Glass Top Gas Stove, (ISI Certified)

About this item

  • 6mm Beautiful Red Toughened Glass Top with Shatterproof Glass (thicker glass to last longer)
  • Tri-Pin Brass Burner with Smooth Operating Wide Bakelite Knobs
  • MS Frame & 68%+ More Efficiency for Gas Saving; Anti-Skid Feet for easy operations & Easy to Clean
  • Milton Gas Stoves Customer Support Information: +91 93556 45866 (Available Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM except for national holidays)
milton The Best Selling Gas stoves in India
Pigeon Infinity Glass Stove, Cooktop with Glass Top and Stainless Steel body 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

About this item

  • Gas stove type: Manual; Three burner material: Brass; Material of the body: -; Material of the top: 8 mm Toughened Glass
  • Structured sturdy stove; Skid-proof stands: Slippery marble surface or rough granite, it’s perfect for all; Attractive designed legs & body. Rust Proof: Yes
  • Infinity 3 Burner Gas stove has a Nonstick coated spill tray, Removable spill trays: Easy and hassle-free cleaning, less spillage on the furnace, Easy to use knobs, and Jumbo burners for bigger vessels.
pigeon The Best Selling Gas stoves in India
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