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Best orthopaedic footwear in India6 min read

Artho Foot Best orthopaedic footwear in India

Orthopaedic footwear is the most suitable shoe for people who have foot problems. They provide extra cushioning to the ball of the foot and reduce friction between the foot and shoe. Moreover, they are made from specially blended polymers to minimize stress on the feet. The elasticity and support of orthopaedic shoes make them ideal for people with foot problems. The following are some benefits of orthopaedic footwear. You should buy them if your feet hurt or you have to deal with pain when walking.

These shoes are durable materials and can be worn for long hours. They also prevent the development of sores on the feet. Orthopaedic footwear comes in different designs and types. Depending on your foot problems, you may need different kinds of orthopedic footwear. If you plan to buy a pair of orthopedic shoes, wipe their surfaces regularly with a damp cloth. The upper material should be of durable materials. In addition to this, it should be flexible and lightweight.

The best orthopedic footwear in India has several unique features. It offers better arch support, improves ankle stability, and reduces the risk of foot deformities. These shoes also come with removable insoles and uppers specially designed to accommodate the foot problems of people with flat feet. 

Orthopaedic footwear is available in various lengths and widths. It is essential to know the measurements of your feet to choose the best shoe for your feet. You can trace the outline of your foot using a piece of paper, which will help you choose the right orthopedic shoes. Moreover, it is essential to get your feet measured every few months as the shape of your feet changes with age. 

The best orthopaedic footwear is made from leather or synthetic materials. It has a seamless upper with no exposed areas to cause abrasions and blisters. They are a vital part of our lives, and the best ones can help us live better lives. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in high-quality orthopedic footwear. A good pair will make walking much more effortless.

The best orthotic footwear in India can help you prevent foot problems. The best brands will provide comfort and support to your feet. For instance, a pair of shoes designed for diabetics will help them maintain their average blood sugar levels. These shoes will also help them reduce the amount of blood sugar and prevent kidney stones. They can also minimize diabetes-related pain. There are many types of orthotic shoes available in the market today.

We have listed below a few Orthopaedic footwear available in India for both men and women.

DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Women’s Ortho Care Orthopaedic and Diabetic Feel Good Super Comfort Dr Sliders Flipflops


These extra soft doctor sandals are perfect for women who have diabetes, plantar fasciitis, ortho/heel/arch/ankle/knee pain. A good rubber grip enables you to use these slippers on wet floors. The rubber sole is long-lasting and is ideal for daily usage. The punctured holes on the sole give better air circulation. Its skin-friendly material helps you keep away blisters, scars, sweating of the feet, and pain. 

DR PLUS Women’s Healthcare, Diabetic and Orthopedic Light Weight MCR/MCP Footwear

orthopaedic footwear

Dr. Plus footwear helps get rid of spurs and pain by providing comfort. It contains an orthopedic cushion bed to reduce heel stress and give relief. Its flexible material maintains the bone structure by relieving foot problems. It minimizes the hyperextension of the leg by absorbing shock forces while walking, reducing knee pain. People involved in long-standing jobs can get heel pain and Calcaneal Bone pain because of wrong footwear. Dr. Plus footwear works on acupressure, which ensures blood circulation in your foot to get rid of foot problems. 

TRASE | Doctor | Ortho | Cushion | Soft | Slippers for Women

TRASE Doctor Ortho Cushion Soft Slippers for Women 1 Best orthopaedic footwear in India

These back open-toe sandals have textured leather soles with flat heels, which are waterproof. These lightweight sandals have a soft and cushioned footbed offering comfort to the feet. 

Shopoflux® Ortho Slippers for Men | Orthopedic Slippers 

Shopoflux® Ortho Slippers for Men Orthopedic Slippers 1 Best orthopaedic footwear in India

Shopoflux ortho slippers enhance the comfort of your feet while walking. It provides comfortable arch support while relieving foot pain. Provides better positioning of your foot while the rubber grip allows you to walk on wet surfaces. The rubber sole is long-lasting and offers uninterrupted daily usage.

HealthFit Men’s PU Diabetic & Orthopedic Slipper

HealthFit Mens PU Diabetic Orthopedic Slipper Best orthopaedic footwear in India

HealthFit ortho soft slippers fit perfectly due to multiple straps to avoid friction. Lightweight and durable, these slippers can help improve blood circulation, which can help restore the lost sensation of feet due to neuropathy. The soft insoles are flexible and feather-light with bounce-back memory to give relief and comfort from painful foot conditions like sharp pain or cramps of the feet. The footwear provides comfort in diabetic feet, low back pain, spinal problems, corns, bunions, cracks, anesthetic foot, calcaneal spurs, calluses, heel pain, etc. 

Ortho + Rest 100% Comfort Extra Soft Casual Ortho Flip-Flops for Men 

Ortho Rest 100 Comfort Extra Soft Casual Ortho Flip Flops for Men Best orthopaedic footwear in India

The soft cushioned material is perfect and gives the utmost comfort to your foot. It provides optimum thrust and a smooth reaction to those aching feet. Eco-friendly and lightweight, these men’s flip flop slippers help alleviate pain at the heels, feet, knees, hips, and lower back. The soft cushioning technology improves the mobility and stability of feet and provides a better fit.

DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Slipper Ortho Care Orthopaedic and Diabetic Super Fit Comfort Doctor Slipper, Dr Slipper, Flip-Flop, Slides and House Slipper for Men’s D-24

DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Slipper Ortho Care Orthopaedic and Diabetic Super Fit Comfort Doctor Slipper Dr Slipper Flip Flop Slides and House Slipper for Mens D 24 Best orthopaedic footwear in India

The extra soft, lightweight, padded, and cushioned slippers provide comfort to the feet. A good rubber grip enables you to walk on wet floors. Doctor Extra Soft Flip-flops support your arches, producing a treatment for aching feet that tackles one of the most common causes of head-ons. These slippers can primarily be used by men of all ages, especially those who have Diabetes, Plantar fasciitis, Ortho Pain, Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Ankle Pain, Knee Pain, and Back Pain. 

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