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Best Baby Hair Brushes8 min read

baby hair brushes


A baby’s hair needs special care, and that’s where good baby hair brushes or combs come in. Baby hair brushes are essential for the excellent hair condition of the baby. Since babies have a sensitive scalp, a hair brush should be soft to comb their delicate hair. But, you might be wondering how to choose one for your child. To help you with that, check out our compilation.

Types of baby hair brushes

Baby hair brushes for can be classified based on the types of bristles in them.


These baby hair brushes have ultra-soft bristles. They mainly smooth the hair rather than detangle it as the bristles don’t comb through the hair like a regular brush. They are exceptionally gentle on your baby’s scalp and perfect for grooming ultra-fine baby hair. Some are made of synthetic fibers, while others may be made of natural animal hair, so read the label if you prefer one type of bristle over the other.

Massaging bristles

These baby hair brushes are used more for scalp care than regular grooming. They are a little more firm, and the bristles may be made of plastic, rubber, or silicone. However, they are not the best for longer hair as they can catch the hair and pull.

Why choose baby hair brushes?

The best part about choosing baby hair brushes is they are specially made to fulfill a baby’s scalp needs. The bristles are made of highly soft nylon material that’s flexible and extremely gentle on the delicate scalp of infants and toddlers.

How to Choose the Best Baby Hair Brush?

Bristle type: For a newborn, you should be looking for ultra-soft bristles; these can be synthetic or natural, like boar or goat. We recommend soft nylon bristles for a delicate brush.

Hair type: Babies have different hair types just like adults, and finding the right brush for their hair is just as important. Most babies will have fine hair when they are born, but some are born with full heads of locks, consider this and what hair type you’re expecting your baby to have. Curly and thick hair will be better managed with a detangling brush.

Cradle cap: If your little one has developed a cradle cap, look for a brush specific to treating or managing this for gentle exfoliation and a soft brush simultaneously!

When purchasing a baby hair brush, look for the following:

Purpose of Brush

A soft-bristled brush is best if your baby’s wild hair needs to be tamed. If you are primarily concerned about scalp health or cradle cap, we recommend that you pick one with a little more firmness to massage your scalp.

Types of Fibers

If you like the idea of natural fibers over plastic fibers, look for wooden-handled brushes made with goat hair or boar bristles. These may feel nicer on your baby’s sensitive head and are better for the environment.

Affordable Price

While most baby hair brushes are not exactly going to break your budget, there are many in the higher range. But I found no reason to spend more on a meeting when a less expensive version can get the job done.

Durable for Daily Grooming

This baby hair brush has a solid wood handle that looks more sturdy than a plastic hairbrush. It would not crack when you drop it or if your toddler inevitably throws it across the room.

A detangling Brush For Babies With Thick Or Long Hair

For babies with thick or lengthy hair, this Wet Brush baby brush is an excellent option for detangling, and it works equally well on wet or dry hair (just like the popular Wet Brush models for adults). The head offers more give than most other baby brushes, featuring the brand’s proprietary soft plastic bristles. This allows it to remove knots and tangles better while minimizing hair breakage and tugging. Choose from four colors, each with an adorable animal graphic.

Shop our pick of the best baby hair brushes, from gorgeous personalized brushes, perfect for gifting, to detangling brushes ideal for thick or curly hair.

How do we choose our favorites?

Ultimately, everyone will have their preference regarding grooming tools, especially those made for babies. But babies are wiggly, As a result, we prioritized solutions that are simple to use, even one-handed, for caretakers.

We also looked for baby hair brushes that could handle a specific problem, such as cradle cap or excessive knots, as well as brushes that could be used after childhood. We also took into account feedback from birth parents, particularly those from the Healthline parenthood family.

Brushing encourages blood flow and a healthy scalp

Soft bristles massage your baby’s scalp and help encourage blood flow. The soft bristles help brush off loose skin and increase follicular circulation. Just like scalp massage in adults, this can promote healthy hair growth.

This massage could also help reduce dry skin on the scalp. If your baby suffers from an itchy scalp or dry skin, brushing can improve that condition and support healthy skin development.

Brushing regularly can help reduce your baby’s chances of developing cradle cap, a condition that causes scalps to flake. It can also help reduce the effects of a current case of cradle cap, gently helping the skin on the scalp turn over.

Brushing can also help trigger a nervous system response that relaxes your baby. Relaxed babies can sleep better, learn better, and later become more focused. Giving your baby this relaxing activity might serve them well in the long run.

Top 5 best baby hair brush in India

Chicco Brush and Comb- Pink, 2 Piece

About this item

  • Gently combs baby’s hair
  • The soft natural bristles of brush and comb teeth with rounded ends are ideal for a baby`s delicate scalp
  • It has large handles that allow easy and safe grip
Chicco Brush and Comb Pink 2 Piece Best Baby Hair Brushes
LuvLap Baby Comb with Rounded Tip & Baby Hair Brush with Natural Bristles for Baby Hair Grooming & Better Protection of Baby’s Scalp (White & Blue)

About this item

  • The best care for baby’s scalp: The comb and brush set conforms to high standards of safety and hygiene
  • Nontoxic material: Made of BPA-free material both the comb and brush are entirely safe for babies and also durable
  • The best care for baby’s scalp: The comb and brush set conforms to high standards of safety and hygiene
  • Rounded ends of comb teeth are gentle on the baby’s scalp
  • Easy-grip handles ensure a convenient firm grip while combing
LuvLap Baby Comb with Rounded Tip Baby Hair Best Baby Hair Brushes
A Baby Cherry – 3 Piece Premium Baby Hair Brush & Comb Set | Wooden Baby Comb Hair for New Born & Natural Fiber Hair Brush for Toddler | Perfect Baby Grooming Kit

About this item

  • Peer Wood Comb- Wooden Comb is made of anti-static wood and gently detangles even the most stubborn hair. Solid and durable wood, baby comb 6-12 months effectively helps you comb baby’s stubborn knotted hair.
  • Safe Wooden Massage Brush- Preventing Scalp Itch- Made of sturdy beech wood and Silica gel. The head of the brush has contact points that massage the baby’s scalp and help relax. A hairbrush for babies helps babies relax and promote scalp blood circulation by massaging the brush points.
A Baby Cherry 3 Piece Premium Baby Hair Brush Best Baby Hair Brushes
Mee Mee Comb and Brush Set (Regular, Blue)

About this item

  • Made from food-grade polypropylene plastic that is non-toxic, safe, and durable
  • The brush has soft nylon bristles of premium quality that remove the tangles from the baby’s delicate hair without pulling or breakage.
  • Round edges do not hurt the baby’s delicate scalp and hair.
  • Brush & Comb have soft, easy-grip handles, making it very convenient to use
  • It can be used from birth onward
Mee Mee Comb and Brush Set Regular Blue Best Baby Hair Brushes
Baybee Comb and Brush Set Baby Care Set for Newborns Assorted Colours (Grooming Set)

About this item

  • Relax baby head skin and soft massage: The brush bristles are so soft that your honey could enjoy a massage as an indulgent spa treatment. Even baby take it to brush their face, it still makes them feel weak and does not mind one bit.
  • Tidy up your baby’s hair: Our comb has ball-like tips, so there is no worry of scratching the baby with it. Perfect to use after showering your baby and tidying up their hair.
  • Safety: Baybee Baby Lounger has a flexible sling with adjustable tabs to keep your baby comfortable and safe.
Baybee Comb and Brush Set Baby Care Set for Newborns Best Baby Hair Brushes
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