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The Best Dumbbells in India13 min read


A piece of workout gear used for weight training is the dumbbell. Dumbbells are weights explicitly used as an alternative to exercising machines. Hand weights or free weights are other names for dumbbells that are used without any further apparatus. Most dumbbells have two broader discs at either end and a narrow bar in the middle. Some dumbbells are light (only a few pounds), while others are hefty (50 pounds or more). They can have fixed or variable weights. In particular, the size and number of discs added to or removed from the bar allow dumbbell weight to change (weight). Dumbbells can be used singly (one dumbbell in each hand) or in pairs.


Dumbbells increase muscular size while also strengthening and toning the body. They are frequently incorporated into the workouts or exercise regimens of bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other athletes. Dumbbell exercises can be performed in various ways, each targeting different muscles. Dumbbell exercises can help develop broad shoulders, powerful arms, shapely buttocks, a vast chest, strong legs, and well-defined abs when done correctly and frequently as part of a comprehensive workout program. 

Free weights, sometimes called dumbbells, are exercise apparatuses that may be used without machinery. 

  • Fixed weight: Dumbbells made with cast iron and coated with rubber, neoprene, or rigid plastic shells filled with concrete. In both cases, each dumbbell’s weight is fixed.
  • Adjustable weight: Dumbbells consist of a metal bar (for gripping) and weighted disks (plates) that are added or removed to adjust the weight that can be lifted. Numerous methods are used to secure the disks to the bar.

Selector weights

Dumbbells can have their weight mechanically changed by adjusting a dial or a selection pin. Because the weight can be adjusted, these weights are comparable to dumbbells with adjustable weight.

In addition, a fixed or adjustable-position bench is also part of the equipment often needed for dumbbell exercises. A dumbbell stand is usually included for work with dumbbells. A dumbbell rack prevents the user from having to pick up dumbbells off the floor whenever needed. It is also an excellent method to keep dumbbells organized. The primary muscles that can be exercised with dumbbells include those in the arms, back, chest, shoulders, and legs. Two exercises for the components that can be done with dumbbells include:

  • Alternating biceps curls (for the bicep muscle): Stand up and hold one dumbbell in front, arms at the sides. With the palms facing forward, raise the dumbbell in the right hand until it reaches shoulder height, and then slowly lower it back down after a short pause. Repeat with the dumbbell in your left hand.
  • Triceps kickback (for the triceps muscle): Place the right leg forward, slightly bending the knee, and place the right hand on the leg. With a dumbbell in the left hand, the palm facing front, and the upper arms parallel to the body, push the dumbbell back by extending the elbow and slowly allowing it to return after a short pause. Repeat with the right hand.

 Benefits of Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbell workouts have enormous benefits in strengthening and toning your body’s muscles. The following are a few of the benefits of using dumbbells for physical exercise:

Muscle Building

Dumbbells help to build your muscles by burning calories and converting the fat into a well-toned body. Not only that, but you can also tone your muscles by using moderate-weight dumbbells. Additionally, you can tone your muscles by using dumbbells of modest weight. 

These workouts guarantee that your body is in good shape and offer your shoulders, hips, and other body components, among others, a well-rounded shape.

Cardio Health

You must exert a lot during dumbbell exercises, raising your heart rate. Additionally, this helps your body’s cardiovascular system function better. If you are a fresher, start by doing weight training for a brief period with less weight. Let your stamina rise gradually. You can increase your workout time and dumbbell weight as you progress. Performing dumbbell exercises also help regulate the blood flow in the body. Apart from that, focusing on the movement of muscles ensures that the body does not suffer from stiffness and related pain.

Weight Loss

One of the essential benefits of a dumbbell workout is weight loss. In addition to being uncomfortable, obesity is a curse. It restricts your body from performing the most straightforward tasks and causes several ailments such as heart problems, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Dumbbell workouts are a form of aerobic exercise and, as such, help improve the functioning of your heart by increasing your heart rate. Additionally, disorders like diabetes and others become less likely to affect you. Dumbbell exercises would help you tone your body, improve your stamina, and increase your work productivity over time.

Muscle Endurance

Those who engage in activities requiring muscle endurance or even dumbbell workouts can significantly benefit. Repeating the movement of muscles using dumbbells helps you improve their strength and stamina. You do not tire as much and can work or perform intensive activities for longer.

Bone Health

Exercises focusing on weight training help increase your body’s bone density. This is further instrumental in lowering the risk of a fracture. Dumbbells are an excellent tool for everyone, but especially seniors, to prevent the deterioration of their bone health and strength as they age.

Types of Dumbbell Workout

You may work out with dumbbells in a variety of ways. A few exercises are popular and very effective at boosting your body’s strength.

Goblet Squat

Stand with your feet at least shoulder-width apart and hold a dumbbell vertically in front of your chest with both hands to do a goblet squat. Now, you have to lower the dumbbell while doing squats, then drive yourself back to your starting position. The motion should be repeated several times and in different sets.


The main benefit of a goblet squat is that it targets your glutes while strengthening your hip muscles. In addition to enhancing the strength of your abdominal region, this squat also supports your lower body. It is the ideal choice for people who are learning how to do squats. As they descend, the weight makes it simple to maintain their body equilibrium. The goblet squat moves the weight to your torso rather than placing significant pressure on the spine, protecting it from the unneeded weight.

Dumbbell Clean

Flip your wrists to face the forward position to perform the clean dumbbell workout. Jump a little bit as you raise the dumbbell weight to your shoulders. Bring the dumbbells back to their leading position near your thighs as you slowly straighten your legs to stand. Repeat the movement at least ten times to complete one set.


This type of dumbbell workout dramatically improves cardiovascular health since it requires you to exert great physical effort. In addition, it also improves muscle endurance in the body. Your motor abilities improve, but your core’s stability and strength also improve. It is advised that you only complete a certain number of repetitions of this exercise if you are a beginner to avoid overexerting yourself. This exercise routine also aids in preventing and reversing metabolic disorders, including high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood sugar, cholesterol, and extra abdominal fat.

Farmer’s Walk

Hold a dumbbell in each hand like you would a bag of groceries, and move quickly and with small steps. Try to travel the predetermined distance in the shortest amount of time. Please be aware that you should only lift weights that you can carry comfortably on your shoulders; if your shoulders slump when you walk, lighten the importance of the dumbbells before continuing your exercise.


The farmer’s walk helps you improve your grip, and, as such, you can pull and push things quite quickly and effectively. People who perform this workout have better control over the things they hold. Your capacity to keep the weight in your hands for extended periods demonstrates that your muscular mass and stamina are rising too. The farmer’s walk also strengthens the muscles near the spine that are essential for maintaining good posture. Once you are confident in your posture, you will appear more physically appealing and seem more confident to people. In addition, because of the enormous extent to which your endurance can increase over time by doing this exercise. You will be able to perform other dumbbell workouts more efficiently and effectively.

Bent Over Row

To perform the bent-over row, stoop forward while keeping your back straight. Pulling up with tension in your triceps and upper back, hold a dumbbell in each hand directly in front of your thighs. At least ten times in sets of four, repeat the action.


The bent-over tow, a compound lift, boosts the body’s total strength. Making the upper back broad and muscular notably aids the building of the upper back. An expansive back gives you confidence and shows you can move heavier objects. You can better do related exercises like squats and deadlifts by completing bent-over rows. The spine improves body control while doing this exercise, which also benefits your posture. If you feel comfortable with the regular bent-over row, you can try the more complex varieties of this exercise, such as the barbell bent-over row, single arm bent-over row, kettlebell bent-over row, etc. These workouts significantly contribute to your ability to have a balanced and well-toned body.

Two Arm Dumbbell Stiff Legged Deadlift

The two-arm dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift is relatively easy to perform and, perhaps, is a more accessible and convenient form of the deadlift. To complete this exercise, stand straight while holding a dumbbell in each hand in front of your thighs. Stoop forward as you bring the dumbbells close to your feet and lower them. Then, slowly take a step back to your starting position. Repeat the workout after this.


The main advantage of doing this exercise is that it targets several muscles at once, enhancing the efficiency of other tasks you accomplish. Your hamstrings are the central area of focus for this exercise. You can find these towards the back of your thigh. In addition to making these muscles supple and controlling blood flow in that area, exercise helps tone these muscles. In addition, as you stoop, enough strain or pressure is generated in the core region to aid in burning extra stored fat. The stiff-legged, two-arm dumbbell deadlift can be an excellent option if you want to shed weight.

Additionally, the exercise assists in building stronger back muscles. Reducing any stiffness in the area and restoring flexibility target multiple back muscles and help prevent back discomfort brought on by tight muscles. The gluteus maximus is another important muscle that is targeted by this workout. The hip exercise quickly gives you a set of hips that are evenly distributed. Also, developing strong hip muscles will make lifting weights much simpler.

Here Top 5 Best Dumbbells in India

Amazon Brand – Symactive PVC Shell Dumbbells for Home Gym, Set of 2, 5 Kg

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RUBX Rubber Coated Professional Exercise Hex Dumbbells

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  • 1 pair of dumbbells(2 x 2 kg = 4 kg).
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  • Superior quality chrome-coated handles with a smooth rubber coating. This coating provides an anti-slip grip and prevents damage to the floor.
  • Best quality, highly durable, and long-lasting
RUBX Rubber Coated The Best Dumbbells in India
NIVIA Vinyl Dumbell Set

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  • It has a trendy, tropical appearance with vibrant, color-coded weight increments and significant, prominent digits.
  • The hexagonal shape prevents rolling, and the broad handles strengthen and improve grip.
  • Lighter weights give resistance to yoga, physical therapy, and jogging, while heavier weights help build muscle mass and improve the core.
  • Steel dumbbell with colorful vinyl exterior coating for a robust and non-slip grip. Available in a variety of different weights for training
  • Sculpt muscles and burn more calories during your workout. Set up two dumbbells
NIVIA Vinyl Dumbell Set The Best Dumbbells in India
Lifelong PVC Dumbbells Pack of 2 for Home Gym Equipment Fitness Barbell|Home Workout, Gym Dumbbells|Easy Grip & Anti-Slip Dumbbells|Dumbbells Weights for Men & Women (6 Months Warranty)

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  • The weight of each PVC dumbbell in this set of two is one kilogram, for a total weight of two kilograms. “Made in India”
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  • Easy grip and anti-slip
  • These sturdy hand weights are a great addition to aerobic and step exercises and any other type of regular strength training with consequences for increased resistance and intensity.
  • 6-month warranty for manufacturing defects.
Lifelong PVC Dumbbells Pack The Best Dumbbells in India
Aurion Dumbbells (Boxed in Pair) (Choose of 1KG, 2KG, 3KG, 4KG, 5KG,6 KG) for Home Gym Exercise, Fitness, and Weights for Women and Men Dumbbells Set

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However, the Body Revolution dumbbell weight set could provide the best justification for staying in. The Aurion dumbbell set is the ideal personal training companion for quick home weightlifting sessions to target areas like biceps, triceps, and a variety of core muscular groups, thanks to its compact and selectable design.

  • All in one dumbbell: Our most popular multi-use, entry-level dumbbell set is the Aurion set. It is perfect for beginners who want to advance through various motions and focused weight lifting activities.
  • Noise-reducing, floor-protecting – The weight dumbbells are built from a concrete cement filling, encased in a vinyl coating designed to reduce potential noise and impact damage to flooring caused by droppings.
Aurion Dumbbells The Best Dumbbells in India
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