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Best Black Salt Brands in India6 min read

black salt

What is Black Salt? Health Benefits and Uses

Black Salt has numerous benefits for your body, for it has traces of magnesium, iron, and sulfates. While these compounds are not harmful, they inhibit the growth of bacteria. One can buy in local stores or online. 

Black salt or Kala namak is another version of the Himalayan pink salt. The iron content in it gives this salt a pink hue. In addition to its taste, black salt is rich in magnesium and zinc. It helps eliminate toxins from the body and supports healthy blood sugar levels. Additionally, black salt is a rich source of calcium. These minerals promote digestion and support a healthy digestive system. Because of its health benefits, black salt can be used in cooking and as a natural body product. It also helps reduce dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth.

Black salt is used in Ayurvedic medicine and cooking and can be purchased in various stores and online. The natural flavour of the substance is powerful, and it helps add flavour to foods while containing a significant amount of sodium. The black salt powder is made from lava rock and seawater and evaporates to form a solid. 

Black salt contains certain minerals which should not be consumed excessively.

We have listed the Best 7 Black salt brands available in India.

Catch BLACK Salt

catch Best Black Salt Brands in India

Catch has a fascinating collection of ergonomically designed smart sprinklers that are extremely easy to use and protect against water intrusion while allowing for free flow of the contents. Easy to sprinkle, Black salt can be used in various dishes and fruits to enhance its flavour.

You will be able to smell the original scent until the very end.

Keya Exotic Mineral-Rich Black Salt

keya Best Black Salt Brands in India

Hemalayan Kala Namak is distinguished from ordinary Black Salt Hand by the presence of Keya Himalayan Kala Namak. It adds a delicious twist to your chats, chutneys, fruits, grilled chicken, pasta, and salads, among other things. There is no added colour, preservatives, or harsh processing, and there is no MSG. 

The salt comes in a hard granular form, so you might have to grind further to get a fine powder.

ORCO Organic Chakki Fresh Natural Black Salt/ Kala Namak | Handground and USDA Certified

organic Best Black Salt Brands in India

Table salt can now be replaced with this naturally occurring salt. A healthy metabolism can be achieved by using black salt, as mentioned in numerous Indian scriptures. The difference here is that all ingredients are certified organic and hand-ground, and there are no artificial flavours.

Free of synthetic additives and chemicals, organic blends are a great way to add flavour to your cooking at home. Because of its low sodium content is well-known for its effectiveness in treating stomach issues and high blood pressure.

Urban Platter Black Salt Powder

urban platter Best Black Salt Brands in India

Kala Namak, also known as Himalayan Black Salt, Sulemani Namak, Black Salt, Bit Lobon, or Kala Noon, is a rock salt found in the Himalayas.

It’s perfect for everyday use, and because it’s low in sodium, it’s also good for your heart.

Many gastrointestinal problems, such as indigestion, flatulence, or even a general stomach ache, can be alleviated by this salt.

Toss this in with Chaat Masala or serve it as a side dish with any Melon.

Dunhill Desire Black Rock Salt Powder

desire Best Black Salt Brands in India

To maintain its freshness, the Desire Black salt Powder is packaged in a food-grade plastic canister that has been heat-sealed and has an air-tight closure to prevent contamination. Because it is mineral-rich, it helps alleviate muscle cramps, detoxify the body, and maintain blood pressure levels.

It perfectly and subtly seasons your food without adding a significant amount of salt. Furthermore, it is particularly well-suited for use in Indian cuisines.

Tata Salt Black Salt, Crusher

tata Best Black Salt Brands in India

To preserve the natural goodness of the black salt for as long as possible, Tata provides black salt with an extraordinary crusher. As a result, it adds a burst of flavour to every meal.

In addition, Tata black salt has numerous health benefits, including ease of digestion and alleviation of heartburn symptoms. This pink salt is made with herbs and spices like behara, amla and other nutritious ingredients, and it has a pinkish hue. 

Ganpatjee Kala Namak Powder Black Salt

ganpatjee Best Black Salt Brands in India

Ganpatjee presents you with Kala Namak Powder/Finely ground black salt powder, known to add flavour to fruit chats. Excellent for seasoning a wide range of dishes. It is a perfect substitute for regular chat masala and can be used in cooking and rejuvenation. It aids in the reduction of excess acid in the stomach, and its high mineral content mitigates the damage caused by acid reflux. It gives most dishes a distinct flavour and is a healthy form of salt. It’s fantastic for seasoning meats, grilled vegetables, and various salads.

As a result, we can confidently say that consuming black salt regularly will provide the body with various beneficial minerals. 

To avoid preservatives and pesticides, always buy organic or natural products. Additionally, use black salt in a pet jar or sprinklers to make it easier to sprinkle on your food.

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