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Best Selling Solar Lights in India8 min read

solar light

Solar light is solar cells that are used in outdoor solar lighting systems to turn sunlight into electricity. Batteries are used to store the electricity for use at night. Manufacturers frequently use lead-acid, sealed lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries. In the majority of rural areas, outdoor solar illumination systems are reliable.

How solar light works?

Solar LED street lights count on the photovoltaic process, which allows the solar cell to change sunlight into usable electrical energy. Sunlight is transformed when negatively-charged electrons push solar energy into positively-charged spaces in the cells.

Benefits of using solar lights

Most people are searching for new ways to cut their power bills in today’s age of energy awareness. The advancements in technology come with their advantages, as there are now more and more gadgets that make life easier. Appliances are getting more high-tech, increasing power bills because of more energy consumption. Machines can make lives more convenient and comfortable, but not doing anything with the electric bills can also result in financial stress. This is specifically true if your home is equipped with many appliances.

In light of this, installing solar lights is the best method to convert to a renewable energy source. Solar lights were previously solely considered a substitute for conventional illumination. You may now purchase solar lights for parking lots in addition to using them in residences, allowing you to gain even more advantages from this development. You can eventually save money by installing solar lights on your household and commercial property.

Solar lighting is profitable not only to you but to mother earth as well, and other reasons are the following:

1. Eco-Friendly And Renewable- The newest trend in smart homes is green energy, one of which is solar energy, but it’s also a method to protect the future of our world. This is not only a fad or a trend. It is a way of life that will only grow in acceptance over the next few years. Solar lights are an excellent energy source because the sun is always around, and solar output is abundant for the solar panels to absorb even during the cloudiest days. This means you’ll never run out of supply, even when using many more apparatus or gadgets. Dependence on so many more technologies is now commonplace due to industrialization. This is in contrast to conventional, non-renewable energy sources, where your costs increase proportionally to your usage.

Sun is our natural resource. In addition, we can import locally rather than spending money and energy on imports from overseas. A solar panel also doesn’t release any dangerous gases. Solar lights minimize the quantity of kerosene burned in lamps, which lowers global warming, claims An increasing carbon footprint as a result of the usage of non-renewable energy sources is one of the significant environmental issues. But you can decrease your carbon footprint by adopting solar lights. Low-power electrical, LED/CFL bulbs, and other components are used in solar energy systems. Compared to conventional electrical systems, these materials consume less energy. Additionally, LEDs require AC converters for conventional electrical control and are initially powered by 12 VDC. By producing more light with less energy using the DC power of LEDs, they can operate more efficiently.

2. Easy Installation- Simple cables and a few nuts are typically all that are needed to assemble solar panels. Solar lighting systems supply the solar power system at the top of the pole for most installation setups. All necessary electrical parts should ideally be located near the top of the stick. However, do refrain from trying to do this by yourself. No matter how easy the installation may seem, it’s still best to leave it in the hands of the well-trained and certified experts in this job.

Nevertheless, low voltage DC power is much easier to handle and safer to work with than typical electric power. Solar can be mounted almost anywhere. Whatever the case, solar can be installed to power anything if there is a sunny spot nearby.

3. Cost-Efficient- One of the most common misconceptions people have about solar lights is that their installation will be expensive. Most people think they need thousands, or even millions, of dollars before they can enjoy solar lighting in their properties. However, this is not true because several companies now offer this product. Finding a service that meets your needs and budget will be simply because of the diversity. For large orders or new customers, some businesses may even provide discounts. Since solar lights don’t require energy, they provide affordable lighting options. 

This means that after installing solar lights on your property, you won’t have to pay hundreds of rupees in electricity bills. Solar lights do not require electrical power because they draw energy from the sun’s heat. This will qualify you to significantly reduce your electricity costs over time without sacrificing indoor comfort and convenience.

Small businesses and corporations now appreciate the advantages of solar energy. Solar energy helps businesses save operating expenses. This is especially important for small or new companies with limited financial resources. Instead of paying for expensive electrical bills, entrepreneurs can allocate more financial resources to other facets of the business, such as marketing, customer service, and product development. The cost of electricity will increase across the board for your business. You can save money for other things by using a solar power system to get several years’ worth of electricity at a considerably lower cost.

4. Low Maintenance- Once your solar street lights are installed, you won’t require any future technology advancements. In actuality, the cost of the first installation is a long-term fix. For instance, HEISolar street lighting doesn’t need to be regularly maintained or periodically replaced. So exercise caution when purchasing quality solar items. Select a product that will serve you well for many years without causing trouble.

5.No Electric Wires- Typically, electrical wires are used for outdoor lighting. These could cause tripping hazards, attract animals to gnaw on them, or cause issues when it starts to rain. When working with solar lighting, you won’t experience these problems. Regular silicon wafers are covered in plastic since they cannot withstand severe weather on their own and are used in photovoltaics (PV) to convert solar energy into electricity. Therefore, even if water gets in, the worst that can happen is that the lighting will stop working.

6. Effective In Emergencies- Power disruptions will also be a common incident if powerful storms frequently impact your area. These occur so quickly, so it makes sense that you would be least prepared. Being without a power source can be challenging, particularly if you have young children or elderly parents living in your house. Solar power is the best option during a catastrophe like a natural disaster because it can function effectively and doesn’t need energy in challenging circumstances. You are not affected by any power interruptions when using solar energy. Naturally, this assumes that you’ve had enough sunny days to have saved enough energy in your solar panel system. You will have a bright home for as long as the sun is out.

Here top 5 best solar lights in India

Epyz Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Remote Control Solar Led Lights IP65 Waterproof Solar Wall Lamp Floodlights for Gutter Shed [ Pack of 1, Cold White Light ] (Light Power 30W – 5000mAh, 69LED)

Product details

Light fixture form: Floodlight

Indoor/Outdoor Usage:Outdoor

Power Source: Solar Powered

Room Type: Garden, Garage, Outdoor

Material:Light Power 30W – 5000mAh

Epyz Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Remote Control Solar Best Selling Solar Lights in India
Warmtaste Solar Powered Motion Sensor 100 LED Outdoor Waterproof Wall Night Light with 3 Modes – 2 Pack

Product details

Room Type: Outdoor

Switch Installation Type: Wall Mount

Special Feature: Waterproof, Motion Sensor

Brand: Warmtaste

Weight:0.35 Pounds

Light Source Type: LED

Warmtaste Solar Powered Best Selling Solar Lights in India
XERGY Fairy String Lights Outdoor, 39 Ft 120 LED with 800 mAh Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery IP65 Waterproof 8 Modes Copper Wire -Solar Powered

Product details

Light Source Type: LED

Occasion: Christmas, Wedding, Diwali, Birthday

Power Source: Solar Powered

Colour: Warm White

Special Feature: Waterproof

XERGY Fairy String Lights Best Selling Solar Lights in India
Hardoll Solar Lights 54 LED Solar Power Outdoor Motion Sensor Light With LED On Both Side, Waterproof

Product details

Light fixture form: Path

Indoor/Outdoor Usage:Outdoor

Power Source: Solar-Powered

Room Type: Outdoor

Material: Plastic

Hardoll Solar Lights 54 LED Best Selling Solar Lights in India
D.light S30 Family Solar Lantern with 0.3W in-Built Solar Panel Transparent Textured Safe for Eyes | Solar Lights for Home Garden Outdoor, Solar Lights with Panel

Product details

Brand: D.LIGHT

Colour: Red

Power Source: AC/ DC dual charging

Item Dimensions:24.1 x 52.1 x 24.1 Centimeters

Item Weight:0.2 Kilograms

d.light S30 Family Solar Best Selling Solar Lights in India
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