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How to find time to read 202213 min read

13 How to find time to read 2022

Scientific studies suggest that reading boosts your memory, triggers your imagination, and enhances your critical thinking skills. Our writing and communication skills get polished. And indeed, spending time with books can be more relaxing than you think.

Everyone accepts that reading is a healthy yet enjoyable hobby that enriches us as a human being. But, because of our busy lifestyle, it seems that including reading into our daily routine is too much because we don’t have a clue about how to find time to read. You know how to read but don’t know when to read books you must read.

How to find time to read

Success and reading compliment each other. When you read, you become successful, and when you are successful you cannot help but read. From Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, to Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket, anyone who has tasted success has a deep relationship with books. Yes, you believe it or not, they all read everyday.

Therefore, if you are still waiting to experience success, start reading today. To become successful, you have to develop all the habits of successful men and women. And reading is a part of their daily life. It doesn’t matter how busy their business schedule is, these super successful men and ladies make sure that they find time to read for sometime everyday.

The difference between people who have achieved what others are still searching for, and people who are still strugglers, is that the successful lot has an intimate bonding with books. They enjoy reading a lot. You may wonder how it is possible, but even the busiest people find some time to unwind and have some ‘ME’ time. How they spend their leisure and how they use that time make all the difference. These readers never fail to make the biggest impact in the world just because they read a lot.

Therefore, stop complaining and assuming that making time to read is not for you. If you really don’t know how to find time to read, here is a big list of the 10 tricks with best books to read in 2020 that will help you make books a part of your good life.

How to Find Time to Read


What to do when you know that you need to read but reading is something that doesn’t excite you? See, even if reading a book is boring to you, there must be a subject that you love to talk about with your friends. From filmy gossip to rocket science, there are books on various topics. Instead of just reading something random, start by reading what actually makes you happy.  Read any book. This way you will start developing the habit of reading, especially if you’ve kept yourself away from books for a long time.

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The writer prefers books of science, technology and self development to most other kinds of books. After reading a book, anything new I learn about science, technology and self development keeps my mind busy with fresh thoughts l daily. I just can’t stop thinking about them. Reading a romantic novel or a filmy gossip never entices me the same way a book on technology or self development does.

But chances are that your choice is different from mine. Simply read what you like. You need not to start by reading a 50-page novel. Start by reading short stories or articles. You may step into the world of reading by subscribing to a weekly or monthly magazine of your choice. Even reading a newspaper will help you a lot.

Suggested Reading : Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life (Amazon Bestseller)


You may not find time to read, but you definitely find some time to sleep every night. And chances are that you don’t immediately fall asleep the moment you are in bed. Many smartphone users use that 15 to 20 minutes window to surf the net. You should use that time to read something of your choice. Reading 20 minutes before going to bed will help you read at least two books every month. Keep your dunb smartphone aside and grab a book. This one simple change in your habit will broaden your road to success.

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Before I started reading at bedtime, I used to play with my smartphone for hours before actually falling asleep.never realising that the fatigue I  experienced every morning is because of this bad habit.

Perhaps you have noticed that looking at your phone before bed can destroy your sleep. Therefore, it’s a good idea to lessen out screen time. Start reading books and soon you will realize that reading is so much more satisfying and relaxing than chatting on Whatsapp or gossiping on Facebook.

Read Amazon Bestseller: Indian Polity – For Civil Services and Other State Examinations | 6th Edition Paperback – 27 December 2019


Perhaps you stay in bed for another 20 to 30 minutes after the alarm goes off. It’s not like you want some more sleep, but you stay in bed because you like it. You neither feel like sleeping nor you feel like getting out of bed really. The bed is just too comfy to leave. You just love to waste time hugging the soft cushions for just a little bit longer.

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Get rid of that habit. Sit up the moment the alarm goes off and grab a book of your choice. If you don’t like reading books, read a newspaper. If you are in a habit of reading a book before falling asleep, grab that book when you wake up.

Reading for 20 minutes before and after bed, that’s  4 hours of knowledge enhancement sessions a week. This way you can always maintain your habit of reading without compromising with anything important. 

Read Amazon Bestseller: The Power of your Subconscious Mind Paperback – 1 December 2015


Perhaps you have noticed that they don’t put ads for selling Rolls Royce or Lamborghini on Facebook or Television. Do you know why? Because people who can actually afford to buy those super cars don’t watch TV or spend time on Facebook.

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But it is also true that an average person spends about 5 hours a day watching TV and at least a few hours scrolling down their social media feed. Do you realize the mistake you are making by watching TV and surfing through social media everyday? Yes, perhaps you are watching too much television and gossipping way too much on Facebook and whatsapp.

Keep aside your smartphone and switch off the TV for a while and use that time to read a book or something that you love to think about. Buy some novels to read. It will change your life. 

Read Amazon Bestseller: Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India Paperback – 20 June 2020


According to the science of yoga we should be mindful at least while we eat. Doing something else while eating is not good for health. But if you can’t help but do something like going through your social media feed while eating, you can always replace that habit with reading a book of your choice.

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An average person sits down to eat 3 meals a day. If you are in a habit of wolfing down your food while standing and leaning down on your smartphone, shun the habit today. Take some time to relax and eat your food and if you need something to hold with your left hand, instead of a smartphone, grab a book. A little reading while eating alone is better than checking emails and IMs on your smartphone. A good book during your lunch hour can help you recharge your tired soul. You just have to learn how to read faster.

Read Amazon Bestseller: Think and Grow Rich Paperback – 1 January 2014


Get in the habit of carrying a book wherever you go. You never know when and how you will be gifted some time to go through its pages. Opportunities will show up when you least expect it.

Read while waiting for the bus or train. Read while travelling by bus, train or plane. Read while standing in a long queue at the grocery store. You may read sitting at the park bench while your children are playing in the park.

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If a big fat book is too heavy for you to carry, try an ebook version for your phone. You may dare not to carry a book with you, but you will never dare not to carry your smartphone with you. Therefore, buying ebooks will be a wise choice for you. That way, you’ll have reading material on hand at all times. You may read entire books online free.

Read Amazon Bestseller: The Alchemist Paperback – 17 October 2005


If you don’t have a car to drive to work, you are lucky. Bring something to read while you are commuting. Reading a book will help you keep away boredom and make daily commutes a fulfilling experience for you.

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An average person in India spends 30 to 40 minutes commuting everyday. Make use of that time. Read a book and if reading is something that you want to avoid, listen to an audio book. Instead of listening to music, incorporate audiobooks into your life. 

Read Amazon Bestseller: A Brief History of Modern India (2019-2020 Edition) by Spectrum Books Paperback – 1 January 2019


Starting a new habit is the most daunting part. Don’t plan or think much. To start the good habit of reading books just grab a book and start reading even if it is a few lines on the first day. 

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If you find it hard to find time for reading, keep the book in a place that you access the most. Whenever you feel like, simply grab it and read a few lines. Just doing this will bring a kind of momentum. Just don’t waste time planning.

Read Amazon Bestseller: World’s Greatest Books For Personal Growth & Wealth (Set of 4 Books): Perfect Motivational Gift Set Paperback – 1 August 2019


Printed editions are expensive and if high prices of books are keeping you from reading as much as you’d like, there are ways to get cheaper as well as free versions of books. Most libraries have a good collection of books.  Get a membership. Visit the library every weekend or whenever you want and read as much as you want.

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You can also visit the local market where old and used books are sold at a much cheaper price. Search the net and you may find free ebook versions of many popular books.

Read novels online. Check out Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program where you can read as many included ebooks as you want. Amazon Prime subscribers get a lot of Kindle books included with Prime reading.

Read Amazon Bestseller: Man’s Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust Paperback – 7 February 2008


You may not be a big fan of holding an actual book in your hands. But if you like technology, you will love to pull out an e-reader from your backpack in public.

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Kindle users, when they first subscribe (Amazon First Reads), get a free Amazon Prime reading ebook each month from Amazon – Isn’t that amazing? You can also get the free kindle app on your smartphone. The app syncs with Kindle Fire and therefore even if you forget to bring your Kindle, you can always read on your phone.

Another benefit of using an Amazon Kindle reader is that you can read even in a dark room. The screen is bright enough to be read in daylight as well. 

Read Amazon Bestseller: Word Power Made Easy Paperback – Print, 1 January 2011


We hope that this article has given you some idea on how to find time to read books. The point is that if the busiest of people can read 4-5 books every month, why can’t you. Therefore, it’s time for us to stop making excuses and actually start reading, even if it is 5 minutes every day. If you realise that reading is important, simply grab a book of your choice and start reading now.

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