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The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel Review2 min read


The Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel by Faceshop is your best bet for maximum beauty because it is a hydrating and soothing gel that contains aloe extract sourced from Jeju Island. 

This gel originates from Jeju Island and comprises aloe leaf extract that accounts for 99 percent of its composition. Additionally, it includes nine other ingredients that are derived from natural plants. 

Aloe, well-known for its curative and anti-bacterial qualities, helps keep the skin hydrated and soft. In addition to that, you can apply it to your face as a mask or use it for after-sun care. The formulation offers instant relief to skin that has been aggravated by exposure to the sun.

INGREDIENTS – The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

  • It contains Chamomile, Spearmint, Lemon balm, Rosemary, Lavender, Bergamot, Basil, Sage, Oregano, and Mugwort. 
  • It does not contain these five additives: parabens, benzophenone, ingredients derived from animals, mineral oil, and artificial colouring.

FEATURES – The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

  • This gel has a variety of applications, including moisturising, calming, use as a facial pack and after-sun care.
  • The calming and moisturising effects of Aloe Vera Leaf Extract result from the extract’s ability to be absorbed into the skin without leaving behind any sticky residue.
  • You can apply this aloe gel before makeup application. However, ensure a 10-minute break between using this and your makeup to allow it to absorb.

HOW TO USE – The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

Using your fingertips, gently apply an appropriate quantity to any dry areas of your face or body.

Refrigeration improves the freshness of the product.


  • People with all types of skin.
  • People who want their skin hydrated in all seasons.
  • It soothes irritated skin in summer.
  • It is very soothing in terms of fragrance, formula, and ingredients.

WHAT WE LIKED – The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

The gel is non-sticky and can be applied easily to the skin. It keeps the skin moisturised throughout the day. The product quantity is excellent compared to the price, and it comes in a convenient tub for ease of use. Sensitive skin, too, can benefit from this product. 

For all the above reasons, we highly recommend using and incorporating this Aloe gel into your beauty regimen.

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